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Packing List for 10 day Alaskan Cruise

Heading out next week for 10 day Alaskan cruise. Temps will be in the mid to upper 50s with some rain every day. We'll be hiking when in port. Most Alaska cruise packing lists are way too much to fit in a carry on, so I thought I would get some advice here.
My list so far:

3 pairs nylon water resistant pants

1 pr comfy joggers

1 pr leggings - can be worn alone or under the hiking pants

3 knit hoodies

1 fleece

1 sweatshirt

2 baselayer tees

1 down vest

1 rain jacket

6 pairs undies and socks

2 sport bras

Shorts and tank to sleep in

Hat and gloves

Waterproof hiking shoes + one other pair that can get wet

A minimum of toiletries




There is a self-service laundry room on board the ship so planning on doing laundry once during the cruise.


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I’d drop at least one hoodie and either the down vest or the sweatshirt. Is this list what you are actually packing or does it include what you will wear to board ship? For example wear the hiking boots., one of the jackets etc. What about clothes for the evening? I have cruised with a carry-on only but only in hot climates so you may need to go up a size in your suitcase.

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This is a trip report from my Alaskan Cruise last summer.

As you may read, our weather was quite nice. I also cruised Alaska in 2019 and the weather was MUCH colder. I free things that really worked for me….
1. “Magic” gloves. Not sure what you call them, but the cheap gloves sold every winter at Target and Walmart for a buck ir two.
2. A gaiter. I used this almost every day on our outside excursions. This gaiter isn’t the stiffer kind made out of the stiffer, water resistant fabric but a soft Cotten. When my neck was warm, I was warm.
3. Pashmina. I know people say to wear wool caps, but I found wearing a gaiter and then wrapping a pashmina around my head and across my shoulders kept me very warm.
4. Tights. Not the tights that are worn as leggings but the old fashioned tights that are more like what we used to call nylons (does anyone still wear them?). They are a good underlayer and take up so much less room than legging style tights.
5. Underlayer top. My advice here is figure out what layer you are comfortable with. Some people like tees, some camisoles. Some undershirts……it can really vary. I brought undershirts my first cruise and discovered I didn’t like wearing them. I have learned I like a performance wear very light tee.

Have a wonderful vacation.

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Are you planning on skipping the formal nights? You may want to put in a top that looks a little dressier that would be your nod to formal night. Alaska cruises are very relaxed in terms of dress codes, but it is something to consider.

Why so many nylon pants? Perhaps a little variety? A fleece or a sweatshirt. Not both.

Insect repellent towelettes
Highlighter (for marking daily listings of activity)
Reusable water bottle

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I'll be wearing the joggers and sweatshirt on the flight. We don't do formal nights, or even eat in the dining room that often. I did a trial pack today and was able to get everything into my 20 x 14 x 9 carryon including my Osprey daypack. Weight is about 14 lbs. My hubby will carry a few things in his daypack for the flight; in exchange it will go under the seat in front of me so he gets a little more legroom. I am rather vertically challenged so it is a win-win. We are taking binoculars and water bottles, but they are in his bag, not mine:)

Thanks for the reminder about a highlighter - I need to add that to my packing list spreadsheet.

I made a new fleece beanie hat today and made a matching headband/neck gaiter while I was at it. Good suggestion.