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Ravenna Daypacks

Bought the Civita daypack to use on our Europe trips this fall. A little worried about its durability and weather proofness. Looking now at the Ravenna daypack bag. Seems it may be better because it uses same fabric as my rolling bag. Also plus that it can be slid onto my rolling bags handle. Don't see many reviews for the Ravenna daypack - is it new or not popular for a reason? Any good reviews? My other drawback, for both bags, is it doesn't have a chest or waist strap but maybe they don't need them because they're small compared to my North Face bag so I won't load it up with stuff I won't need!!

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I used the Ravenna bag on my last trip. I got it mainly because of the pass thru allowing it to go on the handles of my rolling bag.

It's a good bag. You do not need a waist or chest strap as it is a daypack not a full size backpack. It holds a great deal and is fairly solid.

The only trouble I had was when I carried it through airports after having to check my roller. I would carry it draped over one shoulder rather than as a backpack. Twice, the strap become undone from the weight in the bag (maybe 10 lbs.)

I didn't use it as a day bag because it is just too big. I don't carry that much during my days out. I suggest you do the same. Go through a list of what you plan to carry every day and ask yourself if you really need to lug that much.

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I bought the Ravenna daypack for the same reason as Frank II, and it works great, except for getting on/off trains and buses, so I take it off my rollerbag and put it on my back when boarding/deboarding. On long distance buses, I wouldn't want the daypack to go under the bus in storage, anyway.

I take three items: a 20" rolling carryon, the Ravenna daypack, and a smallish messenger bag that is permitted inside almost all museums/archeological sites. On flights, the messenger bag goes inside the daypack so I have one carryon and one personal item. I seldom use the daypack unless I am moving from one city to another (every 3-7 days), or doing a lot of outdoor/hiking activity where the weight distribution is better with a daypack than a messenger bag.

I confess that I also sneak my old Civita daypack into my carryon, in case I need it for purchases. Love that Civita bag, but it is difficult to keep it on top of the carryon while dashing through airports and train stations.

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i bought the Ravenna day back and roller bag as Christmas gifts to myself. I think the lack of reviews are because they are fairly new. I have only had the opportunity to use them domestically, but the pair are nice bags. the Ravenna does have a padded lap top sleeve... so that takes up a bit of internal space. the other responder is right.....its a nice bag....holds a fair amount is not really very squishy.....I like the other posters idea of taking the civita along for shopping purpose's.....
Ravenna has a well padded back...and the bottom is pretty substantial. and the two water bottle holders are awfully nice

I say make a list of daypack features that are important to you. That is, size, packability, trolley strap, padding, organizer features, etc.. Then, go to sites like RS, ebags, Eddie Bauer, REI, LLBean, etc. and find your pack. It helps to have criteria to narrow down choices.

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Thanks for the responses
One important thing is if it is waterproof or more water resistant than the Cavita daypack. I figure I'll be carrying a sweatshirt/flannel and travel guides so don't want them to get wet. Probably will use ziplock for papers but nothing is worse than a wet flannel...

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It is as water-resistant as the rolling carryon, so not much, but it's fabric is thicker than the Civita pack, so slightly better in the rain. I think there is a spray that you can use to make it more water-resistant. I pack a $1 rain poncho so I can wear it over the daybag, or drop it over the stacked carryon with daybag.

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Ha -- this is funny. I JUST ordered 2 of these this morning! (BEFORE I read this thread). I suspect they're not very water proof. I used to use:
- the civita day pack; definitely not water proof, but I lined it with a plastic grocery bag.
- the Euro Flight bag (original version): I am not at all happy with it atop my 21" rolling carry-on. The measly strap to place it over the extended handle is useless... the snap doesn't secure and it flops around. VERY frustrating when walking on sidewalks, train platforms, etc. I was always having to jury-rig some method of stabilizing it. I also have other issues with it.

I used to use the civita as my actual day pack (not just "personal item"), too, but I found it too warm, and still just not sleek enough.

For a "day bag", I now use a Sea-to-Summit "Ultra-Sil Day Pack"... Which packs itself into a teeny-tiny pouch, and is pretty water-proof. No pouches on it, though -- just one opening.

My plan for my upcoming trip is to use the RS Rolling Carry-On (love it), plus use the Ravenna Daypack as my "personal item" because it looks like the back sleeve will allow it to slip on and off my extended handle really quickly, and will work effectively. And, I can sling it over my shoulder when I need to carry them separately (climbing stairs, etc). But, for MY preference, it will be far too much baggage to lug around as a daypack.

Also, I actually like having my flying "personal item" NOT be the same as the daypack I end up using each day. It allows me to keep some stuff packed in it... my travelling day stuff is different from the stuff I carry on a day trip / excursion.

Just my thoughts -- sorry, not very helpful with regard to your actual question, though!

Look for a hiking type nylon - durable or polyurethane coating for water resistance. You can also buy a backpack rain cover. I found on my last trip that the zippers are the weak spot for water leakage. Some packs have a layer of fabric that covers over the zipper (storm flap). I highly recommend this feature for you. On my Merrell rouge pack - the zipper with the storm flap did well in a storm and that compartment remained dry. The outer zipper was exposed to a rain deluge and the papers inside got soaked. Check out eagle creek packs.

Hey ... Check out the Eagle Creek ASAP pack. storm flap over zipper - 17 liter - good size for a day pack. $79. I wish I saw this one sooner. I just bought a different one. Eagle Creek makes high quality products.

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Got the Ravenna daypack and been using it on trips. Like that it can slide onto my RS rolling carryon handle and has room for most stuff. Have to admit, I'm new to packing light. One thing I wish it had was a place to clip my car keys on. Other than that I think it's great - but takes time getting used to.
Thanks everyone