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Quilting Safety Pins to secure RS Hidden Pocket

I just received an RS Hidden Pocket with my guidebook for an RS tour this summer. I chose it because I have or have had all the other options for money belts in the past. I searched the forum because I remembered sometime I read about women pinning the hidden pocket inside their pants. That sounded like an option I might try because I never wear a belt and have no pants with belt loops that I would use for a trip.

One thread specifically mentioned using quilting safety pins. Duh! I looked at them online and no wonder the baby diaper pins looked so flimsy by comparison. I found these at Amazon and am tempted to get the biggest size.

My question is for those who have mentioned pinning the hidden pocket inside their pants, does that size pin look too big to you?

Full disclosure: I have this money belt that I love. Inside my clothes, there's no way it's going to fall off me, but it is somewhat hot. I was hoping that the hidden pocket would not be quite so warm.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Keep in mind that a bigger, thicker, pin will do more damage to fabric.

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When I was pinning a pocket inside my pants, I preferred using two smaller, regular safety pins. Having two pins felt like insurance to me! Now I have made my own pocket that I button (with two buttons) to the inside of my waistband, but when I was doing the pinning I was using a neck wallet with the strap cut off. The pocket I sewed for myself is less bulky.

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I pin my hidden pocket (I made one just big enough to hold my passport, extra cash & credit cards) to the inside waistband of my pants or skirt with 2 regular quilting safety pins.
I prefer the curved quilting pins but you can also use regular safety pins.

The ones you found on Amazon are way too big, IMO.

Have a wonderful trip!

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The pins in your picture are kilt pins. They are for a medium weave wool. They will tear apart a smaller weave found in most pants materials.

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Keep in mind that a bigger, thicker, pin will do more damage to fabric

I'd hasten to add (especially on behalf of all the gentlemen out there, but also for the ladies), that any sort of a "safety pin" in that neighborhood will do grievous damage to your tender kibbles 'n bits, too, if (or should I say "when") it becomes unpinned as you're walking around. No, thank you, I do not need any sharps bouncing around in that neighborhood.

All my travel pants have belt loops, and I always wear a belt for my hidden pocket. Problem solved.

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I was concerned about the pins coming loose and poking my waist, too. The tabs on the hidden pocket are pretty thick, as are the waists of my belt-loop lacking pants. That's why I was looking at stronger pins.

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Those aren't quilting safety pins they are kilt safety pins , completely different things.

Quilting safety pins are also known as curved safety pins, They have a curve in them so they are easier to insert into a quilt when basting on a table top.

As has been said a kilt pin could do some damage to the fabric of your clothing and some serious damage to you if it stabbed you. I would not want one pinned anywhere near my torso
Two smaller pins, curved or not, would be a better option

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There used to be a safety pin that had a head cover that you slipped down to ensure the pin part didn't come out and stab any vulnerable parts; but I don't think they are made anymore. The plastic head diaper pin would be the next safest.
However, it might also help if you were strategic on how you pinned the pocket onto your pants. Instead of just pinning it to the inside of your pant waist for it to hang directly down, pin it as they recommend attaching it to your belt. pin to the outside of waistband, lift up and over the band then tuck into pants. Then, if it opens, the pin will spring out, rather than into the tender bits.

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I use a nylon wallet meant to go around the neck, but I've removed the strap. The one I have has a Velcro-secured flap that folds over one of the zippered compartments. I use a diaper pin to pin the wallet to the right side of the inside front waistband of my jeans or trousers, then fold the flap over the diaper pin for extra security. I'm usually carrying my passport, credit card, debit card and extra cash in the wallet, and I don't really notice it being there. Since my tops usually fall at mid- to low- hip, the wallet isn't noticeable from the outside either.

I got a good laugh at the amazon seller's suggestion that those pins could be used to baste a quilt. Not only would they put huge holes in the fabric, but at 2 ounces per dozen a fully basted quilt would be very heavy. They're heavy enough with the smaller curved quilting safety pins.

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If you’d consider it (and wear such a garment) there is a snap-on-your-bra hidden pocket option. I’ve never used one but it looks ideal and I’m planning to get one for my upcoming trip. It snaps front and center or under your arm, made from soft bra-like material. I’ve seen them on Amazon in black and “nude”.

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Thanks for the snap-on suggestion. I hadn't seen that before.

I took a look at 2 different ones on Amazon. Neither is large enough to carry a passport adequately. And there's a reason why they are shown on women who are flat below their bra.

Many of the reviews of the snap-ons say that they do not fit flat against the body. Perhaps like me the reviewers are not flat below the bra. And most talk about how inconvenient they are to access, which sounds much more difficult than my Eazymate or anything that sits at my waist. So I guess I need to stick to that.

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Something seems to be missing from the above post, like the end of a sentence.