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Oh no! Another Ebags Sale!

Eagle Creek Migrate - $68, free shipping. What's an isolated gal to do? I don't need this. But, I've had my eyes on it.

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Oh, the siren call of new merchandise!! I got flummoxed by Amazon's new priorities on necessities.....we need some more flash drives to make the remote working possible
..... but Amazon told me it would be April 24...

I just know there Is some one tonight unboxing rolls 90-100 of toilet paper.

I was able to find some one w an ebay store selling new flash drives. They got. To post office today.

And not to hijack another thread w the kitchen mysteries, but finished the roast pork with apples and am now thawing what I think is garden zucchini and tomato, may need some brown rice to eat underneath.

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These bag sales are making me crazy. I don’t need a new bag. Can’t justify a new bag. Trying to let go of some of the bags I have (I’m Mari Kondoing) my house. And I seeing expensive bags at sale prices I’m willing to pay. Ugh!