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Recent Experience on Aegean Airlines Carry On

I am in Greece and this past week have taken two flights on Aegean flying economy. One from Athens to Santorini, the other from Mykonos to Athens. On both flights the gate agents weighed everyone’s carry-ons. Those over the published weights were gate checked.

I weighed my luggage at home so was able to board with the carry-ons, but there were many in line that didn’t meet the weight restriction and were required to check.

Hope this helps those who might be traveling Aegean.

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Those that had to gate check, were they having to pay an extra fee, or just not able to bring the bag in the cabin?

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Aegean’s normal policy is to charge you for checked luggage fee. I asked my friends if they were charged and they said they weren’t.

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It's nice to read about an airline actually enforcing its published rules.

Thanks for posting. Looking forward to reading your trip report.