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packing business suit?

This may be a stretch for RS fans, but I have trip to a conference for which I need to wear a business suit part of the time. One suggestion I've heard is to wear the suit during the flight to avoid wrinkling from packing in my RS roll aboard.

I'm not keen on this, but am reluctant to fold up the suit in the bag, even using the straps in the bottom. Anyone have thoughts about best practice packing tips for business suit occasions??

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Use a suit/coat bag as your carry-on and check your other bag.

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Ask your hotel for an iron ... or hang it up in the bathroom when you shower.

I always travel with suits folded up in my bag and usually they are fine after being hung up for a while on arrival. I've worn suits on many short haul flights but it would be a bummer to have to sit in one on a transatlantic flight. Just make sure it is in your carry-on so you don't have to go to the meeting in jeans when your checked bag goes missing (been there).

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Great advice . . . thank you all. Who knew YouTube could be so informative?

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Travel Smith sells a matching pair or trousers and jacket that look just like a black business suit except for the buttons. They are blazer type buttons, but very sedate and at a distance appear to be regular buttons. It is made of microfiber and it feels just like a suit. You can stuff in a bag and leave it there for 3 or 4 days and it will still come out wrinkle free. TC

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Looks like you're set with the advice above.