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October in Spain Clothing Help

My husband and I will be traveling in Spain from Sept. 29 until October 20. We fly into Barcelona and will be there for 6 days, then on to Madrid for 5 days, Granada for 4 days, Sevilla for 3 days, Toledo for 3 days, then back to Madrid to fly home. We are not novice European travelers and this will be our 20th trip to Europe (just us ... no tour groups, but we rely heavily on RS advice and recommendations, which have never failed us). We have not yet been in Spain, so this will be new to us. My question is what kind of clothing to take for early Fall. I believe the temperatures will be nice and warm during the day time and a bit chilly in the evenings, so am thinking that packing pants and tops for warm weather with sweaters and a light jacket for the evenings. Any suggestions on what to take would be appreciated ... including shoes. Thanks so much! (We are both YOUNG mid-60 years old, but don't want to look dowdy!)

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Your plan sounds appropriate. The time that I traveled that route one October, I would swear that every day was 80 degrees F and the sweater that I wore for evenings was a very light one. Light layers are more flexible than anything heavy. A scarf can be dressy, or protect your neck from wind, or count as a layer if the weather turns cold.

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I like capris for this kind of shoulder season. Eddie Bauer makes some nice travel versions. Not sure whether you would call these dowdy, though.

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I've been to Madrid and south in October. During the day, if it is sunny and you are walking outside a lot, it will feel fairly hot. Pants and a light t-shirt or sleeveless blouse are fine. You might even be warm in this. I wear above the knee skirts and sundresses. A skirt, top, and lightweight scarf looks nice and is cooler than pants. Remove the scarf if it's hot. Then I bring a cardigan sweater or jacket that matches everything - good for cool nights. Even add the scarf if a cool front hits. Also a light trench coat/rain jacket - good for rain or just cooler times.

Shoes - I find the evenings too cool for sandals (but I know other people like sandals in almost any weather!). Some sort of walking shoe that isn't too heavy is ideal.

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I am travelling to Spain this fall also; I am glad you asked the question. I return home Nov 8, so I may need warmer clothing. I do have a very light dressier tank top on the list and will probably pack another. Layering will help. I have a great Tilleysilk black buttonup shirt that is a good layering item. I always wear a thick fleece and a raincoat that I can wear over this if really cool.

Have a great trip.

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Thank you everyone for the very helpful responses to my question. Looks like the daytime temps can be quite warm, so capris and light tops, or skirts or dresses, with comfy walking shoes are the best bet. Then pants and layering tops and light sweaters for the evenings, with dresser (but comfy) shoes. I always pack scarves and shawls which I think are the most multi-purpose accessories. Will also take a lightweight rain jacket I bought in Strasbourg a few years ago when caught in a summer time downpour. Again, thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate the help! Happy and safe travels to everyone!