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Product recommendations for carry-on only

If you're trying to create space in your 3-1-1 bag and don't want to have to locate a toiletries source immediately, I just tried the following two solid items and liked them:

JR Liggett Shampoo Bar
Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick

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Several antiperspirant brands have also come out with "solid" products that go on clear (so they don't leave white marks on clothing).

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Neutrogena makes sheer sunscreen in a solid stick (like deodorant sticks) in spf 70 for face and body.

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Strongly urge anyone thinking of changing skin and hair care products to give yourselves a week or two to see if they work for you, you like the feel and smell, and you have no adverse reactions. If anything fails, you need another week or two to find replacements. Experimenting with cosmetics should be done with plenty of lead time.

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Solid hair conditioner is available at Lush stores and online from Dirty Diva Soaps. Both work fine for me; I slightly prefer Dirty Diva. However, my hair isn't particularly challenging: permed but fine and rather short. Washing my hair daily requires about 1 oz. of solid conditioner per month. Those with long and/or thick hair would need much more conditioner.

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For unscented products, I like the solid Conditioner that Rolls from the seller GetLathered on Etsy. Works great, lasts forever (or about 6 months). She also sells a solid Shampoo that Rocks which I have been meaning to try.

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Important point, bogiesan. That's what I did. Thanks for the conditioner ideas. I'll try them some time in the future.

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I have thick hard to manage hair, and have had success reducing my liquids by using Lush bar shampoo (Jason and the argon oil) and Brite Organix Bar None hydrating conditioner bar.

Other travel toiletries I've been using: I recently found a very small travel sized Native brand deodorant stick at my local Target (or direct from Native). I also found a tiny 0.08 oz bottle of an essential oil blend called Motion Eaze which I use for several things including motion sickness, a simple perfume and for room or pillow freshening.

I find the 1 quart allowed for 311 bag to be adequately generous for space. (Note: I understand those with special needs like allergies, etc. - that may not be the case.)
I use solid stick deodorant, etc.. These don't go in the 311 bag.
Hmmm... Perhaps, we can invent solid stick fluoride toothpaste and make some profits here. (A soft chewy fluoride cake?)
I'm thinking "sugar cube" style in a blister pack.

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You can make toothpaste "dots" to save on taking a tube.
There's a video somewhere on YouTube.
I wouldn't bother, as you can buy toothpaste anywhere in Europe.
I second the stick sunscreen.
I used it for the first time this summer in baking hot Europe, and never got burned.
It's a bit of an art to get it on in all the right places, but I thought it was great.
I also took a natural lavender stick deodorant , and never was bothered by mosquitos at all , while my traveling companions were.
I attribute my "freedom" to the lavender!

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Lush toothy tabs and mouthwash tabs have been great for me. My 60+ year old mom wasn't crazy about them and still travels with small tubes of toothpaste, but I now use them all the time. Wipes are also great, especially ones for hands, lenses, and makeup. I've also started using much smaller containers, as I find "travel size" stuff to be huge; 1 oz containers tend to be enough for one to two weeks depending on the product, so while not solids, a few of those save tons of space.

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While not a specific product per se, this might help!nIn my ongoing quest to travel lighter and easier, I realized that most travel bottles were far too large for many of my liquids. So, I've been searching out much smaller containers (Muji has a bunch as does Daiso and Amazon). I then fill the bottle and only use that bottle to track how long it lasts. Surprisingly, I found that I could use much smaller bottles (about 1/2 to 1 oz) and cut the volume of my 3-1--1 bag in half. To give you an idea of the liquids I bring -
hair gel
face wash
sunscreen for my face
cc cream
2 prescription ointments
make up remover
Wrinkle release
anti biotic packets
prescription nasal spray (fortunately this comes in a really small bottle!)
hand & body lotion
Khiel's lip balm
eye drops
tide pen
benadryl pen

So, the moral of the story is to experiment with your container sizes!!