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I don't know why it's so hard to find products like these that are coats, not jackets -- long enough to cover the knees and butt. Hikers and skiers can wear rain paints, but the rest of us don't want to have to carry that weight.

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Want something AT LEAST long enough to sit on. What good is a water-proof jacket that still lets your bottom and legs get soaked?

Would be nice to offer something for rain without cold temperatures.

More than $100 for a raincoat? Ridiculous!

Optional but good selling points:

Zipped pockets.

Hood with a bill.

Folds into itself.


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I bought a long vinyl raincoat and returned it immediately, it was like wearing a shower curtain.

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My travel rain wear used to be an old bicycle rain jacket: long tail, functional and articulated hood, snap cuffs, zip pockets, pit zips, watertight zipper with snap flap, and waist drawcord. Wore it till it was too embarrassing, even for me. My Marmot rain jacket now has most of the features except the extra long tail. Got it on deep clearance at REI for less than $100 but I would have bought it at full price. It’s that good.

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AMann, I’ve had that same Kuhl jacket for a couple of years and love it. It is my everyday, “nice” rain jacket — as opposed to the smelly one I have for wearing to my barn 😂. That one is a much heavier, thicker fabric Eddie Bauer jacket; I don’t spend as much for my barn jacket because it will just get ripped in a year or two at most.

Agree that to get a really good rain jacket, you’ll probably need to cough up some $$. The good news is that a quality one will last a long time (unless you’re wearing it to do barn chores!).

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The first thing I always look for in a "breathable" waterproof jacket are armpit zips. I want to be able to vent any excess heat or body moisture from the jacket during physical activity.

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You also have to keep in mind that these types of "reviews" are supported by affiliate links, which means you need to take them with a very large grain of salt.

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I,m with Bogie on this. I’ve had a Marmot Precip for years…it has always kept me dry, pit zips, hood, bomb proof <$100. Butt coverage not an issue for me. ⛈️

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I bought an Eddie Bauer WeatherEdge shell that is a bit longer than a jacket and longer in the back for butt-coverage. Have not had to test it in heavy downpour yet, but it did well in some showers in Savannah last month. I think I paid $125, but they are on sale now. Only negative so far is that it doesn't "pack", although it does fold pretty flat into a gallon ziploc (which is actually better than some of the "pack into its own pocket" jackets that end up being pretty bulky). I got the shell so I can layer as needed, but hopefully won't be too hot in warmer temps. Also - the hood does not flop down over my face and block my vision, which if you are a smaller person you know how hard that is to find!

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"The only time people aren't moving while wearing a jacket is waiting in line somewhere, and certain types of membranes (3L for example) rely on movement to work their best."

AMann, I did not know that! Thanks for sharing your expertise on fabrics.

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I bought the LL Bean Women's Trail Model rain coat for my recent trip to Scotland, and loved it! It's lightweight, almost knee length, has a hood, zippered pockets, and you can cinch the waist. It kept me warm and dry in rainy Edinburgh, Oban and the Isle of Mull. Would definitely recommend.

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Dawn, thanks for your review of the LL Bean Women's Trail Model rain coat. I had been looking at that one online, but I hesitate to buy any of their products without reading reviews. Sounds really good from what you've said, so I may give it a try.

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I like my North Face rain jacket. This

is an updated version which has corrected a few failures of mine such as adding Velcro at the wrists (when I lift my arms to take pictures, water runs down) and they have changed the lining from a mesh, which gets caught on the Velcro zipper coverings. The hood is a bit big. I see this new version adds some venting under the arms which could be nice but I’m not sure how comfortable those zippers would be for me.

It’s handled some very wet situations and it’s light weight so I can wear it comfortably in warmer weather. In Georgia, it also basically functions as my casual winter coat, with a fleece jacket underneath if needed.