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Packing for cold Austria when it's so hot here in Central California

Ugh - it's going to be almost a hundred degrees this whole week, and I keep looking at clothing pieces trying to imagine if I'll be adequately climate-appropriate. So I am concentrating on layers, which bulks up my sub-carry-on-sized spinner.

I am bringing some nicer pieces for the night-time dinner buffet at the Kunsthistorisches Art Museum, and various cathedral music eves, and I am meeting Viennese friends in their home for dinner. I don't have to take THREE nice outfits, RIGHT? So I'm taking two nice outfits, because I can wash one and wear one.

I will also be spending half a day (or more) walking the Zentralfriedhof (main cemetery) to pay homage to Beethoven and Mozart. I'm going to wear my piano teacher's scarf printed with sheet music from Mozart printed on it. (I think Mozart's actual body can't be found, but there will be a monument to him). Beethoven is my favorite composer, and if you've never seen the movie "Immortal Beloved" , I highly recommend it.

Is anyone else going to be in Vienna last week of September? Then on Sat, Sept 30 I travel on to Salzburg.

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Aside from Beethoven's house in Heiligenstadt, (take the U-4), Vienna also has a Mozart house. I haven't been there but did see the house Mozart lived in in Linz, ie, his "Linzer Sinfonie" In Wien there is also Haydn's house/museum not far from Westbahnof. plus those of other composers....Schubert, Mahler, Strauss, jr.

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I wouldn't take even two nice outfits.....if you packed black pants and a black cardigan or tunic you could just change the scarf or add jewelry!

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Hope you have a wonderful trip! I wonder if the cemetery you mention is the one featured in The Third Man? There is a great little restaurant where Mozart performed many years ago--Zum Finstern (or something similar)--hard to find (no name on exterior) but it is behind the Amhof.

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Vienna weather in a month shouldn't be cold. Try moderate--like in much of the U.S.

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I was in Vienna in March, wearing jeans with leggings underneath -- and found a restroom at Schoenbrun to strip off the leggings! September might be warmer than you expect (or not, of course.)
When you talked about "cold Austria" I thought you meant packing for December or January, which I was contemplating during the recent heat here.
Agree with stmurray2 that a pair of black pants could cover all your "nicer" events -- if there's no overlap in the people you will see, you don't even need extra scarves to change the look.

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@ Fred - so glad to pick your brain for all these Vienna suggestions (restaurants/composer houses...)
@ others - yes, I need to lay out those scarves - and the black/black outfit is indeed what I have.

"Moderate temperatures".... It's been a hundred days of a hundred degrees here in the middle of Cali - and you know, you just lose all perspective.

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@ Shelley...You're welcome. If you have not done this before, I would recommend taking the guided tour of the Wiener Staatsoper. Tours are given in seven languages, obviously German is one of them, which if you choose that one, you'll hear that distinct Viennese accent. I found the tour fascinating, not just enlightening, well worth it.

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you might also want to go see a concert at the sala terenna, which is a small, beautifully frescoed room where mozart played when he lived at the convent there. it's a bit cheesy with the period costumes but still fun. if you are a classical music aficionado, keep your expectations low for the actual performance and you'll enjoy it.

mozart's house in vienna is very small, and fairly unexciting and full of facsimile artifacts, which is kind of weird. but it is pretty magical to stand at the window and take a look out over a street that is somewhat unchanged since the time he looked out at it, working on so many compositions - here's a list that were mostly written whilst in vienna:

i'd make myself a soundtrack over the lackluster audio tour :-)