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Ravenna Mini Rolling Case

Does anyone have experience with this bag? I'm looking for a roll aboard (non-spinner) that is no more than 20" in height (including wheels).

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I own it in black and use it occasionally- it has lots of pockets I find extraneous but if I don't use them it holds more clothes than you would expect- about 3 -4 days for me, as a very minimalist packer.
It is sturdy and rolls well on hard surfaces. I find the handle kind of long, but I am 5'2". It's a really great size. I use a biggish "personal item" tote bag to supplement for a shortish domestic trip, it might not be big enough as the main bag for a longer trip?

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I have this bag and was surprised at how much it holds. I usually use it with a “regular” size carryon which I check and then carry this one on with 2 days clothes and essentials. Stacks easily on the other bag for walking with luggage.

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I don't have the Ravenna Mini Rolling case, but when I was looking for a rolling underseater I considered it.

The problem for me was the weight.

For 24 liters capacity and almost 7-lbs it was a no-go for me. Even with only planning to roll it, I didn't want such a heavy bag.

Lots of other options in an underseater, 24-30-liter size at 5-lbs or less.

I realize the Ravenna is on-sale, but check Amazon, TJ Maxx, etc. regularly for sales.

I eventually decided on the Verage 14-inch Plus Spinner and got it on Amazon. They have made design changes to it now. Not sure if what I have is still available.

Travel-Pro and [Del something?] are lightweight options I've seen at local TJ Maxx stores.

I really like looking at them in person. Some bags I had considered on-line as a "carry-on" size, not underseater, seemed so tiny in person.

Hats off to all those who manage to pack for 6+weeks in an 18-inch bag!