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Pack a few clothes in your carry on

I know this advice is often given, but I bet it is often ignored. A friend recently went on a Mediterranean cruise. Yep, his bag didn’t make it and he had only the clothes he was wearing. Oh, he could always buy some clothes. Not easy for someone his size. He finally found some in Florence, his 4th port. The most expensive clothes he had ever purchased. Thankfully the cruise line did a great job in frequently washing his clothes.

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When I went on a Baltic Cruise in 2019, I met a couple who flew non stop to Copenhagen on SAS. And SAS forgot to load their luggage. They never got their luggage at all.

And for the first time ever, they decided to check their carry on's and not take on to the plane. That was the husband's idea and it seemed to me that he was having to make up to his wife some of the cruise by buying her a really beautiful one of a kind set of Russian Stacking Dolls which were very expensive and very beautiful. She had been fuming.

It is also important what you put in your carry on's like meds, chargers and at least one change of clothes.

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And always split up your packing between your travel companions' bags.

Recent story about Dylan Dreyer's Italy vacation. Apparently each member of her family had their own suitcase. Husband and boys eventually got theirs, but not her.

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I always put clothes in my carry-on bag. It's my only bag!

But I guess when I'm traveling with someone, we should still split some clothes, just in case we have to check our carry-ons, and they lose them.

He finally found some in Florence, his 4th port

Before Florence (which, incidentally is not a port), what did he wear while the cruise line was washing his only clothes?

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Lee, I'm assuming that he only bought 1 or 2 other sets of clothing since they were so expensive, hence the need for extra washing.

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There are times when carry on bags are gate checked simply because there isn't enough bin space. For that reason, many pack at least a change or two of undies in their purse or personal bag. Not sure one could manage to cram in an extra pair of pants and top.

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There are times when carry on bags are gate checked simply because there isn't enough bin space.

I was on a Southwest flight after their Xmas meltdown. They asked folks who were getting off at the next destination to volunteer to check their carry-ons so the folks connecting/travelling through at the next destination could carry-on. Woman sitting next to me volunteered her bag which I thought was very nice of her.

As far as how many changes one could get in a personal bag, depends on the rest of the contents. I like putting my coat (in the winter) and purse in the underseat bag. Not having a coat makes more room for an extra set of clothes. But I always have at least 1 change of underwear, a clean shirt, meds, 3-1-1 bag and my toothbrush.

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Always good practice to pack an xtra day's of clothes along with your meds, and essentials in your carryon. Don't make it too complicated, a change of underwear, socks and a shirt is enough. For cruisers, always good to arrive a day or, more in-advance to acclimatize and give some margin to manage any challenges like late luggage.

If you need clothes generally there's a H&M or, Zara available to get something that's not super expensive. Banana Republic, GAP, Esprit and a handful of other Direct-to-Consumer American brands are licensed in various departments stores around Europe.

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I don’t know any other bag but a carry-on. Hence the clothes I have with me stay with me.

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Even when I carryon my bag, I keep a change of clothes in my personal item...because you never know.