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Packing lists

For years, I've used a packing list from Judith Gilford's The Packing Book. For my trip to London, I created one online using a web site. Now I've discovered holes in it, and would like to combine the two.

Any advice on how to combine these two easily, without having to start all over from scratch? Or, maybe that's the best way to do it.

Does anyone have a form they like? I'm not opposed to apps, but I'm much more of a print-out-and-check-off gal.

Thanks so much!

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I make my packing lists in Google Drive. That way whenever I think of something I can pull it up on my phone, computer, whatever. Then whenever I have a trip coming up, I save a new copy of the list and make any adjustments based on destination, weather, special occasions, etc.

I don't usually print a copy but I'll highlight things that still need to be packed with one color, if I need to buy some things, highlight that another color, etc.

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I'm a list nerd and I find for packing, a simple Word doc or Google Doc does the trick.

I keep different categories in the list for weather, seasons, activities, length of trip and separate clothes lists for each family member.

When we have a trip to pack for, I copy and paste the applicable sections (an à la carte packing list, if you will) and print it off. It's definitely nice to have a physical sheet of what you need to pack and easy to go back and make notes on the master list of what worked and what didn't work.

I do the same for the departure day to-do list (toss milk that will expire, triple check the stove is off, quadruple check we've got all our passports... silly stuff that just feels better if it's been checked off a list).

If you want a simple check list app, Google Keep is handy. You can share lists and sync between different users and devices. We use it for shopping lists and it's really easy to use.

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Ya, copy both lists to a word doc or any word processing doc. Then delete duplicates. Or am I missing something here?

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You're not missing anything, Frank. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment and need an infusion of common sense!

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I just pack what I need the day before I leave.

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I have my packing list in Excel. I have my standard list that I'll print and check off as I pack - very easy because it's always just a slight modification depending on the weather & formal/informal locations.

When I'm planning specifics (I like to over-analyze), I add columns to the list of clothes, so I can see if I want to wear a dress two days in a row, i.e. pack more than 1 dress. I can review what I want to wear each day and see quickly what I wouldn't wear enough to bring and what I might need to add.

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Don't use someone else's packing list. They don't travel like you. Make your own.

Start with the last packing list you last used. What on it didn't you use? Take it off. What did you really need and not have? Add it. I use a text editor like Word, but almost any software will work.. If you use a spreadsheet like Excel, you can weigh each item individually and add it all up.

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I love the Packing Pro app. You can make multiple lists, ie. Europe trip, camping trip, cruise etc. you can start with their recommendations ( they thought of planning tips I forgot about) and fine tune to your needs. Best part... You can print it and check off the boxes as you pack. I'm a paper person too!

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For this trip i used One-Note on my phone and put in check boxes, then checked the box when item packed or to-do item done. Very visual.
But I have used an Excel spreadsheet for my annual family camp packing for years (so long that the original list was in Lotus 1-2-3)