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Pool Noodles

This is more useful for checked bags than carryon but I'll offer it anyway. A few years ago I started carrying a short length of a pool noodle for use in some PT I need to do. I found that it was great to drape my slacks over before putting them in my suitcase. It prevents a hard fold crease in the pants and also keeps them from sliding down in the bag causing even more wrinkles. I place shoes toward the wheel end of the bag and the noodle at the opposite end. Hope someone else finds this useful.

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That's pretty clever. That foam insulation that goes around pipes would work, too, and takes up less room. Hmmm

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And when you aren’t traveling they are great to put in your boots!

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They're long skinny soft foam swimming pool toys. That can also be used in diy and craft projects.

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not a dish of instant noodles to eat in the pool?