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Osprey Porter 46 vs. Farpoint 40?

the Porter 46 is cheaper for whatever reason but my main concern is being challenged at the gate. it looks like it is slightly larger than American Airlines restrictions (headed international to Italy).

curious if anyone has input?

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Osprey Porter 46--Product Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 13 inches If fully packed looks like it would exceed AA allowable carry on size

Farpoint 40--22"H x 14"W x 9"D

AA carry on limit --- 22x14x9

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i have used a farpoint 40 for a number of years and not had any problem with carry on restrictions, but I would not want to test their limits with anything bigger. most flights we have done ( with various airlines) have a 7kg limit anyway. we generally fly premium economy. a larger bag would just eat into the 7kg limit.

hope this helps.

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My son and I both have the Porter 46 and have never had an issue. I usually don't have it packed full and it has enough give that I don't worry. My wife has the Farpoint 40, and I like it better.

You may want to check out the eagle creek global companion pack. I would stay with 40 liters or slightly less. 45 liters is too much on my back both in terms of bulk and weight when packed.

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I have the Porter 46. I have traveled with Delta, SAS, United, and Frontier. No one questioned me about the size. Please note that I pack it to 20 pounds max.
Once on a flight with a small plane Cleveland to Newark the gate agent was making EVERYONE with rolling bags give up their bags (would get them back at the next gate, not baggage claim). I swung my bag off my shoulder and started packing up the straps and she smiled and said, "It's OK honey, you are fine with your back pack." It did take me several minutes to get the bag to fit in the overhead. I had to push pretty hard.
Recently, again on two small planes from CLE to MSP and back again I had to take something out of my bag to get it to fit in the tiny overhead compartment. (took out a jacket)
I am 52 years old, female, 5'6' tall. I find the bag very comfortable. If I could exchange the bag for a Farpoint 40 I wouldn't.
1. I love my bag's bright green color, which is not available in the other bag
2. I prefer the turtle like appearance of the bag over the Farpoint
3. I like the straight jacket compression straps which also make access hard for someone else when it is on your back
4. I like the idea that I can put more in the bag if I need to. I carry a nylon bag that could be checked home if necessary with dirty laundry. I will not check my Osprey.
Good luck with your decision.

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According to the published dimensions, it's the Porter 46 that is 22"x14"x9" (regulation carryon size), not the Farpoint 40.

The Farpoint 40 has a "depth" of 14.6" (37 cm), way more than the regulation 9".

But if you stuff the Porter 46, it will probably not pass the gate test either.

The hand baggage limit, according to Alitalia, is 25 cm deep; the Farpoint at 37 cm wpuld never pass.

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According to eBags, it's 21" x 15" x 14", or is the laptop backpack different then the non-laptop backpack (if there is such a thing) Farpoint 40.

A while back, Consumer Report ran an article where they measured supposed carry-on bags, and most were bigger than the manufacturer's published size.

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I have been using the Osprey Porter 46 for four years and have never had a problem. I try to leave enough room at the top so that I can mash it down to fit the 22" if I have to. I have flown Delta, United, Turkish, Alitalia, Air France, and Alaska. Nobody has ever challenged me about it.

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I know that this post is a few months old, but I thought I would throw my two cents in anyway.
I have used an Osprey Porter 46 for years. It's been everywhere from Prague to Bogota to Siem Reap. I've had it on 777's, small commuter planes and European discount airlines and have never had to check it. Even fully stuffed it compresses down to fit in the small overhead storage on American Eagle flights. I also carry an Osprey Daylight day pack and between the two, I can pack everything I need for a month or more of travel, even when I will be in areas with different climates.
Besides the flights, the Porter has been on cruises in Vietnam, tossed around on buses in China and fallen down the escalator at Charles de Gaulle airport, and it takes the beatings with no problems.
The one issue I seem to hear when it is compared to the Farpoint is that the straps are not comfortable. I don't take it on hiking trips but have not had any issues carrying it as a backpack. I ran across a man from the UK hiking and camping along the Great Wall of China near Jian Kuo last yea. He who traveling with just the Porter for all his gear, which to me speaks to the versitility of the Porter.

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My Osprey Porter 46 is packed and ready to go to Italy on Wednesday. It only weighs 15 pounds. It weighed 20 pounds before my trip to Scandinavia last year. I can't for the life of me figure out what happened. I looked at my packing list from last year and it is basically the same. Maybe I have chosen lighter clothes?
So excited, two more days and I am off.

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My husband used his Osprey Porter 46 as his carry-on on American - flight over was ORD to BCN (American), return was NCE to ORD (via London on a BA flight code shared with American) problems.