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Packing tech items-what’s your favorite method?

Hey all,
I’m looking at rounding up my cords, charging blocks, dongles, etc. I considered a case similar to these but when it arrived, the slots seemed small and not well designed for my stuff. Some items are uniform and would fit, but some pockets would be useless to me. I sent it back.

Then I thought about making it myself, and found this pattern and though it isn’t quite what I want, it got me thinking of designing my own. I like making stuff so this would be fun for me. I will have to learn how to sew a zipper into fabric, but why not? I have plenty of scrap fabric and I got a couple zippers on sale at JoAnn’s and fusible fleece (didn’t know there was such a thing).

If I run out of time I will just default to my go to, which is ziploc bags for little things, and those would go in a packing cube.

Do you stuff cords in whatever pocket is handiest? Or do you prefer a dedicated case for your electronic bits and bobs?

I have until late March.

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I use one packing cube for my chargers and adaptors.. I keep my tablet in my sling bag and same with cell phone.

I travel light and simple. I take only my tablet and cell phone with me.

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I also use a fairly small packing cube (not a compression one). I like that it's not a rigid case and can therefore fit better in my personal item bag. It's red so easy to find in my bag. I use velcro cable fastening ties on the cords so they don't tangle.

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Cords w/out wall warts go in a quart ziplock (or two). The computer wall wart (Apple) and other misc fit in a side pocket of the backpack (carryon). Any other if needed just get dumped in the backpack.

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I’ve used the same method for years and am happy with it. I bought a set of graduated sized mesh zipper bags that are bright colors with stripes in the tightly woven mesh fabric. (Similar sets are on Amazon for about $10.) The smallest bright red one holds my three adapters and two sets of iPhone/iPad chargers. I set the red flat zipper bag on the counter in the hotel, and it’s the first opened and last to put back in my backpack.

Another one -the green zipper bag is larger and perfect to hold my iPad. The largest purple one holds my itinerary & reservation papers.

”Do you stuff cords in whatever pocket is handiest?” Whatever spot you decide while planning, always return them to that spot during your trip. They will always be easier to find, and also noticeable if they’re not there. Another help - I have bright designed mini-duct tape that I use on all of my adapters & charger blocks and a piece on the cord. Keeping them visible will reduce the chance you leave them behind in a hotel room.

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I use an older version of this bag. Mine is smaller, but holds 4 cables, a power bank and a 2-USB plug. Adapter does NOT fit in mine but the current versions look bigger so can probably handle that.

Maybe something like this? or this.

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Well…I like a separate colored cube pouch for my tech stuff. I travel with an iPad Mini, iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Last 2 trips I added a power bank too.

Last year for Christmas I “had” to have this cube. It opens out flat which I like on my bedside stand when traveling. It was on the blog Travel Fashion Girl as the best (🙄😬). Plus, you know, TEAL!! I found the same thing you did that the slots were too small for my charger cubes the cords didn’t fit well, and it just wasn’t right for my needs.

I found one I liked better at Target although it’s a little bigger but still not perfect. And not teal, 😂.

I might default to this one by Travelon. Sometimes Travelon products wind up at TJ Maxx so I thought I’d start cruising by there occasionally and see if it turns up.

For myself I believe I am on a unicorn hunt. It has to be light. It has to be colorful. I want it to open flat so I can lay my watch, chapstick, other night essentials on it and have it function as one of those valet trays. I prefer a light colored lining. Yeesh…

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I’ve tried a number of various tech bags and pouches, and ultimately, my favorite has been the Tom Bihn Travel Tray (small). I love it because I can just roll up my cords and plugs and adapters and shove them in there when I’m not using them, but when I need one, it’s easy to pull it out. Plus it takes up much less space and is lighter weight than any tech bag I’ve used in the past.

A lot of this depends on you, I think. For example, I’m not the kind of person that likes to roll up all my cords and tuck them into tiny little pockets in a bag, only to have to undo them when I need them again. I do roll them up so they don’t get tangled but I just like the idea of placing them inside the Travel Tray. They’re always where I need them.

I also like that I can put the Travel Tray in my personal bag on the plane in case I need anything from it there. And as I said, it’s small and lightweight. That’s important to me.

For what it’s worth, I bring an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook Air, power bank, and hearing aids charger.

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WIth a lot of my tech consolidating around USB-C, my travel tech is decreasing. When I carry my power bank, it's in a slim waist pack that goes under my clothes - so that the weight is not in my day purse. My travel power strip fits in a shoe. My 2 wall chargers and 2 or 3 USB cords fit in a slim zippered pouch - which could easily be cute fabric; mine is mesh with 3 compartments and I need to condense down to a single compartment version.

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I use the pouch that had the amenities kit in it from the time I had biz class ( FF miles)

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One quart zip lock bags is what I use for organizing. I even put numerous bags in 1/2 gallon zip lock bags.

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Wow! You are all awesome. I really appreciate the input and links. Many of you adapt bags you’ve received and make it work, or you buy the thing you need.

Boston Phil and Jean, I pack ultralight as well as I can-

CWSocial, My tech items seem to be increasing even as I no longer bring my iPad.

My tech items:

  1. iPhone, cord and charging block (with surge protection, if possible)
  2. Compact Power bank and cord, but might get another
  3. Two sets earbuds (one usb-c to connect to phone, the other with standard jack for plane, plus adaptor in case one craps out
  4. Chargeable eye mask (new for 2024)
  5. Small dongles/adaptors, including the type that prevent your data from being taken while you charge your device.
  6. Plug adaptors for euro and UK sockets (in addition to charging block which may have these built in).

I use a backpack as my main bag and carry on. The “bits and bobs” are in a couple ziploc bags and shoved into a packing cube. I don’t love it because it seems like I could easily lose something or put it somewhere I can’t find it (yes, Jean, so wise to point that out, and I have done that too).

Someone told me if you use the hotel safe, put one of your shoes in there (not both) so you remember to take the contents out of the safe before leaving the hotel.

😂Pam, you always make me laugh and yet you hit the nail on the head. The ideal bits and bobs bag isa unicorn hunt, isn’t it?

I love the Travelon item you referenced for tech stuff, but I wouldn’t be able to use it the way a travel tray functions (especially the one Mardee and Jean referenced). That would have to accommodate my glasses, eye drops and tissue, and lip balm. Conversely, my travel tray would not have my tech cords and items.
I hope you will let us know if you find the unicorn!

Jean, Even if/when I make this bits and bobs tech bag (with eye-catching colors and purple and bright blue zippers), I’m sure I will realize I forgot something. I love your organizational method, the colorful tape is a great idea if your cords are white or black or grey.

Kathy H-yeah to red! Much easier to remember colorful items. Got a swanky 6’ red charging cord from Anker, it’s lightning to usb-a, then bought a new phone which needs usb-c, so I gave it to husband. A rigid case is not workable for me, either.

Mardee and Jean- you make a good case for the TB travel tray. I have a small pink one and a large red one. My quibble is everything is in a jumble in there. The advantage of the jumble is not having to unzip lots of little compartments or fuss with putting every little thing away. However, certain items have dedicated cords that need to stay with the item so I don’t have to paw through and try to find it (it’s always the last one and always on the bottom).

Maybe there’s a happy medium?

I am also bringing little usb-c to usb-c data blocker adaptors to prevent data being taken. Thanks to Mardee for the heads up about that on a recent thread.

This thread has expired but had some very helpful links and ideas. I saw your post there, the ordinaryRebecca. The elastic loops for securing the cords appeal to me.

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I am curious, what does the chargeable eye mask charge to do?

(For my tech cords and charging block, I use a little bag that I made. It's just a wide-jaw, kind of mini dopp kit shape (i.e., voluminous and the zipper runs in the middle of the top to provide easy access).

I keep my charging bank(s) and cords for them in a separate bag though.

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Interesting ! I have never heard of this. Thanks for responding.

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I travel with camera gear but I’ll leave that aside. Besides that, I take an iPhone, iPad Pro and an Apple Watch. I use two inexpensive mesh makeup / toiletry bags like these to keep everything organized: One holds my Syncwire 40W 2-Port PD Charger which includes EU and UK adapters ( and the other to hold my Apple MagSafe Duo Charger and cables.

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However, certain items have dedicated cords that need to stay with the item so I don’t have to paw through and try to find it (it’s always the last one and always on the bottom).

You could use the loops like Rebecca suggested, or just get some of those little velcro tabs that wrap around the cord but are easy to remove when needed. I don't bother with it, but I think it would work for what you are suggesting. It sounds like you sew, so you could easily make something like that using velcro strips. Maybe even attach a little fabric tab that you write on with a fabric marker or Sharpie (i.e., iPhone cord).

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I like that Travelon one, Pam. If you have a Sierra Trading Post near you, they also get Travelon stuff (they are like a TJ Maxx for outdoor gear).

I pack my phone (USB-C), iPad Mini (USB-C), Airfly bluetooth adapter (USB-C) and my bluetooth earbuds (mini USB). In my little tech case, I pack the Airfly, the earbuds, 1-2 cords, power bank, and usually a 2-USB flat wall plug with folding prongs. What I really want is a universal adapter that is flat and has folding prongs, that's the thing that is messing up my tech packing lol. The closest I've found is this one.

I also grab the wired earbuds they offer on the plane, for "just in case" (that being when I forget to charge the bluetooth ones, duh).

It helps to try to consolidate if you can and there are lots of clever gadgets out there these days! I did find a three-headed cord that handles USB-C, lightning and mini USB and that has been working great, if a little slow with more than one thing plugged in. I also pack a [smaller power bank][3]

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@Jean - do know me! And no, at the risk of outing myself as slightly OCD, a round bin is not going to work for my brain, lol. And I agree with Pastelholic....too much of a jumble in there even as Mardee suggests with velcro straps. I want everything laid out so I can see at a glance if I'm missing anything.

@the (not-so)Ordinary Sierra TP here. Closest one is in Boise which is an 8 hour drive. There is (or was?) one in Cody WY so maybe this June when I'm in Yellowstone I'll nip out there for a day for the museum and stop at Sierra while I'm there.

Oh yeah, and I forgot plug adapters. On my trip last Spring I used the multi-function plug I think Frank II had posted about. It's kind of a "transformer" type plug with different ways to slide it together to accommodate different plugs from UK to Europe and other areas.

Good and interesting topic! Thank for starting it!

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If you have a Sierra Trading Post near you, they also get Travelon stuff (they are like a TJ Maxx for outdoor gear).

I love Sierra Trading Post and shop at the one in Minneapolis every time I got down there, but you don't have to be near one to buy their stuff. In fact, I bought some wonderful Travelon pouches online about a year ago, and also a few Baggallini bags on clearance. Their travel stuff changes all the time but they have lots of it and you can really find some deals.

They have a good search engine, too, so you can search specifically for certain things including the Travelon pouches mentioned. These are the ones I bought (I use them for toiletries) and they are on clearance right now for $6 for all 3.

But they have lots of other pouches, including the ones like Pam mentioned.

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I always travel with the Civita backpack. The newest version I own has zippered pockets on the side which I believe are designed to carry water. (These pockets were mesh with drawstrings on my old version.) I put my two chargers (for my phone and Kindle) in one, and my adapter plugs in the other. My phone goes in my purse, and my Kindle goes in the front pocket of the backpack. That’s all the electronics I bring.

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There's a distinction missing here, I think...

I actually have two containers for tech gear (well, two primary containers, sometimes more):

  • One small container that's always with me (on flights, in my day pack when I'm out and about during the day, etc.), and...
  • One bigger container for my home base (hotel or B&B) with stuff I don't necessarily need all the time

The "always-on-me" bag has a compact electrical outlet adapter plug, a small power-supply (wall-wart), charging cables for my always-with-me stuff, maybe a small powerbank, a tiny flashlight, a couple of other minimal personal items.

The "back at home base" bag has everything else: more cables, combination extension-cord/mini-power-strip, extra batteries, various camera/photo accessories, etc., etc. All the tech gear goes in this bag (and I have a lot of gear) so it's too big/heavy to schlepp around all the time (and not needed).

Depending on the trip destination, I may have additional technology-specific bags for some specialty gear (SCUBA diving stuff, drone and related gear, a variety of camera stuff). These items are very dependent on the destination.

Worth noting: Some of this stuff must be (or really should be) in one's carry-on bag (all expensive and/or fragile things, anything with a lithium battery), and that can cause a pause or minor delay at the scanner while all the security staff whistle and point at your stuff on the screen (and then maybe want to hand-inspect it).

Sometimes my bag makes it look like I could be on my way to a terrorism trade show...

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As with many things, I go old school. I use an amenity kit (like Joe) from a previous BC flight. It holds all my cords and chargers, adaptors, and my NC ear buds. Anything with a cord gets coiled up and secured with a good old fashioned rubber band. Phone is in my purse. The kit, tablet and (gasp) camera are in the 2 zippered outside pockets of my carryon duffle when not in use.

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So many ways to do things, all work. Sometimes you read a post and think “yes, THAT” , or “hmm, not me.”

Since I want to make a bag, David brings up a good point: yes, there is more than one bag. The tech I need on the plane or that’s always with me, and is generally not stored in the main tech bag which lives in the main carry-on bag. Are you with me so far?

For my day bag or purse or pocket, it’s a quart ziploc for the power bank and a snack bag for wired earbuds. Those could fit in pockets within the day bag or purse. OR, if desired, put into the main tech bag that I’m making.

So the bag I’m making is the main tech bag. From your VERY helpful comments so far, here are the features I’d like:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Opens flat
  3. Easy open and close and access
  4. Could fit into gallon ziploc for water resistance.
  5. When closed, not bulky.
  6. Must fit well into main bag
  7. Has visible slots with elastic for stuffing cords
  8. One side has elastic cord, other side maybe a mesh pouch
  9. Everything should be visible without opening pouches
  10. Bright colored outside, light colored inside

🙏🙏Thank you all for your thoughtful ideas, your humor and your participation. It all helps and is so fun for someone like me who enjoys tweaking the packing options.

I’m no gifted sewing expert, Pam, 😁but I have made my own cases in the past, usually when the price for what I want is too high or the options aren’t there….

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Just think through the "must or should be in carry-on" aspect. A bag designed for expensive/fragile/tempting-to-thieves/prohibited-in-the-luggage-hold stuff may need to be different from one that gets chucked into a larger bag and (gasp!) checked. A lot depends on what stuff you bring.

And of course, don't forget that sometimes one may be forced to check a bag that you had planned to carry on (and when that happens, protesting and pointing to your prohibited large Lithium batteries in that bag won't help, been there..."take them out and put them in your pockets...yes, all eight of them..."). D'oh!!!

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Hey David,
Yes—for those who check luggage there are special considerations that won’t affect me since I do carry-on only. It’s right to mention-thanks!

We are supposed to have dedicated space in the overhead for our flights, we paid big bucks for the upgraded Delta option. So our backpacks will go above our seats…🤞

My main bag is a small backpack and would meet flight restrictions in Europe, but we will be train and bus traveling once we get to Amsterdam.

My goal is to use overhead storage whenever possible. When we are on the Rick Steves BOE tour and Best of Scotland tours, we will use day bags on the bus and keep our main bags in the lower storage area until we get to the day’s hotel.

The main “tech” bag would reside in the main backpack. While touring, that would be below, in storage.

The day bag, which is my self-stuffing nylon shoulder bag or the Rick Steves Veloce bag will accommodate the smaller tech items that must be with me during the day. I’ll have several extra quart size ziploc bags in case I need them for unexpected things. Like delicious sandwiches😋 or the odd tech thing I need that day.

The personal item bag will have space for the power banks, which I assume you are referring to? So those could be in my purse for the flight. But if they are in the main backpack, I can remove them.

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Your Wish List made me think of a roll up or those snap open tri-fold type jewelry pouch/bag that I’ve seen on Amazon or TJ Maxx type stores. They usually have a combo of clear zip storage spots, and straps held with snaps to secure something.

Hopefully that doesn’t just make your Wish List even longer…. a tech bag that also holds necklaces - LOL!

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😄Jean, funny! I don’t bring jewelry. One nice thing about packing light is having less stuff to worry about.

But I have seen the type of jewelry case you mentioned. Usually the little pockets have good closures so the jewelry won’t fall out.

I’m mulling having a big zipper that goes all the way around, so if things wiggle out of the elastics, they will stay contained.

Happy New Year!

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Consider expanding your search to first-aid bags as well as tech bags.
Amazon has this fold-up first-aid bag that is similar to the pattern you are considering. Already has the zippers and it's RED.


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Khansen- Brilliant!! And the one you linked to is very reasonably priced. I like the different options of the pockets, but—-

I got inspired the other day and made my tech case, adapted a free online pattern. It rolls/folds up. No handle or zippered pockets. I figured, zippers can jam.
I am not sure how to post my own picture, maybe I can’t. But the case is very lightweight, fits all my tech accessories and goes inside a quart size ziploc bag for water resistance. It was fun to make. And it’s red cotton on the outside for visibility, light lavender translucent cotton on the inside, with Pellon fusible fleece for a bit of structure and minimal padding. There are mesh pockets running the length, to about halfway across. On the other side, near the middle, running the length of the case is 1/2” elastic, divided up by sewing between pockets. Makes it easy to secure items and yet everything is visible, nothing falls out when I unroll it. No zipper, no fastener. Will test it on a domestic trip.

Thanks for all your input!

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Pastel holic congrats on stitching yr own.

K hansen, on the 3rd option on yr amazon link, even tho its listed as a first aid kit, when uou click on the photos it shows just a phone and accessories inside. So, great minds think alike!!@

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While not at all fancy, I've been really, really loving using this bag for my cords/adaptor/dongle things: It's very helpful to have them all in one place. I really like this bag because it's "slippery" so it slides in and out of either my backpack or my carryone easily. And it stays flat-ish, which also helps for packing.

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The fabrics for the bags in your link are very clever. Zipper cases are so useful and versatile.

I considered that it usually takes me using two hands to open a zipper case. It’s possible with the one I made to use one hand to unroll and remove something, though I would use two hand to put back items I removed.

Some of the zippers stick or get fussy over time. But with the price of the ones in your link, you can just get more when you need them.

I’m on a kick to make stuff. The next project is a travel tray that folds flat to pack, but will be secured at the corners with magnets or snaps or Velcro. it will look similar to this one but with fabric, not faux leather/leather(too weighty). I have the materials and scrap fabric. And, fortunately, time!

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Two things I use:

  1. Plastic circular containers with tops that squeeze off (hard to describe). The smallest ones make great pill containers but the larger ones are perfect for wrapping a power cord in. Check out GoTubbs on

  2. Zipper coin and bill purses I found at a 100 Yen store (Japan's version of a "Dollar store"). These will hold cords and the charger block, too.

I try to pack each item separately. Taking up slightly more space is worth it to keep things from getting tangled.

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I have used:

  • A Ziploc.
  • A smallish Eagle Creek packing cube.
  • A Tom Bihn Travel Tray.
  • A Tom Bihn Snake Charmer.
  • A Tom Bihn Deluxe Spiff kit
  • The bottom pocket of my travel backpack.

All were fine. None were perfect.

I concluded that this was primarily because the laptop power supplies (usually two, because two laptops) were so bulky that they made every choice crowded.

So I think my plan is to put those in the bottom pocket of the backpack and put everything else in something else.

For the something else, the Spiff Kit might be best, but I've returned it to duty as a toiletries kit and I'm just not willing to buy another one.

The Snake Charmer seems logical, and this is exactly what it's for, but for some reason I just don't like it--it's in an annoying middle ground where the mesh sides are translucent enough to feel cluttered but not clear enough to actually allow me to see clearly.

I love the Travel Tray and use it on every trip, but I don't like to have all my electronic bits in it all the time--its role is to accept things that I don't want to leave behind.

I'm thinking of upgrading the original Ziploc concept by trying a Stasher "stand-up mid bag" in white. It has some structure, and it's translucent enough to see everything in it.

We'll see.

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Paul and Poultry,
Thanks for your input. I appreciate the detailed info.

I have two Tom Bihn Travel trays, small and large, but I wouldn’t use them for tech cords and stuff, they would tangle. The circular shape and bulky fabric of the travel tray is a bit awkward in my minimal carry-on backpack, so I have ended up packing it flat (empty) and use it only as a nightstand receptacle for eyeglasses, eye drops and such. I keep a list inside it of things I need to take with me when I leave the hotel room (I’ve left stuff hanging on the back of the bathroom door and nearly forgot it). But I’m making a replacement out of fabric. It will pack flat.

I will try out the new tech case I made. It rolls/folds and fits into a ziploc, but every cord and charging block is under elastic and/or mesh pocket.

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@Poultry - I'd love you to come back if you try the Stasher stand up bag for your cords, etc. They look good plus...aqua!!!

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Hi from Vermont!

I'll add just one more Tom Bihn suggestion that works for me and meets most, if not all, of your list of requirements.

I use the Handy Little Thing (size 1) for my tech items:

Unfortunately, they are out of stock right now and only the black color is displayed, but they restock fairly often and usually in bright colors (mine is bright yellow). You could message their customer service to ask when it might be back in stock if you were interested. It is quite expensive IMO, but works well for this and will last forever; I've had mine for years.

In my HLT, I carry:
-- a travel-sized extension cord with USB ports ( (in the interior mesh zip pocket on one side)
-- a power bank (in the outer zip pocket)
-- wireless ear buds (outer zip pocket with the power bank)
-- wired ear buds (interior small zip pouch #1)
-- 2 euro plug adapters (interior small zip pouch #2)
-- cords to charge iPhone, ear buds, power bank (stored in the elastic holders)

This is all the tech stuff I need for the trip. I don't need to carry it around all day; for that, I just carry the power bank and charger cord in a small pouch (Tom Bihn Ghost Whale Pouch) and the ear buds if I will need them. The rest stays in the hotel/apartment.

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This tech organizer was recommended to me a year ago on the forum. I bought 2, one for each college aged granddaughter. They both love them and I saw them being used when they were here this winter on their college breaks. They had previously been a Throw Everything In A Clear Bag user. Their tech organizers, a year later, looked orderly. They come in various colors.

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Mona, I actually have that CalPak tech organizer. I used it on one trip and haven't used it since. Of course, that's me, but with everything in there, it took up a lot of room and was sort of heavy. I was very sad about it, because I love CalPak stuff and I thought it was a very nice-looking bag. I just did not work for me. I'm glad your granddaughters like it, though. I do love the look of the bag but it just didn't suit my purposes.

But it did make me realize that I'd rather put my tech stuff in a couple of places. I have the ones I need onboard in a small container in my personal bag (I use the Tom Bihn travel tray) and the rest in another pouch or container in my carry on.

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Poultry- you got me thinking. Though I don’t want a case that only stands up and won’t go completely flat, there are times when you might want that. Like, if you have just a small space to put down your case. So I’m thinking of how to achieve that with a connector on either end. It’s a design thing. If I come up with a good idea I will make it, if I can.

Hey DebVT, thank you for your detailed post about what you carry and how you do that. Very helpful!
I’m with you, Poultry and Mardee-definitely a Tom Bihn fan. Even though the prices are steep, I looked at the link anyway, because, Tom Bihn! 😉

My quibble is the weight and bulk, same problem as the travel tray.

But I really like the idea of a tiny crossbody bag to carry just the iPhone 15 pro max and a power bank and maybe my sunglasses on a museum day when I can’t tote my water bottle around. I wouldn’t want a phone tether. The phone is in an Otterbox case and wouldn’t fit into those chic Bandolier phone cases on a string.

Mostly, I like to tuck my phone in a coat or pants pocket. But in warm weather, I need an option, so I noticed this and it got me thinking….Now I am planning to make a small lined cross body bag. It will be fun to design and I can always buy one later if I don’t like my work.

Mona-the Calpak item looks useful, very similar to ones I saw on Amazon. I’m sure many people would love the features. However— I noticed in the video that the model/demonstrator had to pick up an item that slid right out of its elastic spot and she had to tuck it back in. That is a design flaw in my mind. To solve that, I sewed a mesh pocket along one side of my case so the items are contained and can’t slide out. The fact that items can slide out would vex me. Of course, they could still pop out the other side, but the mesh helps secure it, and the whole thing will be in a ziploc when I’m not using it.

Another consideration is dust/moisture/unknown gook getting on the cords as they sit in the case. Even with a full zip, a drawstring closure or other closure, the cords within will accumulate little bits of detritus. So a bag like travel tray, or stash, will collect dust and whatnot. You can solve that by putting each tech cord them into individual ziploc style snack bags and then tuck them into your stash bag, zipper pouch, day bag or Tom Bihn travel tray. But that’s way too fussy a process for many people. I like the snack bags because I can grab the contained item and tuck it into a pocket or bag and it is visible and protected, at low cost. Tucking a few extra snack bags into my backpack is a must.

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After 30-years of travel and the last decade n'half of electronics becoming a bigger part of my travel...I've stopped searching for that perfect case for all my cords, adapters and chargers. Everything goes into a small Mystery Ranch Zoid bag.

Materials are durable enough to handle getting stuffed, and there's enough space for all of my e-kit.

For years I would be get hung-up on making sure there was enough zip-pockets, elastic loops, the right sleeves and the correct color...I stopped. Cords get rolled-up, rubber bands are inexpensive, 1-2 chargers, necessary adapters and a power bank along with a non-branded tiny zip pouch for any cards...I'm good.