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Over the door hooks

The hubs and I recently returned from our 2 week trip in England and Scotland. I ofcourse, now have an upper respiratory infection. Once I am well, I plan to write a more detailed trip report as well as some smaller posts of some things we found really useful or really liked. In the useful category, are these over the door hooks we bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They were great! No room you ever stay in has enough hooks for your belongings. If you're going to stay in an EasyHotel as we did in Edinburgh, they make life so much easier and they barely take up any space when packing.

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"No room you ever stay in has enough hooks for your belongings. "

I never have that problem. Maybe you're taking too many "belongings"

Eh, what can I say... I like to hang everything up! When I travel with my husband, we always have our coats, our sweaters, pants, and our toiletry bags. That's at least 8 hooks and most places don't provide that many. Personal preference I think. I just found these over the door hooks to be super cheap and very handy.

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I think this is a brilliant idea! Could have used one the last few days in London. I really wanted to hang my mostly dry pants in the open instead of the shower where there was not a lot of air circulation. This would have been grand!

Thanks for the suggestion.

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I've been a few places without enough hooks - one was on the Amalfi Coast and the shower was one of those combo shower/bathroom things where the whole bathroom pretty much got hook on the door to try and hang your clothes on (shirt, pants, under garments, socks...and the towels!) and you really couldn't put things anywhere else lest they got wet.

Trying to find somewhere to even put your towel while trying to get your clothes back on (in the sink they go!)...and I wasn't going to streak thru the apartment as my mom was travelling with hubby and I and usually was sitting at the kitchen table, which was between the bathroom and the bedroom. An over the door hook would have been brilliant there.

I find even bathrooms in general have a dearth of hooks to hang your clothes - they usually end up on the floor (nope...ugh...dirty) or have to sit things on the toilet lid or counter. Just put a few coat hooks on the wall so we can hang our clothes up!!

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Why not just use the hangers in the closet? For wet items, I have a ultra-lightweight clothesline.

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You're right Cynthia, those hooks are super helpful! I've been using them for 14 yrs. They're useful even when staying at friends houses. I also take several over the door hooks that are made to hold 4-5 hangers with clothes on them... if i do sink washing I hang clothes on a hanger on those hooks which helps them dry and they're not in anyone's way.

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Hi Cynthia, that is a good idea. I use the hooks at home to hang my "nearly dry" stuff but never thought about taking them on a trip. Will add one to my packing list!

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The trick for me is to not forget to take the hooks off the door when I leave. :)

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It's a great idea, especially for those hotels with hangars that must be removed from their hook in order to take them out of the closet - and then you have a hanger with no hook!

To remember to take them with you, try hanging your purse or keys on one.