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Packing rule number one

Hubby and I are four weeks into a five week trip and I am realizing I broke my number one packing rule:
Pack “stretchy” clothes🤣. I have eaten way too much pasta and desserts. Consumed far too much wine. I do believe the dryer shrank my clothes. I’ll be doing good if I have anything I can get zipped for the flight home.

Oh but such a great time!

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Sue, yes you have identified the problem -- European dryers run hotter than the ones you use at home, so your clothes shrank!

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Lay on the bed to zip your pants. It’s like having a size bigger—until they cut into your hips and waist when you move.

My leggings stretch after they shrink in the closet. Thank goodness. I don’t want “fat girl” and “skinny girl” sizes in my closet and definitely not in my suitcase. Been there, done that. But all that good food and wine is impossible to pass up.
Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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Allllways take some kind of pants without zippers. That should be Rule Number 1!

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Then there’s the “rule” to leave enough room in the suitcase for bringing home biscotti, unusual pasta shapes, olive oil, etc. That space could be used to stow clothes that would’ve been worn on the plane home, but replaced by new clothes bought over there?

Is there a dryer every place you stayed, doing laundry frequently? Maybe Celsius dryers run hotter than Fahrenheit dryers? 😉

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No, no, that's all wrong. Let me tell you the secret. There are these little animals called "calories". Scientific studies have been done to explore their behavior. They are nocturnal and live in closets where they spend their nights sewing clothes more tight. 🤣.

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Great excuse to go shopping for souvenir clothes. Keep enjoying yourself. You're on vacation.

How about a loose, long t-shirt type dress. Something like a “moo-moo” (apologize for the spelling).
Nice water and veggies for the last week. Add some flax flakes cereal for breakfast. Do a lot of stairs.

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While I agree with packing comfortable, lightweight clothing, I disagree with the root cause. I firmly believe Italian calories have no effect on weight gain, tested it all of September, wonderful 2-3 course meals every night, thoroughly researched the source of the best Pistachio Gelato in Italy, lots of wine, a moderate amount of Italian beer...and...after all that, a modest 2 lb gain, within my normal fluctuation, probably all muscle or water gain. So it can not possibly be eating that contributes to clothes not fitting.

Of course my wife, ahem...had different results, but her new wrap skirts, worked wonderfully. We consider her experience simply an anomaly in the data.

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Great replies.

Paul: can’t say on here what I would like to say about your two pounds🤣. Sounds just like my hubby when we get home. “Gosh, I only gained two pounds”. I do agree about drinking lots of water this last week. I can definitely tell I haven’t been drinking enough, water that is.

All worth it. We’ve had a wonderful time and sad to see it coming to an end. Just so very thankful we were able to make the trip.