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It doesn't mention how much hand luggage he had. I guess he had to check in the beer as it was over 100ml.

The airline does not charge an additional fee for checked baggage.

If it was most Europena airlines, that would have been a very expensive can of beer.

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It was done as a joke, Chris. Flights within that country don't have restrictions on liquids so he could have brought the can in a carry-on, but, "...that wasn't the point."

Some of the news reports are as big a howl as the event itself. To quote a few:

"Documenting the transit on Snapchat, he even bids farewell to his canned companion at the check-in desk. A real tearjerker. Remarkably, the tinny made it all 1691 miles, with Dean and his beloved reunited at Perth airport."

"Dean said that he knew his precious cargo had arrived when he saw a group of people snapping pictures at the baggage claim area. “Sure enough there she was, alone on the carousel, proudly making her way around,” he said of his beloved brew — adding that he had planned to file a lost luggage report had it not turned up."

"As he watched the lonely can zip down the belt and into the great unknown, he was unsure if he would ever see it again — though he was ready and willing to file a lost baggage report for one “boutique fermented wheat and yeast, housed in cylinder of aluminium.” Thats right, aluminium with the extra “i.” It doesn’t get better than this, folks."

"The choice of a beer can for this experiment is not only funny, but poignant; once aircraft reach the end of their service lives and are retired, they're often recycled, with the aluminum sold to manufacturers and repurposed as beer cans. Stinson's high-flying Emu Export may once have been part of a plane itself."

I am in hysterics.

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I'm shocked that item wasn't "lost" during baggage handling! ha!

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So what if he'd been flying on I-beer-ia airlines?

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I'm shocked that item wasn't "lost" during baggage handling!

He was shocked too, Jean!