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Recommendations for a cross-body bag.

I will be taking 2 RyanAir flights ( Lon-Krakow, Krakow-Porto) and need a cross-body bag to wear on flights and during days walking around. As you know RyanAir doesn't mess around. I have our larger bags sorted.

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Tom Bihn has a Cafe Bag that come in various sizes. I like the small. It holds my wallet, sunglasses, and all my regular purse stuff (which is minimal) and I can slip my iPad into the outside pocket on the back if I want to carry it there. The bag comes in lots of colors and is unisex. There is also a larger size and Bihn has other crossbody style as well. Not inexpensive but durable, washable, comfortable straps.

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I dislike spending a lot of money and I need to have a smaller bag for weight. This is what I have used for several years. It doesn’t suit all needs but it works for most of mine. Including today’s Ryan Air flight, along with my backpack.

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I just got an older version of the Baggallini crossbody hobo tote that I really like. It's a tad bigger than I wanted, but I can stuff a sweater, jacket, or raincoat in it with plenty of room for the usual purse stuff (tissues, phone, wallet, charger, etc). Came with a zippered pouch attached via lanyard that was perfect for keeping cash, cards and passport secure but easily accessible. Love that it has two large side pockets that are actually useful - I fit a water bottle in one, umbrella if needed in the other. Lightweight, and you can fold it up to stash in backpack or suitcase if you need to reduce bags.

I got it at Sierra Trading Post, which always has deeply discounted travel bags by Baggallini, Sherpani and more.

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Hi crazyNavylife
Another vote for Tom Bihn's Small Café bag. On a recent trip I carried a digital camera, tissue packets, travel wallet, lip balm, cell phone, packable ball cap, small packet of bandaids, safety pins etc.

The Small Café bag is a little larger than I would normally carry so I also have the Everyday Cublet for after tour day, in town walk abouts. I can carry all of the above but the camera in this bag. This is the bag I use in the airport to carry my passport & boarding pass, wallet and things I want to easily access during the flight. It tucks into my under the seat bag.

I do travel with both bags as they squish to be easily packable. Yes, Tom Bihn products are a bit spendy however they are almost indestructible and will last the remainder of my travel years and then some.

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A while back I carried a Fossil cross body bag but it was too heavy so I bought a Baggallini cross body bag and love it. When it gets dirty, I throw it in the washing machine.

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The Baggallini hobo bag posted by TheOrdinaryRebecca is great-I use it for my everyday purse at home. Very comfortable crossbody purse. And I use the medium Cafe bag from Tom Bihn for traveling (I guess I like larger purses in general, haha). I spent a lot of time considering between the small and medium cafe bag and went with the medium so I wouldn’t have all of my things things crammed in and I still have room for my water bottle. I could also squeeze in a light sweater if needed. I also got the organizer “tray” for it, but actually realized I liked the bag better without the tray. To me, it wasted space and made the bag too stiff. Yes, pricier than my Baggallini, but still much less $ than most of my friends spend on their designer handbags, haha.

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I mostly use the Bagallini (purchased at Costco). It's nice and compact and very functional. Looks great too. I also have the RS crossbody, but it's a bit larger so probably wouldn't be an option for you.

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A third vote for the Tom Binh small cafe bag. I also have a Patagonia Atom sling bag that I use on a daily basis. I carried the former on our VFR Tour last October and the latter on our Best of London Tour last June.

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I love my pacsafe cross body bag I've used since 2013 on both trips and for an everyday purse. It's starting to wear out unfortunately. They have many new styles and I like the smaller side-saddle cross body.

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I used my PacSafe X Anti-Theft Compact Crossbody Bag on my recent trip to Europe. In a previous trip I used a Bagallini but it was larger than I wanted to carry for my recent trip. Honestly I didn't use the safety features of the PacSafe but having them gave me some peace of mind in the event I felt I needed to use them. The PacSafe GO Crossbody bag is very similar but simpler with fewer compartments (but the same size).

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Depending upon your price point and size, the Bagagalini and PacSafe bags both work. I have both cross bodies and when I need something larger and more casual, I will consider taking them. However, in the past year, I want to carry something that is more dressy (looking more like a nice purse), but with all the safety features for travel. For my trips to Italy, Portugal, and London last year, I purchased the Arden Cove crossbody. For Greece this May, wanted something lighter and got the cream colored one on sale. I can hold all my money, credit cards, passport, sunglasses, small charger, small notebook, pen, and can clip on a collapsible water bottle. It is a bit pricey, but very durable and stylish.