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Plane under seat luggage

Looking for an underseat luggage that actually fits for international flights. The one I bought did not fit during my recent flights-TAP and BA. Had to inconvenience one of my travel companions so I could place in overhead bin. Please help. Thanks

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I don't think there is a uniform size of under seat space, even in a row of seats on most planes.

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I don't think there is a uniform size of under seat space, even in a row of seats on most planes.

I agree with LIZinPA here. Between the placement of the seats 'legs' and those protruding video boxes its a crap-shoot. I generally travel with a full size carry on for the bin and a small tote to carry only what I want to have handy durring the flight itself. (I'm also 6' tall with size 12 feet. That space is precious for my feet!)

I agree with above. Under seat space varies greatly. Are you looking for an underseat bag as your primary bag or just to carry flight comforts and valuables and travel documents? For flight comfort bags, there are osprey daylite tote pack and Patagonia lightweight tote pack. There is also the Rick Steve small cylinder shaped packable duffel. The appenzell works as well. You can look up frontier Wandf airline bags on Amazon at 18”x14”x8” about 33 liters. For primary luggage - American tourister makes a bag that is popular with frontier airline passengers. Works, but doesn’t have the best durability. You really have to be careful with rigid sided bags when placing underseat. Hard to angle/slide under.
Backpack or soft bag is better.

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A1) Most (many) airlines have published the maximum size of the under seat bag; Turkish Airlines' is 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (15.75 x 11.8 x 5.9)

A2) I have been carrying one of these for about 5 years (I see its "updated" but looks the same to me) which measures 16 x 12 x 7

A3) Yup a tad larger than the requirements of the airline I fly most often, but it will scrunch down to the required size if required and it always fits comfortably under the seat!Ai7Zk-szxfTJidJjYaDjGJqXIWVbWQ?e=0yS81i although I rarely have to put it under a seat.

A4) Cheap, simple, rugged, not a bunch of useless pockets, etc; will hold a complete fly fishing outfit including boots and hip waders but not the rod. 🤣

A5) Best thing about an under the seat bag is there is generally no weight limit (some airlines do have an exception to this so check) which means you can move all the heavy stuff out of the carry on and load more clothing in a size compliant carryon with out exceeding the weight limit (if there is one).

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Thanks everybody. I have a RS backpack which I have used previously but no longer able to
Carry that much weight. From my research, a 16 by 12 by 6 should fit under most spaces But can’t find one. I looked at the American Tourister one and still too large. I want one with wheels.

LLBean has rolling school backpacks. But, they are larger than the above dimensions you listed. You are going to have trouble finding a rolling bag that small. You are in backpack without wheels range. Maybe there is a children’s bag?

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I agree with a previous post that soft bags work best under the seat. I stash a lot under the seat --- laptop, camera gear, and comfort items -- and I usually pack it all in some sort of nylon tote or backpack so that I can reshape it a bit depending on what the space under the seat looks like.

Putting a wheel bag under the seat would be considerably more challenging. Good luck.

There are some cute gymax kid’s bags on Amazon. The only problem with Amazon is that you need to determine if the wheels are included in the dimensions. So, you need to check out some YouTube reviews or ask the seller/manufacturer some questions before buying.

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You might want to look at this Eagle Creek bag. Eagle Creek apparently has stopped producing these but they are still out on the market. My husband has one of these, but has not taken it on any international flights, only domestic. It fit easily on a ? CRJ jet, but I find the small planes often have more underseat space. I think it would easily fit zipper in first, but also might the other way on larger airlines. On the smaller planes it fits fine either way. I had my eye on this one for a couple of years because it is the smallest wheeled bag that I could find. I love this bag, but could only justify giving it to my husband because I have so many... His bag's measurement is 14"x14 1/2 x 8"...obviously at the wheel area that is the stiffer part.

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Here is the challenge with all of this planning, in flight entertainment boxes that hang down below seats greatly reducing the amount of luggage or foot room. It won’t matter what size luggage you have if the space is reduced at your seat.

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B1) Carol now retired, two subjects here maybe; what will fit and what is allowed.

B2) With what is allowed, you will get on the plane. Extremely rare that some corner of some overhead bin isn't available if there is some obstruction under the seat that you have.

B3) With what will fit, anybody guess, but the vast majority of the time, what is allowed will fit and thats what I plan around with no issues or problems so far.

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You're going to have a hard time finding a wheeled bag to fit those dimensions.

What bag do you have now?

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A bag with wheels is really more for the overhead bin. I would suggest a different smaller type for under the seat. For me that generally means my RS crossbody 'purse' and my DSLR camera as well as maybe a small thing my husband wants me to keep for him. He is 6 foot 2 so he needs all the legroom he can get.

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The Co-Pilot by Tom Bihn is my underseat bag of choice. 11.8x10x4.9 inches.

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I use a Pacsafe Vibe 325 bag, it always has fit under any seat we have flown on. I carry a backpack that goes in the overhead and use the Vibe for things I want to use during the boarding, flight and custom/immigration.

TPRC bag under seater at 15 x 14 x 8.5. Traveler’s club brand. $58. It’s closer to your desired measurements. Amazon may be worth surfing for underseat bags.

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The answer to this question is the same as the answer to most of life's questions...

It depends.

Does the Euro Flight Bag fit under the aisle seat?

Making a fundamental error here....Every airline and aircraft type is different. The configuration is generally consistent across an airline's fleet, but the specific seat location matters (mote than a little) because of the inflight entertainment system electronics boxes. Those are typically under ONE seat in your row, not all of them (often but not always the window seat).

So there's no answer for "will X bag fit under the aisle seat?" It depends on what airline and what aircraft type (and what cabin).

Anything with wheels is unlikely to fit under most seats.

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"Does the Euro Flight Bag fit under the aisle seat?"

It depends on

  • What airline
  • What seat
  • How densely you have it packed.

My SIL took this on a few trips and it fit under her seats on Delta and Alaska.

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I use the euro flight bag and have never had problems fitting it under the seat in front of me no matter which airline I’m flying. I fill it as full as I need to and arrange it sometimes sitting on its bottom and sometimes on its side, whichever way fits best and is most convenient for me to access when necessary.