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Packing report: 8 days in Budapest

Just in case this is of interest. My husband and I were in Budapest from March 31 to April 8. Originally this was to be a solo trip for me with a carry-on and handbag. With the addition of my husband (with some specific packing needs) and a fancy dinner ressie, it turned into a carry-on for each, a string bag for him, handbag for me, and a carry-on sized checked bag. To protect his privacy, I'm only reporting for myself.

What threw a kink into the plan, the weather was unseasonably warm and 1 day before we left, the apt. owner told us the washer was broken. Pivot!


  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • Fuel rod
  • Adaptor
  • 1 charger
  • Paperwork folder (slim manila file)
  • Small packing cube with measuring tape, luggage scale, playing cards, pass the pigs (fun game) and pen
  • Snacks
  • tiny crossbody purse

Carry-on 7.8 kg

Small packing cube:

  • 2 short sleeve t-shirts (added at last minute)
  • bathing suit
  • shirt, skirt, tights for fancy dinner (added at last minute)

Small packing cube:

  • 6 prs unders
  • 1 bra
  • 6 prs socks

Small packing cube:

  • 3 32 degree l/s base layers
  • 2 1/4 zip l/s shirts

Medium packing cube:

  • 4 prs leggings
  • Jammie pants

Other carry-on items:
3-1-1 bag, make up, my "pharmacy" in a ziploc, puffy vest

My items in the checked bag:

  • Shoes for fancy dinner
  • Flip flops
  • Scarf
  • Pashmina

Wore on the plane

  • Leggings
  • Compression socks
  • Keen hiking boots (great support, walked everywhere with no pain)
  • Sport bra
  • Base layer l/s
  • Flannel
  • carried my raincoat


  • Dinner was at a Michelin starred restaurant, so I needed a nice outfit. If the trip was solo, I wouldn't have needed the outfit or extra shoes.
  • Didn't need the scarf or pashmina due to unseasonably warm weather
  • Sadly, did not use the bathing suit or flipflops because we didn't get to the baths due to some GI complications
  • I could have worn the puffy vest on the plane and skipped the flannel shirt
  • Since our weather and Budapest weather are similar this time of year, we packed for it and were a little surprised.
  • Overall, I think I could have left a pair of leggings and a l/s base layer at home
  • Glad I had the raincoat - we had some showers

Silver lining to having a checked bag for hubby
We were able to easily bring back souvenirs for the kids and my mom!

Time to look for a new carry-on though - the top handle on mine has almost completely worn through the leather straps holding it on! I salute you, ugly burnt-orange, cheap bag!

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Hahaah!!! Waving goodbye to a faithful bag, lol!! What are you going to get for your next bag? Or have you not figured that out yet. LOTS of ideas on various threads.

Thanks for sharing your packing list! Did you use the luggage scale?

Traveling in a time of seasons changing is difficult. It could have just as easily turned cold and you'd have needed the flannel and the puffy vest.

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Thanks for the report. And hope you had a good week despite GI issues!

Yeah, Pam is right. I was there about a week before you and the weather was gorgeous - hated to leave. But last year at the same time, I had a couple of bitter cold days with a day of rain. It’s a guessing game!

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Pass the Pigs! That’s a great idea for a tiny, lightweight game!

Thanks for sharing your packing list!

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@ Pam

I'm struggling with what I want in my new bag. Old orange is a 2 wheeler that fits the Lufthansa sizer if I don't pack it real full and is light enough that I can stay under 8 kg (oh YES, I use the luggage scale - always) I love my ebags Motherlode backpack, but it's awkward to put on when I'm wearing a coat heavier than a light puffer. I feel claustrophobic and constrained. I have a new cheap hardside 4 wheel roller that we checked - it barely fit the sizer, but is 5.5 lbs empty and it doesn't fit as much stuff. So, I'm still searching for that unicorn - the perfect roller carry-on

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@ Jean

Pass the pigs is such a fun, silly game. We often take it to play when we hit a taproom if we're not playing shuffleboard or pool.

In another aside, we are currently building our retirement home in Bonners Ferry, ID. We head over when school gets out and come back to the west side in late August. My husband graduated from the high school there. Another 3 years before we can make it permanent.

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That’s great! I hope you can join us for one of our local Coeur d’Alene/Spokane travel group meetings when you’re in the area! We meet at Woops Bakery on 4th Street the first Saturday of each month at 10am.

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"Posted by Mr É (economy, confused)

What did you find that you did not need while in Budapest?

By the way, hope you enjoyed the stay."

Didn't need the pashmina, scarf, flannel shirt that I wore on the plane and back home, and I could have done without 1 of my pairs of leggings and 1 base layer l/s. Dave wore virtually all of his gear.

It was a pleasure to meet you, James!

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Thanks for all of your reports. I've been reading along and found them to be very helpful. I booked my flight to Budapest and will be there for 6 nights in November, 2024. I'll certainly rely upon and incorporate into my trip some of what you've written.

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@ Jean

I look forward to joining the group in a couple of years!

@ MrE

We are looking at possibly next year, but not sure where, then my oldest wants to go to Albania in 2026.

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@ John Adams

So glad I can help. The people on the RS forums are so awesome and helpful that it makes me want to do the same.