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Rain pants in West and South Coasts of Ireland

I know that there is no predicting the weather especially these days! However, I hoped you more experienced travelers might help me decide about taking rain pants. We will be on the Dingle Peninsula, in Kenmare including a boat ride on Kenmare Bay, and in Kinsale August 29th thru Sept 6th. We will also be in the UK from Sept 6 to Sept 22 but would probably not decide to take the rain pants for that portion of the trip (is that a mistake?).
Thanks in advance

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We were in Ireland and Scotland last year in Aug. and Sept. and on only one occasion would rain pants have been needed. And we got out of the tour bus in a hurry and forgot to put them on. LOL! However, as you say you cannot predict the weather so I would say bring them. They weigh next to nothing. Just roll them up and use a couple of elastic bands to keep them rolled up. If you are going to be in Glencoe, bring a head net which also weigh nothing.

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We brought rain pants on our South & West Ireland trip 2 months ago, and they stayed tucked into their pockets (self storing stuff pockets) the whole trip. Never used them, and we did lots of hiking in the countryside. In the towns, when there were a couple brief showers, it was easy to duck inside.

For the boat ride to Skellig Michael and back, as well as hiking, it was good to have nylon hiking pants. They’re very wind resistant, and can protect against some rain, too. The Zip-off leg versions let you convert them to shorts, as well. Jeans and other cotton pants stay wet and cold if they get soaked in the rain, so nylon’s a good choice, especially if you don’t bring rain pants, too.

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Thanks, Mary. Good point.

Thanks, Cyn. I have hiking pants that I can wear on the boat if I decide not to take the rain pants. Seems like maybe I should take them unless they tip the scales.