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Personal Bag-Under the seat

Traveling to Europe on Tap and British Airways and the restrictions for the personal bag (under the seat) is 16"x12"x5". Does anyone have a recommendation for a bag that will work for that? I dont know how strict the airlines will be.

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This is the bag I use and love and fits your specs as long as you’re not bulging the sides with stuff. (I didn’t need the extra backpack straps, so I carefully cut them off.). Sherpani is changing the design, so there’s a few left for 50% off in the original design. It’s a great bag for $50!

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That looks like a great bag for the purpose. It is nice that it is convertible—-backpack, tote,, or cross-body bag.

I wouldn’t worry about the extra half-inch of thickness—-just don’t stuff it to the max. We fly BA all the time and my Osprey daypack, which is 16 x 10 x 8, has never been questioned. And it fits easily under the seat.

Edit: I just got a 20% off coupon from Sherpani as a thank-you for buying a sale item 2 days ago. Something to consider if you like that backpack (but no guarantee that they send this to every purchaser).

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My Patagonia backpack is 18x12x7, 25 L and I flew both TAP and BA with it last year. It fit just fine under the seat ahead of me. It was not packed completely full but it had my iPad, puffy and pair of sneakers in it, along with miscellaneous items. I’ve had my Patagonia bag for 10+ years with 12 trips to Europe and it’s still holding up. Their stuff is made well, imo.

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Make sure your bag is soft-sided and squishable. Many of BA airline seats have entertainment boxes underneath them that take up space that impedes your feet and your underseat luggage. Your bag may have to adapt to an irregular shape.

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I ditto what Jean said! I use an older version of the Camden (and have a Soleil as well). Either works well, but the Camden is right on the nose for British Airways, which I fly internationally almost exclusively. The Soleil is one inch shorter. Great bags and mine still looks like new after 7 years.