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NY Times article on packing light

When I first saw this article, I thought I'd share it here because it would be filled with useful ideas and suggestions.

Then I read the article, and it pretty much made me laugh. Recommending a $760 rollaboard and a $4,500 weekender bag!

Here's the link that avoids the paywall:

Perhaps the tips on how to fold clothes and pack your bag might be useful.

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The weekend bag was actually $4650-my entire trip(lusing points for hotel stays) would cost less than that!

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I needed something to make me laugh today. I know we all have a variety of travel styles, but it’s entertaining how “packing light” is defined by some of these articles. And, I haven’t seen any monograms on the few plastic hotel laundry bags I have used for a different purpose. ; )

•”Joanna Bellardo-Samuels, 44, a senior director at New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery, says one of her secret pleasures is “snagging good hotel laundry bags” to use in place of cubes. Each one is embellished with a gorgeous monogram that reminds me of my adventures.”•

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The only guideline you need - pack half as much clothing and twice as much money

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I remember watching a youtube video a few years ago where a woman was showing you how to pack light. She had a standard size carry on and did a good job. Packing similar to the way I have.

And then she said...."You keep this on the plane with you while your main bag is checked."

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Keep in mind that the people writing these little articles are posting about the luggage they got for advertising

sadly like most media sources now the New York Times is not above promoting influencers whose only claim to knowing what they’re doing is the ability to sell themselves on social media and get stuff for free

I think there are different styles of travelers. So, different articles. We can laugh at each other. An article for packing for a luxury cruise boat will be a lot different than Rick Steve devotees. I would enjoy reading an article for wealthy celebrities like Oprah and Celine Dion and see how they pack. The country music guys are probably easy - jeans, ripped t-shirts - drab color.

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I have a friend who works for a country music band that's well known


Clothes??? Those go in a carry on. The luggage.. gear and more gear. It's a traveling circus

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I do wonder who the article is aimed at. I'll admit my preconceived biased notion says artsy NYC types with more money than sense or maybe for someone who places a greater importance on fashion than I do.

Paying for quality the first time saves a lot of money and heartache replacing gear. But I do wonder about the wisdom of paying $750-$1500 or more for luggage. At least the LL Bean duffle was included for the poors.

The polycarbonate material used for hard-shell suitcases, she explains, “is about half the weight of the rugged nylon used in soft suitcases.”

In what way is polycarbonate lighter? What about other fibers? Examples? The $750 Essential Lite Cabin, at 4.9 pounds featured in the article, is a pound heavier than the Mother Lode Travel Backpack at 3.9 from and on sale for $50. Weight isn't just about a single material, but design and build as a whole.

But to each their own.

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...Paying for quality the first time...wonder about the wisdom of paying $750-$1500 or more for luggage...

Agree that paying for quality in the beginning pays off down the road (no pun intended), but the price for some pieces of luggage staggers my mind.

When I pay that kind of money (over $350) for a bag to keep inexpensive, replaceable clothing, then just send me to the funny farm, for you'll know I've gone completely bonkers.

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Or the alternative which is equally acceptable is to buy a relatively cheap suitcase at a place like Marshalls, use it till it falls apart, and then replace with similar. In the long run I'm guessing either way ends up costing about the same, it's just swings and roundabouts as the Brits say.

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One has wheels, one doesn't.

Ummm, okay?
The complete original quote is,

Though some regular travelers swear by soft bags — the New York-based stylist Ian Bradley, 38, favors the capacious extra-large L.L. Bean Adventure duffel — most are committed to hard, rolling suitcases. “They’re lighter,” says Hitha Palepu, 39, a New York-based author and entrepreneur who wrote what might be the definitive book on the topic, 2017’s “How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip.” The polycarbonate material used for hard-shell suitcases, she explains, “is about half the weight of the rugged nylon used in soft suitcases.”...

A completely useless paragraph that's not accurate. That LL Bean bag is stated to be 2.8 pounds, while all of the hardcase referenced in the 3 bullet points are stated to be:
Rimowa Cabin model is 9.5lbs
Rimowa Essiential Lite Cabin is 4.9lbs their lightest advertised bag
Béis The Small Carry-On Roller is 7.16lbs
Away The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition is 10.6lbs, but it aluminum rather than PC
Away The Bigger Carry-On made of PC is still 7.9lbs

Like I said the ebags Mother Lode Travel Backpack is 3.9lbs and the July bag in the cntravler article linked above, finally gets a hardshell to 3.9lbs. Mass is mass regardless. The paragraph might have been more accurate or effective had It said something like, though some regular travelers swear by soft bags, most are committed to hard, rolling suitcases. They're easier to maneuver, says...

But one is not packing lighter because they're using a hardshell roller bag. You still must account for bag's mass and pack less of your own mass.

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Jean, you gave me a chuckle thinking about the plastic shopping bag I have used since a Paris trip with my granddaughter in 2017. It is from the kitchen wares store, Dehillerin, where Julia Child and her friends used to shop. That bag has since traveled to Scotland, London, Portugal, Iceland, Alberta and Vancouver Canada, Hawaii and numerous other cities in America. It’ll be on my New England - Montreal trip in September.

I wish you well Jean.

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VAP--I believe you are assuming that when they say soft sided bag they mean a non-wheeled backpack. No, they mean a wheeled bag with a soft sided exterior. And many of the soft sided wheeled bags--older models--are heavy.

Comparing a wheeled bag with a non wheeled bag is like comparing apples with oranges. Two completely different things.