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Photocopies of passport/credit cards

Where do you stash them while hiking or canoeing?

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Hiking - in my money belt or day pack. Maybe in a ziplock if it's rainy. Same as I would do at home with my driver's license/CC/Health insurance cards.

Canoeing - I'd have a dri bag. How long is your canoe trip?

BTW, the forum is divided over whether to carry a photocopy of your passport or the actual document. I am on the "carry the actual document" side of the room on that one.

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I assume you aren’t photocopying your credit card, right? I read it that way first and was all set to explain why that’s a bad idea :)

A waterproof pouch in your backpack works except if you are in heavy rapids or otherwise likely to loose your backpack. In that case…no idea. Money belts aren’t waterproof!

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I do scan my credit card. That is kept very secure l and that way if I have to call to cancel it I know what every piece information they want. But I don’t carry it with me. It’s accessible should I need it.

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I also encode my pin numbers on the card so that it is quickly available should I need the pin number. I photocopy my credit cards. The my stored copies I keep in my suitcase, I encode the last eight digits of the credit cards in the event that the copy of my credit cards are in the wrong hands.

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I have had several occasions when I needed to cancel a (lost, not stolen) credit card in the middle of a trip. What is needed then is the contact phone number from the back of the card (though you can get that easily enough by Googling if you have internet access) and perhaps the last 4 digits of the card number. I'm not sure you even need the 4 digits.

Credit-card companies have no reason to be reluctant to cancel a card that may have fallen into unscrupulous hands. The representative you speak to will ask for security information to be sure you really are the cardholder. No one has ever had a problem with my providing just the last 4 digits of the card number, nor has anyone ever asked for the expiration date on the card of the 3-digit security code.

It's possible there are other situations when it would be helpful or even essential to know a card number. One that comes to mind is picking up a theatre ticket in London. Sometimes they want to see the credit card used to make the purchase. There must surely be a way around that, though, because people do lose cards from time to time.

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I don’t photocopy anymore, but images of my passport, driver’s license, heath insurance, etc all live in email and iCloud storage, easily accessible from any device.

Credit card info is in a password protected pdf also in my cloud-based email.

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Photos are in my phone. I also email scanned copies to myself. If I lost my phone, I could use any computer to access my own email and copy or print them from there.

Might have to rethink my security set-up? Right now, my email only lets me access my account from a new device AFTER it sends a code to my phone. I've never lost my phone but it's worth thinking about.

Many money belts are plastic lined if not completely waterproof. You could also use the waterproof bag you put a cell phone in as a waterproof wallet, perhaps keep it around your neck under your shirt?

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There are dry bags for phones that have enough room for your copies.