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Options for Personal bag

Still trying to find a bag for under the seat that will meet TAP and British airways policy
We are flying business class but I am not sure that matters

Would like a backpack I think so I can use it in Europe, but not much luck.

I dont think Ricks Backpack will work.

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The 4.4 lb limit on the personal item may be harder to meet than the dimensions.

This bag is 'over limit', but if filled to less than capacity should make it acceptable.

I have always been able to fit it under the seat; never been on TAP, so cannot provide any 1st hand testimony about this bag on their planes.

happy hunting

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I used to use a previous version of the Eddie Bauer Stowaway Backpack that Joe mentioned. It was easy to fold down the top of it (I didn’t have it filled full) and squish it into any space.

My current personal bag is much cuter, and it fits within your required dimensions. If you want to carry it with the backpack straps, I would leave the crossbody strap off of it during your trip.

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You might take a look at the Travelon anti-theft classic backpack. It measures 16 x 12 x 6 and weighs 1.1 pound. It doesn't have a trolley strap (which would make it almost perfect), but holds a lot plus has the added benefit of being anti-theft. The link below is for the Travelon website but it looks like it is on sale for $43 on Amazon.

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Hey there, have you looked at the actual dimensions for business class? I would (usually) say business class does matter, they tend to be more relaxed & offer to stow your bag up front by galley if there's any issue. NOT suggesting a bigger than recommended size, just that I've been on puddle hoppers inside Europe in smaller planes where LH & SAS both offered to stow quite a small bag up front. TAP isn't an airline I fly, so perhaps that dimension is smaller. Have you checked out Travelpro backpack, very light weight and sturdy.

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If I am taking a backpack, I often times use my day hiking pack with is an Osprey Tempest. I like that it weighs less than 2 pounds and if it is not chuck full, it is easy to squish into small spaces.

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I use this. Its 1" too tall, but if you dont overstuff it, it will fit the sizer. And its pretty hard to beat the price. I have been using it for about 10 years now. Actually have two. One carries my fishing gear when I fish on trips. 1.3 lbs

I have one of these too. It has no structure so you can smash it into a sizer or make it fit under a seat. I bought it because I live in an inner city and use the metro to go grocery shopping. I can take it and clip it on my belt loop or stuff it in a pocket when ever I go out and if i need a bag, I have one (they charge for bags in my country). So it might come in handy for tourism if you only want it if you buy somehing. Very cheap and Less than a half pound.

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I’ve used my Foldie as a personal item on 2 trips now. 6 weeks Europe, and 2 weeks Mexico. It’s worked super well in combination with my RS rolling carry-on. I’ve never had to unzip the extension. I’ll be trying it in tandem with a Cotopaxi 28l backpack in July. Hope it works as well!

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If you're flying TATL Business class, I doubt it makes a difference; I've not found any TATL business flight on which anyone cared how many, or what size(s), my carry-on luggage was. I've flown Delta, KLM, British, American, United, Virgin and SAS. None of them showed the slightest interest in my carry-ons. The overhead compartments are usually huge in business class.

Euro-business (internal Europe) is a different matter entirely, and if you have flights that both originate and terminate in Europe (including the UK), the rules usually need to be followed pretty religiously IME.