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Packing a suit for carry on

I have a very sad reason to travel to England in a few weeks, the funeral of a very dear friend since childhood. I am trying to figure out how to pack appropriately for the funeral and still be carryon friendly. Flying from the US to UK on Virgin Atlantic. Any suggestions appreciated.

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I’m so very sorry. I would pack a black blouse & black skirt into a packing cube & put into a carry on. If the weather is cool outside, also pack a black merino or cotton cardigan.

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Is it possible to wear the jacket with your outfit on the plane? To me that is the hardest thing to pack. I just went to Youtube to see what is on there. Here is a link to a video from GQ on how to pack a suit. I'd searched with the words in a carry on but I did not watch the clip to see if they actually use a carry on!

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I've had to fly to funerals a few times, and must confess that I didn't even try to do carry on only. I prefer to wear a black suit to funerals, and my current one tends to have minimal wrinkles that usually fall out if hung up in the bathroom and steamed by a hot shower. But packing a suit jacket, skirt, and blouse in a 25" suitcase is a lot easier than in a 20". As already suggested, it may be easier to pack wrinkle resistant separates or a dress, to be worn with a sweater.

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CJean...he should do one on how to fold a fitted sheet!

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I’ve traveled with a suit many times.

I pack it in my carry on to keep it clean for the event.

This video takes itself too seriously, but it does a great job of explaining:

For shirts I’d suggest a packing folder.

I travel with an under seat bag and it still works.

An alternative is to pack a black knit dress with ballet shoes.

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I used to travel a lot for business and I still don’t know the secret for a wrinkle-free suit. However, I do have a few tips:
1) Avoid linen suits. Blends get less wrinkled.
2) Avoid cotton or linen blouses. Avoid blouses with collars (the collars get wrinkled). Knit tops or a silky blouses or shells work better.
3) Hang up your suit immediately on arrival in the bathroom; you might want to bring a blow up hanger for this since hotels tend to have those stupid hangers that can’t be removed from the rod.. The steam from a hot shower will help remove wrinkles
4) If none of these things work, talk to the front desk and explain your predicament. Ask the hotel for an iron and ironing board (not necessarily standard in Europe, but often available in business class hotels). Make sure the iron is clean before you use it on your suit. You might want to put a towel between the iron and your suit. Hotel irons can be bad.

I’m very sorry for your loss. Regardless of what the suit looks like, no one will remember if it is not perfect. They will only remember that you honored their loved one with your presence. Don’t sweat the small wrinkles.

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"Regardless of what the suit looks like, no one will remember if it is not perfect. They will only remember that you honored their loved one with your presence. Don’t sweat the small wrinkles."

Oh Laura....what a wonderful comment! You are 100% right.

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Perhaps check with the family how formal they expect the funeral to be? I suggest this because my experience has been that funerals here are becoming less and less formal, with many people wearing subdued colours such as grey or navy rather than black, and a dress and cardigan would be fine rather than a suit. A pants suit would be fine too.
My sympathies on your loss

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Thanks to everyone for your kind and thoughtful suggestions during this very difficult time for me. Normally, I love trip planning, but that’s certainly not the case with these circumstances. Every bit of support is very meaningful.