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Packed and ready for europe!

Final list - 6 long sleeve tops, 1 short sleeve, 1 jean, 1 cord, 1 sleep tee, 1 lightweight slim pant that can be worn for day or sleep, presidios, fleece sleeveless tunic, sleeveless knee length sweater, med. weight sweater, and rain jacket. 4 socks, 4 undies, 3 bra, 1 cami. Wearing the jeans, one long sleeve top, and sweater on plane. I packed a few lightweight coat hangers and instead of buying the blow up ones I just bought some pipe insulation, cut and split it to fit over the hanger on each side. Works beautifully and light as a feather. Bag weight including the 3-1-1 and my folder of paperwork is exactly 19 lbs. Carrying the E/W Travelon hobo for my daypack, Travelon slim purse for my purse when I don't need a pack or want both. Downloaded the RS BOE guidebook so I don't have to fool with wasting time cutting it up or toting all that paper!

Husband's bag weighs 19.6 lbs and 6.3 for his daypack.

We did switch one complete outfit to the other's bag - just in case.

High fives to everyone of you who has tirelessly given advice over the last year. We're gonna have a blast and a large portion of my/our readiness and calm before flight can be attributed to the wealth of advice on this forum. Tomorrow is my day off before Thursday's flight. The only thing I have to do is show the pet sitter around and go enjoy a pedicure.

Thank you -

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I think you made some good decisions. Are you or hubby taking any electronics- if so , don't forget chargers and plug adapters.

Happy Travels!

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You've done a really good job packing.
We just returned from Scandinavia, and we packed just a little heavier since we were on a Baltic cruise.
I got my jeans heavily starched before leaving, and my wife made me finally stop wearing the same pair after 14 days. The starch keeps them from getting soiled, and the jeans actually looked pretty good after so many days' wear. I still have a reserve pair of jeans starched and will be pulling them out for our 5/2016 cruise to Greece and Turkey.

Have a great trip!

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Hi Nance! You didn't mention toiletries; are you going to buy that stuff when you get there? Also, its funny you mentioned getting a pedicure before you leave; I always get a manicure the day before I leave for a European adventure. Where are you going? Safe and happy travels!

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Have a wonderful, wonderful time on your adventure! I hope you enjoy your group as much as I did and still do.

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I have the cords, adapters, and usb hub along with my tablet and cell phone in my daybag. Hubby has his own tablet. He is carrying my miniscule amount of makeup and our solid toiletries. We each have our 3-1-1 bag in the front pocket of the convertible bags so it is easy for us to get to when pulling it out for security. Hubby is traveling with the hidden pocket and I am going to use the neck wallet on the way over for ease of access.
These are the extras I ended up packing for both of us:
knit cap
light gloves
Baggies of Zote laundry flakes
2 gallon baggies reinforced with duct tape for laundry
1 sink stopper (should baggies fail)
1 braided clothesline
8 shout wipes
lint remover packet
1 mini roll duct tape
1 tiny square of chagrin hair and body soap
Vitamin C powders
floss cards (floss in a credit card)
extension cord
5 adapters
2 door hooks
20 pk wet wipes
plastic twist ties for securing bags
ear buds for phone/tablet
extra sandwich, quart, gallon, and 2 gallon baggies
foldable shopping bags for groceries
bandaids and a package of moleskin
ibuprofen, pain meds, benadryl

We will spend a week in Amsterdam and visit surrounding towns, move to Haarlem for two days, and one the third day there begin our RS 21BOE. I have my museums and short activities clumped by location but expect to visit a few of them more than once. We will buy museumkaarts and I will wait to see about weather before purchasing o-v chipkaarts. We may get by with just a few hop-ons if tired or very stormy. We'll see how it's going after we get there.

I have on my computer, phone, and tablet, and have already saved all cities so I can see in a glance what is going on anywhere along the tour route.

The woman we are renting our apartment from gave us a link and access code to digitalconcierge for directions, information, and local recommendations. Nice little app.

Ruette and Stechelberg look to have very similar temps and that is where it should be coldest. 35 there right now compared to my 79 in Fl. I guess you will be able to call me the Michelin Man after this trip because I am sure I will pile on every shirt I am taking under my sweater and rain jacket. Of course I could always steal a few goodies from dh's bag.

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Nance, It looks like you are well prepared for a great trip. Have fun! Wray

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Have a great trip! No matter how many times I do it, whether it is a tour or on my own, it is such fun!!

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Have a great time! I like your packing list and weight! I also found that wearing the neck wallet during travel made it easy. FWIW, I'd throw in a couple more pairs of underwear.

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Thanks to Nance for posting this and also to all contributors to this thread; I have learned a lot! Have a wonderful trip Nance, and please let us know how it all works out for you.

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Thanks LuLu. Is four total really not enough?

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I agree with Lulu. I always pack around 6-7 undies & socks. They are small & don't take much room.

Have a wonderful trip!

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Okay - throwing more in... maybe in hubby's daypack lol. What a surprise!

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Come on, Nance. Did you really use all of those things. If not, you could have bought the things you really found you needed, and left the rest at home.

Your list is a perfect example of packing "creep".

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I don't see the point of buying toiletries or whatever after you get there. You still have to cart them around during the trip. Am I missing something?

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I did use everything taken except the following:
wet wipes
laundry flakes
clothesline - I took two pant clip hangers and three lightweight fabric covered hangers and needed them!
sink stopper
reinforced laundry baggies - I just used the sink
We ran out of ibuprofen

The weather got cold - down into the 30's, spit snow, temps in the 40's during daytime and windy. I had to buy dh a heavy scarf in Amsterdam as he was freezing and a high necked sweatshirt for myself in Rothenburg. I wore that over a shirt and under my sweater and raincoat for several days in a row.

My souvenirs were a sterling cat ring for myself in Venice, wore it rest of trip, several scarves for family, ring for niece, and magnets. Oh, and coffee pockets lol. Espresso encased in chocolate. Heavy but a nice little gift.

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Glad you are back! I hope you had fun in spite of the chilly weather.

Is your husband going to try and rock the Euro-scarf look in FL for the winter? Laughing because my parents lived in Jax and I know winter there....

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I agree with Carroll about the toiletries. So many people advise against taking them with you, but to just buy them there. What is the point? I'd rather take travel sized things from home than have to buy full sized items there. I have had to buy toothpaste when I've used up what I brought.

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I didn't use the wet wipes either...or the sink shopper. Although I will take that again. I wear contacts, and you just never know. Didn't use my laundry stuff. i did get tired of just living with "little travel" things.

I wish the scarf thing were more mainstream here in the U.S. For men...I love the look and so does DH.