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Protect my cell phone, credit cards, keys while swimming or snorkeling

I'm heading off on vacation soon, and I'm looking for a way to keep my stuff safe while I'm in the water. I don't always have a car with me where I can leave my valuables. I'm looking for some sort of waterproof bag or container that I can strap to my arm or otherwise attach to myself, that will fit one or two cell phones, a few cards or cash, and my keys.

I've found options that fit a cell phone (but really don't have extra room for anything else), or ones that could fit all I need to carry, but aren't rated as waterproof when submerged. I don't need to be able to use my phone - I just need to keep it with me, and dry (along with cards/money/keys).

Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated!

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There is a type of extra sturdy, double seal plastic, waterproof bags called aLOKSAK. We use several different sizes. Try: We ahve had our's fro several years so some of the information may have changed. They are rated waterproof to 200 feet.

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Have sent you a PM with specific brand names and info

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I would leave my phone, credit cards in my hotel room safe. Why would you need those at the beach? Pretend it is 1970 for a few hours.
You can get little bags or armbands to hold some cash and keys if needed.

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"Pretend it is 1970 for a few hours."

In my opinion this is some of the best travel advice one can receive. I love it!!!