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Please Provide Input on These 3 Rolling Carryon's

I'm looking for a smaller, more international sized roller bag. I currently have an older Travelpro 22" bag (maybe 10-12 years old). Well, the handle doesn't work as well, and it's getting a little frayed, so I'm beginning the process. I will be flying Icelandic Air in August and likely flying to London in 2025, so the timing is needed anyway.

I would like an international sized bag, as I am expecting to be doing more international travel.

My upcoming international flight is on Icelandic air, with a carryon limit of 55x40x20 cm (or 21.6535 x 15.748 x 7.87402). In looking at some other airlines, it seems KLM (carryon dimensions of 21.6535 x 13.7795 x 9.84252) and Icelandic are the most restrictive.

The IKEA bag meets both criteria and is the cheapest. But, I'm not sure of the weight. I may need to take my luggage scale and go there and weigh it, as I don't want a heavy bag. The July comes in purple, which is a plus for me, but is slightly too large for KLM.. And I've had a Travelpro previously and was very happy with it. The Liapult is a little wide (8.3") so myabe not the best option. So, I'm a little torn as to what to do.

I appreciate any input if you've tried these bags, or have any other ideas.

These are the bags I've found (I know the title says 3 but I found a 4th).

  1. July Lightweight carryon External dimensions including wheels: 21.25" H x 14.17" W × 7.5" D Weight: 3.9lbs
    cost about $250, currently on sale

  2. Travelpro Mazlite 5 Overall Dimensions (includes wheels & carry handles): 21.75 in x 15.75 in x 7.75 in, Weight: 5.3 pounds
    cost about $150

  3. IKEA Varldens 21.25 x 13.5 x 7.75 weight (not sure, maybe 6 lbs)
    cost about $90

  4. Lipault Plume Cabin SIzed Spinner 21.6 x 13.8 x 8.3 (4.8 pounds)

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I have Rick Steve’s rolling carry on (from travel shop online). I like it. It fits international dimensions and I am able to pack a lot in it. I am in England now and I easily met Virgin Atlantic’s size and weight requirements (although no one measured it weighed my bag-I did it at home).

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I have the MaxLite and would recommend it. It passed Air France's requirements when my husband's bag did not.

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I fly on Icelandair to Iceland quite a bit and have used a variety of bags. The Rick Steve's 21" rolling bag fits within their sizer and as kong as you keep the weight down (22#) you are good. On our last flight there in December, the agents at the desk were putting every single bag in the sizer, even for Saga class, so nobody was extra special that day. I read another account of that about a month ago as well. Do note that the personal items will also get a look over and tagged if they are acceptable for size/weight. The underseat areas on the planes out of SEA at least, have the boxes under the seat so you don't get your full foot room like we are use to with other carriers. So even though your personal item may fit their requirements, you may still not be able to stuff it down at your feet.

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We have the Travelpro Maxlite 5 in the 2 wheel version. Same dimensions as the 4 wheel spinner, but weighs 0.1 lb more at 5.4 lbs. What I like about the two-wheel version is that you get 45 litres of packing volume instead of the 39 litres in the 4 wheel version. The extra 6 litres is a huge difference.

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I would go with the bag that fits the dimensions (not over). Why risk a last minute fee/gate check?

Our roller carry-ons were weighed (under 8 kg each) at the check-in desk both ways on our recent trip, SEA to BUD on Condor and Lufthansa. They're small rollers and the agent put a tag on them for approved carry-on. Nobody looked at them again. At the gate, some larger rollers were sized and checked (we listened to the whining).

Another thing - on Lufthansa, if you had a roller on our flights, they really looked at your personal item. We had no issues due to the good advice we received on these forums.

Finally: a luggage scale is your friend!