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Real Weights Fully Packed

I did a test pack today for our two week trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. My 20" RS roll on weights right at 18 lbs and the Euro Flight Bag with all the electronics comes in at 8 lbs. The CPAP; mini-iPad and Anker 20,000 mAh battery pack are the big offenders.

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Well Done. You will not regret it.

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As Frank says, you did good to get the weight with a rolling carryon down to 18#. The bag itself weighs around 6#. Had you used an Essential Carryon, at 1¾#, you could have been at 14# or you could have taken 4 more pounds and been at 18#.

Beware. Some airlines limit the weight to 8 kg, which is 17.6#, not 18#.

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You did very well. My new 6 pound bag was 22 pounds when my budget airline weighed it and wanted to charge me $50 extra. I offloaded 2 pounds into my wife's 29 pound checked suitcase.
I also had a CPAP and a Chromebook in my backpack carry on, and I really got tired of lugging it around. The $800 CPAP blew up first time I plugged it into the 220 receptacle. Next time, I'm going to leave it at home as it's too heavy to haul.
Next long trip I'll will be carrying a 4" brief case--throwing away dirty clothes and picking up new clothes as needed along the way. I found out if you get heavy starch in your jeans, they'll last 2 weeks looking good.

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Ray, congratulations on achieving lightweight status. Have a fabulous time on your trip and make sure to give us a tour report here on the forum when you get home!

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Have a great trip! I just upgraded my Anker external battery pack to the one you purchased. Let me know how you like it. I had an older model that lasted 18 months. I abused the heck out of the battery pack between me and my two technology dependent kids so I expect you'll love your Anker.

Travel safe and have fun!

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The airlines should really not count medical equipment in the weight limit, you did great! I plan on doing this today for my carry on