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Packing cubes: a convert!

Having read about packing cubes, I bought some from Amazon, and used them on my recent trip to Scotland and Italy.
Because I was going to two climates, I packed all the warm weather clothing in the biggest one.
It lifted out of my case and into a drawer at my friends ' house in Scotland until I needed it in Italy, 8 days after packing it.
Because everything was rolled tight, not one thing came out wrinkled.
The remaining cubes I used for undies and socks, and warm clothing for Scotland.
The smallest was for my electronics and chargers, and fitted in my hand luggage.
I absolutely think these are the best, and will use them over and over for subsequent trips.
The brand is called " Bagail". and I got four plus a rather useless " laundry" bag with them.
It was so great not having to riffle through everything in my case to find something at the bottom; you just lift them out!

Easy to get hooked on packing cubes after 1 use. I appreciate different sizes and bold colors. Really saves on space by compacting items. Makes packing much easier and more organized. You might like Eagle Creek or Ebags brand cubes as well.

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Welcome to the club, lol! I am not a naturally organized person so I love these when I travel! For me less suitcase chaos = less chance of lost/misplaced items.

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I used to scoff at people who praised packing cubes until I tried them for myself. OMG, these are amazing! I am a far better packer now that I use them, b/c I try to group everything into one cube. Shirts here. Pants there. Socks/undies in that little one. Carry on items such as cords/first aid kit in that one. I love them!

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I used the cubes and liked them, but my wife used 2 Gallon ZipLock Baggies and they were fantastic.

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Love my packing cubes. I have used Eagle Creek packing cubes and folding boards (for tops and sweaters) for years. I purchased new ones from that company that are very lightweight and colorful for our recent 21 day Best of Europe trip. With these wonderful travel accessories, I was able to limit my suitcase to 21 pounds, keep everything organized, and live out of my suitcase. Good investment.

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I got converted to packing cubes on my last trip, too. Usually, every few days I would toss everything out of my suitcase and repack in frustration at the jumbled mess and not being able to find anything. Packing cubes prevented me from feeling this frustration. Everything stayed so nicely organized. I won’t travel without them again.

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I like to use different colors for my packing cubes. By doing so I can find items quickly in my luggage. I'll use blue for my husband's clothes, green for my clothes, red for toiletries, grey for electronics, yellow for my laundry items, etc.