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Packing Repot: 3 Week Mediterranean Trip 10/5-10/25

I’ll try to make this short, LOL. I benefited so much from reading the posts on this thread, thought I should share my own experiences.

We four 70+ travelers, 2 couples, spent 3 nights in Lisbon, 2 weeks on a small luxury cruise ship and 3 nights in Rome. The weather ranged from 70-80 degrees and late in the trip, we had a few rain showers. I checked my older Travelpro carryon, and managed to get everything in without expanding it until returning with a more stuff. My personal item was a Sherpani Soleil tote/backpack.

Positives/Glad I Brought:
Coordinated black, white and grey basics
Lightweight Eddie Bauer hooded rain jacket instead of an umbrella
Lightweight Eddie Bauer Stratify pants with zippered pockets
Zella yoga pants and cashmere cardigan for plane; ended up wearing more than I expected
Compression socks for plane
Coolibar SPF 50 cotton long sleeve wrap
Inexpensive H&M cream blazer for dinners on the ship
Eileen Fisher black waxed cotton moto jacket-very versatile for day and night
2 dresses, 1 midi, 1 maxi
20-year-old black leather Mephisto sandals instead of sneakers for hot days
Flip flops, swimsuit and caftan coverup for pool area
Eddie Bauer crossbody bag for excursions
2-bra laundry bag and bag for dirty laundry
Detangler brush for shower
Chi travel flatiron
Small plastic water bottle; glad I left nice larger, insulated bottles at home

Negatives/Wish I Didn’t Bring:
Sunscreen that left white marks on black clothing
A few cosmetics I never used
Stashbandz belt for security; I ended up wearing my RS money belt instead
Short sleeveless dress only worn once

Wish I’d brought:
Lightweight hooded yoga-type jacket with zippered pockets
More garments with pockets

PS. I’m still 50-50 on the Sherpani Soleil bag. As others have pointed out, it’s a bit heavy, and doesn’t carry as much stuff as some duffels or totes, but it has a ton of security features and I was able to get everything I needed into it for the plane. I’m also disappointed it’s kind of difficult to get the sleeve on the back to slide easily onto the handle of my carryon bag.

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Yes, zippered pockets are the best. I recently bought a new rain jacket and did not buy the top-rated Patagonia because there was no zippered pocket for my phone. I bought one from REI instead.

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Looks like you did really well! I love the Coolibar stuff especially if you can pick it up on sale. Their colors are lush. I have one of the hooded jackets in aqua that I just love!

Yuck to the sunscreen marks. If I don't have on long sleeves, I've switched to sunsleeves for my outdoor time at home. Of course they would not go with dresses but do go with my tee shirts, lol.

And....editing to add just after I posted this I got an email from Coolibar with a 1/2 price sale, hahaha! They can't possibly be tracking my posts on the RS forum can they??

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Thanks for posting your packing report! I also enjoy seeing what others bring, plus the things you learned during the trip. It looks like your negatives were pretty minimal - great planning!

I have the similar Sherpani Camden tote. I bought it last year because I switched my roller suitcase for the Cotapaxi backpack, so I couldn’t bring my small LLBean daypack as my personal item. I knew I wouldn’t need the backpack straps on the Sherpani, so I carefully cut them off. Not sure if that would help you like yours more, also. I carried it crossbody in crowds and just with the tote handles otherwise. It was a great bag at my feet in the plane and on the Rick Steves tour bus.

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Thanks so much for sharing your packing report! Always helpful! Just out of curiousity (because I'm always looking for bags), which Eddie Bauer crossbody bag did you bring?

And....editing to add just after I posted this I got an email from Coolibar with a 1/2 price sale, hahaha! They can't possibly be tracking my posts on the RS forum can they??

Pam, I swear that I only have to speak the words of something I'm interested in and all of a sudden it appears on all my feeds! Seriously, I think Big Brother has a microphone hidden in my house. 🫣

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"Seriously, I think Big Brother has a microphone hidden in my house."

And much to the grandkids/great nephews dismay we don't even have Alexa...and no the blue light on the router does not work the same way no matter how much you ask Alexa to find you Paw Patrol!

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Thank you for the report, and especially for mentioning the brands of several items. I’m a terrible shopper so these give me ideas of brands to consider. It’s great that you have a wide range of clothing - from H&M to Eileen Fisher.

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Thanks Wanderer,
As a person retired from working, my go-to clothing options tend to be Eddie Bauer Outlet and JJill. The Eileen Fisher clothes I have were purchased over several years. I don’t usually spend that much on individual items. However, I’ve noticed that my EF clothes are so basic and trendless that they never seem to go out of style. The pieces I brought on this trip, except the moto jacket, don’t need much, if any, ironing. I brought a pair of elastic waist ponte pants, sleeveless silk tunic, and scoop neck drawstring midi dress, all black.