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Question re: Travelpro Maxlite 5 22”

I just received my 22” Travelpro Maxlite 5 two wheel roller (not the International version) and when comparing it to some of our other carryons noticed that it appears a bit bigger than our others. We’re flying United to Italy soon and I’m wondering if anyone with the Maxlite 5 has had it rejected by United or if it has not been a problem. We’re not on any of the United partners.

The reason for buying it was because it’s about 3 pounds lighter than our next lightest roller carryon. Backpack is not an option for me.

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I don't have this bag but I'm looking and have about memorized the entire website, lol.

The stated dimensions on the TravelPro websites are:

Overall: H: 23 in. W: 14.5 in. D:9 in.
Case Dimensions: H: 21 in. W: 14 in. D: 9 in.
Weight: 5.4 lbs.

United lists their measurements as 22x14x9

I generally fly Delta and I rarely see anyone get rejected so I think this would pass for them but I've not been on United. Are you on United flights the whole way or do you go to a hub and change to another codeshare airline?

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FYI, all our flights are United operated with no codeshares and no connections in Europe.

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Bag size is pretty subjective, the ultimate Your mileage may vary situation. Depending on the airline, and the airport, and your destination, and the type of aircraft, and whoever is on duty. Hope for the best ...

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I too am a TravelPro fan. I had a 22" ultra light rolling bag and got hassled a couple of times by budget airline gate attendants trying to maximize profits. It was actually 23" with the wheels. I stood my ground and they backed down--as I was holding up the que.

I later replaced the 22" with a 21" ultra light rolling bag. Don't worry about United or most of the U.S. carriers as rolling bags fit in their overhead bins. It's the budget European air carriers that may hassle you. Worse comes to worse, pay a little to check it.

My wife has had mobility issues recently. I switched to a backpack suitcase so I could handle her luggage when traveling. She's riding a portable mobility scooter she rides up up to the door of the plane. Since we're going in early and folding up her scooter, the airlines really don't pay attention to our carry on's. We whizzed on through a flight on EasyJet a few weeks ago to Athens.

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I have an older 22” maxlite and it is too big for many European carriers. I’ve always checked it on international flights.

I have not had a problem on various domestic airlines (including United) when traveling on business within the U.S., but I haven’t traveled since before the pandemic.

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I have carried it on domestic carriers including those going to Europe. Never a problem. I love it.

But I think 21 is standard for European carriers.

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I’m thinking airlines may be pickier about size due to more carryon because of the checked luggage problems. For that reason I’d be sure to stay within the airline’s measurements.

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Our family of 4 each have this carry-on and used it in Europe earlier this year. No problem on Delta to Europe and back as a carry-on, and no problem as a carry-on on EasyJet either (Venice to Amsterdam).

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I think it’s too big.
You need to measure including the wheels.
I was caught once and now have a 21” iincluding wheels.

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SJ, what kind of bag are you using?

External dimensions given above from the TravelPro website. Bag dimensions are smaller.

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I bought this suitcase right before my Rick Steves Belgium and Holland tour last March. I flew United Airlines from Houston to O’Hare to Brussels. Luckily, the airline upgraded my husband and myself to Business class. I carried this suitcase on the plane and no one said a word. I loved this bag! It would hold more than my Rick Steves rolling backpack. I couldn’t fit all my extra masks, covid test kits and warm clothes in the RS bag. This was lightweight. It rolled well on cobble stones and held all my things without expanding the top of the bag. I ordered it from Amazon and all they had was black. I don’t like black because EVERYONE has black. I tied a pink polka dot ribbon on it and it worked well when I checked it on the way home. The one thing I didn’t like is that all my other bags have the handle on the opposite end of the bag. It didn’t take long to get used to this one. I love the interior which is light colored. It was much easier to find things.

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I've just dug it out to have a look.

I got it at our Canadian Marshall's store in 2019, for C$100 including tax.
It's a Heys "The World's Lightest Spinner Pro Edition."
A nice red colour, with two outside pockets, and it's expandable.
21" / 53 cms, including the wheels.
It weighs 2 kgs empty!

It's got a built in TSA lock which I won't use, as we don't have TSA in Canada, and I'd be afraid of forgetting the combination.

It was fine for my last 15 day trip to Italy in 2019.
I couldn't carry it on coming home, as Lufthansa has a low weight limit; but it was fine for going there with Air Canada, as they care about size not weight.
I'm going carryon again this Fall.
My bigger case that I have checked on other trips is a durable and reliable

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SJ, oh my gosh! I didn't mean for you to go rummaging around in your travel closet, lol! Thank you so much! I'll keep a look out for that brand.

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I had to dig it out anyway, as I'm planning now for my Fall trip to Italy!
I had misplaced my packing cubes and money belt, and there they were inside the case, which hadn't been opened for nearly three years!
The rectangular packing cubes fit into this case perfectly.
I forgot to say, when shopping for luggage, keep a little measuring tape in your bag so you don't buy the wrong size.

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"I forgot to say, when shopping for luggage, keep a little measuring tape in your bag so you don't buy the wrong size."

Oh, absolutely! A tape measure used to live in my purse but I think it got discarded thru Covid. I might need to put it back in as you never know when something interesting might pop up in TJ Maxx or somewhere.

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You will likely be fine on United, especially since they recently got rid of their baggage sizers. However, I would check your reservation carefully because, if you change planes in Paris, Amsterdam, London, or Frankfurt, the last leg of your flight is likely to be operated by a European carrier with a smaller carry-on size allowance.