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Packing for weather differences

Ok, it's just about time to start my packing for real (not on paper or in my mind)! Looking for suggestions or info about potential weather temps to cover the different locations - especially so I can try to keep the packing light!!
Our dates/locations are:
June 12-16: all day/night airport travel on 12; LONDON 13-16 (capris/lightweight shirt with light jacket)?
June 16-19; travel to PARIS - again, capris/lightweight shirts with light jacket)?
June 19-22; travel to Crans-Montana & Zermatt SWITZERLAND - here is where long pants might be needed?? Shirt/jacket combo for day. Do I need a heavier jacket or maybe just a vest??
June 22-25; travel to Seefeld & Innsbruck, AUSTRIA; capris? Long pants?
*day trip to Venice - capris/lightweight shirt (17-hour coach bus travel day to/from Seefeld). I'm guessing Venice will be hotter than Austria??
June 25-27; Rothenburg, GERMANY - back to capris vs long pants here?

My base packing list looks like this so far:
1 pair long black pants (stretchy/comfy but look like slacks so multi-purpose I believe)
1 pair jeans (spandex/Cotten blend so not too heavy)
2 pair Capri pants - one black and nicer; one a denim pair (again cotton blend so lighter)
3 merino wool camis - will likely wear one each day under my shirts
2 nice sleeveless tops to be worn with lightweight 'swing' jacket (no bare arms for me!)
2 three-quarter sleeve tops
2 short sleeve shirts that are silky/poly/synthetic (not cotton) - can be worn alone or with swing jacket
2 'swing' jackets
2 pair black shoes (will work for day/evening- but are not water resistant)
2 pair compression sox for flights/any potential foot swelling

Would the above (minus the under-garments/sleep wear, which of course I will take), potentially cover all the days we travel and the possible temperature variances? I have a rain jacket - but I think it might take up too much room/not be worn enough to justify taking. Except for Switzerland - is that where I need to plan for more warmth? Especially visiting the Matterhorn area? But I have a vest that I could take for extra warmth.

I planning on my merino camis to work their magic of 'warm when cold, cool when hot' and the swing jackets can be taken off if I get too warm and should fit in purse.

Any weather tips for these locations in mid-to-late June would be great, along with any tips on any clothing item I might add - not sure I need to subtract - but who knows!! :)

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That is pretty similar to my list for trips that include hiking in Switzerland and city time in London, Germany, and/or Italy.

However, I add a lightweight rain jacket, one long-sleeve Tee, and a micro fleece zip jacket. I consider these essential for Switzerland, where it can be cool, rainy, and or windy. We hiked in a blizzard one day at Zermatt, in early July. The next day the sun came out and it was gorgeous. Anything isnpossiblenthere, weather-wise, and itis best to be prepared.

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I agree, I would also add a waterproof jacket (not water resistant). I would take a polarfleece vest (100 weight) to layer under the waterproof jacket for cold or windy conditions.

You are going with the kids' choir group, right? Do both your swing jackets go with all the blouses and all the pants?

BTW, I take a waterproof jacket (I might have mentioned before mine is a Marmot Precip) ~everywhere~ when I travel in Europe. I have worn it every trip (June, August, Sept, Oct) and under a variety of conditions!

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Yes, we are the Europe music group ;). I decided against any skirts or dresses - besides being with kids, it seems like every third day we are moving to a new country so I just don't see us dressing up. My color scheme is black, white, grey & coral. Everything can mix and match. The rain jacket I have, however is navy blue with lime green accents - cute but doesn't match my other stuff. But, just to be safe I should probably stuff it in the suitcase.

I saw pictures of one of the music groups in Switzerland last year - maybe early July & it looked freezing!!! That's the one place that seems to require some additional clothes/shoes compared to the other places we will be. But it's one that we are very excited to visit!

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Don't forget you can always purchase something there. That said, I'd still go and buy a basic black Maxi dress or never know when you might just want to be a tiny bit dressier some evening.

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If your rain jacket is waterproof not water resistant then I would take it. It will also work as a wind repellent layer with your jacket and long sleeves under it. I know this will horrify some, but if it is raining, cold and/or windy it is not going to matter if it doesn't go with your color scheme (which sounds beautiful by the way!).

Do you have some light gloves/glove liners? If so, they are light so you might stuff them in a jacket pocket.

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Ah, yes, gloves!! I forgot that on one of my many lists (maybe a mental list) I was thinking I need to throw in a small pair of gloves. I think we all have those super small, soft pairs we can stick in a pocket. Thanks for the reminder on that item!!

I'm debating on the skirt issue. I have a black knee length skirt that would be easy to take or I have a cute grey dress that is cotton spaghetti straps (would wear a black swing jacket with it) and has a chiffon bottom - a little below the knees. Both would be dressy options - just not sure I'd really wear them. It sounds like we may pack up for a day of sightseeing and then go right into our evenings. We will see a play in London but my black pants would look nice for that evening.

I am also trying to remember we don't always have to stay with the kids group (except when we move countries lol!) and hope to maybe sneak in a nice dinner with just me and the husband. Maybe on Father's Day. We will be in Crans-Montana that day I believe.

This weather dilemma reminds me of when I was in St. Martin/Marteen on a cruise in January. It was our first stop and I wore Capri pants and was convinced I'd be cold. It was a beautiful day and the beaches were full of people swimming, soaking up the sun, etc. Hard to imagine since I had just left cold and snow behind. It sounds like the reverse will be true in Switzerland!!

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OK, so RS says that he personally "just wings it" in Southern Europe without a rain jacket in the summer. We just returned from the RS Village Italy tour. The forecast was 25% chance of rain and it was cloudy. The tour group was walking 5 minutes from the hotel to the bus when the sky opened a fire hose. Anyone without an umbrella or a waterPROOF jacket was soaked to the skin in about 60 seconds. Thankfully I was wearing a waterproof jacket with hood, so my head and torso remained dry. My legs dried within an hour or 2 because I was wearing quick dry underwear and "trail" pants. My shoes were soaked inside as well as outside because of the volume of water running down my legs. Lesson learned - I will never travel without my waterproof jacket to anyplace it might rain. And I'm thinking about light, thin rain pants........they're overkill until they're not. Trade off walking around all day in squishy sox and shoes. BTW for those visiting big locations e.g. Venice, Florence, etc, we noted that at the tiniest hint of rain, the street vendors dropped the selfie sticks and began scurrying around with cheap umbrellas to sell.

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I agree with the others:
Bring a waterproof jacket. It should be thin and unlined so you can pack it easily
Bring a long sleeve shirt
Bring a light weight sweater or vest for the mountains.

I would replace your denim capris with a black skirt. You can roll your spandex/cotton jeans up into capris as needed. If you want to avoid skirts then a palazzo style pant is very nice for dressy occasions.

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I always take a couple of long-sleeved silk undershirts. The ones I have are from Terramar and easily found online. They take no room in my suitcase, wash out in the sink, dry overnight, and can add a great deal of warmth. I used to travel to/from London quite a bit and in any season, it could be cool (or cold) one minute and warm(er) later in the day. The silk shirts saved me as base layers.

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I agree about the water proof jacket, we just returned from Italy and last week it rained so hard in Florence even with an umbrella all four of us had to go back to the hotel and change. This is the first time I have not brought one because of the humidity I thought it would be too warm. Check out Travex by Eddie Bauer, my husband and the other couple all had those jackets and they stayed better than I did. They are almost water proof but not too hot. Only their pants got soaked.

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We have had so much rain here the past few weeks, it's just been incredible. When I bought the black pants, I did roll them up to see if they would work as capri's and they did. However, I wore them the other day when it was mid 70's and humid - I think they might feel hot, which is why I was thinking of them for travel days and Switzerland.

My husband has a nice waterproof jacket; the band kids have a jacket that we bought as part of their uniform. So I need to decide on my navy one or buy something new. If all else fails I will take what I have. But I don't think many of us are taking waterproof shoes - so we may be wet and squishy if the skies open. That doesn't sound fun.

I had to LOL at the description of the street vendors putting the selfie sticks away for the umbrellas! What entrepreneurs!! ;)

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2 pair compression sox for flights...
A minor suggestion. One pair not two pairs. Wash and dry between your overseas flights.

I should add that your planned activities will/should drive clothing and footwear selection. I.e. glacier hiking Zermatt vs strolling through the town.

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We were in Switzerland last Sept and had a cold, rainy forecast. I quickly bought a lightweight Columbia raincoat from Amazon, packed my thin thermal top, and bought a pair of grocery store tights. The coat, tights & thermal top were perfect to keep me warm, layered with my long pants and a top, so we were ready for any weather. And, the tights & thermal top took no room in the suitcase.

Enjoy your trip!

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Four pairs of pants is more than I bring; I'd be more likely to go with three bottoms total, whether or not one is the skirt. You certainly can wear your black pants from day to evening in London or Paris, or could say the same for a dress or skirt, if you're comfortable in it. A lightweight scarf can be versatile to warm your neck or head or wherever's cold. If the weather forecast is for summer rain, I'll often wear my quick-drying sport sandals over real shoes and socks.