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portable hangars

Years ago I had a set of folding aluminum hangars that were by far the best travel hangars I've ever seen. They were light and packed absolutely flat. Alas, they finally gave up the ghost (kind of fell apart) and I've never found a really suitable replacement. I have the inflatable ones, and also bought another pair that were kind of a rubber material (they were ungainly and I ended up using at home for sweaters, etc. since they were fairly flexible) but not good for travel.

Is there anything else out there someone has found good? I also have a travel clothes line but more often than not they are hard to actually use in many hotel rooms, I've found (hard to find immovable objects to attach them to that are the right length, etc.).

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I have not had success with the inflatable hangars...they always seem to deflate on me, lol! What I started doing was just packing a plastic hangar, from any big box store. It is light, fits into the bottom of my RS bag. I did not have trouble finding a place to hang it, often just over the shower nozzle or curtain rod. I did have to rig up how to hang up pants, with large safety pins in the waistband and then slipped over the notch in the top of the hangar. The one I use has a bar across the bottom so I can hang a shirt on the hangar part and undergarments on the bar.

It will be interesting to see what others have come up with.

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For pants I bring a couple of plastic hangers with clips. The hangers were free when I bought pants, so I don't mind leaving them behind when I go home. I haven't used it yet, but I bought something at the Container Store that might come in handy. It's plastic and has a hook on one end for hanging. The other end is a rectangle with clothespin type things hanging from it. It folds up fairly flat. I think it will work great for socks, underwear, etc. I will try it out at home and then assess if it's worth taking on my 5+ week trip. I love my inflatable hangers!!

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I really like the inflatable hangers. I have never had a problem keeping them inflated. They are perfect for someone like me who only carries few clothes and washes every night because the thick hanger keeps the front and back of a shirt apart so air circulates and they dry overnight. And they weigh almost nothing and, when deflated and flolded, take up minimal room.

I, too, had trouble finding places to attach my travel clothesline. I finally found one with suction cups on the ends. You don't have to use the suction cup, but it does stick on tile walls, giving you another option for fastening the line.

Another device is the "drip-dry" clothspin - a hanger on one end and a clothspin on the other - handy for hanging clothes from the towel bar in the bathroom.

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I evolved to packing two small hollow plastic and one plastic pant hangers to be able to wash and dry the underpants, top and bottom wicking base layers and wool socks I use for skiing. Being able to dry base layers and not needing spare garments compensates for the weight and bulk of the hangers.

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The inflatable hangars are a good choice. I bought some because of Lee's suggestion. I pack a couple for hang drying shirts - along with a travel clothes line for underwear and socks - because they don't take up any space or weight.