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Pants for hiking and town

I need to get some men's pants for an upcoming trip to Scotland and England. The England portion of my trip includes hiking the full Hadrian's Wall. I will be hiking from village to village and need pants that will work for hiking, but also look nice in town. I need pants that will: dry quickly overnight (no cotton), stand up to hiking conditions, not have extra pockets, gussets, or other doodads, not tight, etc. In other words, chinos for the hiker. Any suggestions?

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What Maggie said. My husband loves his Kuhl Deceptr pants; lightweight, quick dry, trim cut, not nerdy or loaded with cargo pockets, and very comfortable. They are great for hiking but also look good at dinner.

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Depending on the level of hiking you expect, I might suggest Bluffworks Ascender chinos. They look far nicer in town than your typical hiking pant (no cargo pockets, etc.), but retain the technical specs like quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and a little bit of stretch in the waist.

They would be fine for light hiking in good weather, but might not be ideal if you expect to do a lot of scrambling, bushwhacking, muddy, etc. They are my go-to travel pant, and I find them amazing for around town and I've also taken them on day hikes of varying difficulty levels and they've done great. I pack one pair and they do it all. They will be the nicest-looking option, but only you know where exactly you want the pants to fall on the spectrum of town versus trail. [not an ad, I just really like the brand]


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If you expect good weather, then Banana Republic core temp chino. Stylish for in town, but lightweight and cool for hiking.

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I use PrAna Bion men for the same purpose.
They have others as well that may work better for you.

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Try REI or LL BEAN. Selection and advice in person. Always has worked for me. Not meant as an advertisement….I want to see the gear before I buy and those two outlets work for me.

Good Luck!

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I believe MA Traveler means either PrAna’s Zion or Brion pant. Both are good suggestions; here is a review comparing them:'s%20Stretch%20Zion%20pants%2C%20which,like%20casual%20wear%20by%20comparison.

My husband likes his PrAna Zion pants as much as the Kuhl ones. The fabric of the Zion is nylon/spandex but has a “cotton-y” feel. I believe the Brion is the same fabric but different on style—-more like jeans. The Zion pants have at least one hidden zipper pocket.

I like Eddie Bauer Travex but he thinks the fabric is too thin and “slinky”. I don’t know that EB even sells a mens’ Travex pant any more.

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I really have liked the pairs of "English Laundry Men’s 365 5 Pocket Pants" I got at Costco. Look very good in general, are comfortable, and do well in moderate levels of exertion. If you have a Costco, they might have them in stock. They also have an "English Laundry Chino" but I like the color options better for the 5 pocket pant.

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Are you doing a tour? Doing all or part of the Wall path is on my to-do list.

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Great suggestions! I will check them all out.

I am going solo, no tour. However, I did use a service that booked my reservations and will transport my luggage from village to village, so all I am carrying is a day pack. The company is called Hillwalk, but there are a lot of options for this type of service.

Thanks for all your help.