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Norwegian Air Carry On Baggage Size

Flying Norwegian from New York to Amsterdam coming up.

My daughter recently flew to Copenhagen on Norwegian and the were very strict on the weight limit so I know I can't go over there.

But what about on the size of the carry on? There allowance of 21.7x15.7x9 is smaller than carry on pieces that are sold in the US. Mine measures maybe an inch to an inch and a half taller and half to inch fatter. I have room with the width so total dimensions are probably under. I get weight being over, but would seem ridiculous to get me on that size difference.

How strict after they on that, particularly at JFK?

And then what happens if the bags are over? I'm going to have to pay the on site checked bag fee, which could be something like $75? If I have 2 carry ons, that's a big number. I have 3 flight legs on Norwegian for this trip.

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Expect them to be very strict and to enforce all their rules to the letter.

Every airline has their own rules for baggage and other things. If you're flying an airline that prices their tickets so low it doesn't even cover the cost for their jetfuel to get you to where the plane is going, they need to make money from someplace else. Having customers who are hoping that the rules for luggage size and weight don't apply to them is one of those places. Remember, when you fly any so-called "low cost airline" it's only low cost if you follow all the rules, so it's smart to be sure you know all the rules and follow them to a T. Those who think the rules won't be enforced are great sources of profit for low cost airlines - their fees may surprises you.

Sure, some folks are able to slip one past the goalie once in a while, but I wouldn't count on that. Play by the rules and you can relax without having to worry about taking out a second mortgage to bring your bag along.

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If your bag is "squashable" and can be pushed into the baggage sizer you should be ok. If it's hard-sided you run the risk of having to check your bag. I have never flown Norwegian from JFK so can't speak to how strict they might be. But generally speaking, if you're flying in the summer it will likely be a full flight and they will likely be strict. At $75 for each checked bag you might want to shop for a new bag.

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We're also preparing to fly on Norwegian next month. In addition to the limitations on carry-on luggage, they also indicate that the personal item you take on can't exceed 10 inches x 13 inches x 8 inches. That's quite small! The bag I usually take as my "personal item" exceeds one of those dimensions by about an inch. For those of you who have flown Norwegian, do they actually measure your personal item as well before you can board?

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You've got to count for the height of the wheels also. My 21" Travel Pro ultra light carry on will not fit into Norwegian Air's rack due to the wheels.
Who knows how the gate agents at JFK will deal with bag sizes. I've found them more strict in Europe than in the U.S. It very much depends on their mood for the day. All they can do is check the bag and charge you for handling.

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We have flown Norwegian three years from Orlando to London and back, also once to Oslo. Never have they weighed or measured our carry on bags. We have also flown Norwegian a few times within Europe and I have watched the agents pull aside people with obviously large bags, then weigh or measure and charge them extra.

Last month we were in Australia and took a short flight from Melbourne to Adelaide on Jetstar. They actually had a portable scale at the gate and weighed every passenger’s bag. 7kg limit for carry on plus under seat bag together. I had to pay an extra $25!

Fortunately I haven’t seen that treatment in the USA or Europe yet.

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I am looking for input on the same question (carry-on size for Norwegian, as well as Easy Jet airlines). I am using the Rick Steves brand convertible carry-on bag, and expected to use only carry-on luggage. However, I’m seeing more and more cautions against that plan. I did a “test packing” of my bag, and found that the weight was fine, but the dimensions ended up being 59 x 42 x 30 cm, which grazes EasyJet’s restrictions and exceeded Norwegian’s restrictions by a couple cm each way. I’m flying out of O’haire, with a layover at London Gatwick Airport.

Does anyone have experience with successfully using carry-on luggage, or do you recommend playing it safe and just adding a checked bag?

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Just got back flying Norwegian OAK/CDG using RS Classic and Civita bags. Cubes and cinch-up straps helped keep dimensions within limits. Bags were weighed together and were way under 10 kg at 7 1/2 kg. We wore our gore tex rain coats boarding. There was no check to see if bags fit in the magic measuring box. Didn't see any issues with other passengers.

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I have flown Norwegian Air r/t once, and will again in Sept. I have 3 friends that have flown NA 3 times each. We have no trouble using a carry-on that fits their dimensions. We have never been weighed or sized for our carry-on. We have been weighed for our checked bag. It all depends on the person that you check in with in regards to carry-on being weighed or sized. If you are obviously over, i’m sure they would. You cannot count on not being weighed and sized though, so i would not exceed their dimensions. When i flew out of Oakland, flying to Paris, at least half the passengers boarding had a carry-on and at least 3 bags (shopping bag size) and backpacks. Flight crew never said a word about it. I was amazed people were blithely carrying on so many bags.

I love flying NA, love flying on their Dreamliner, and their very low prices are a bonus. I’d fly them for the Dreamliner even if they charged as much as the legacy airlines.

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I flew Norwegian air from Ft Lauderdale to Copenhagen and back. My bag was weighed in Ft Lauderdale but not in Copenhagen.

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I flew from JFK to Oslo last July. I spent weeks trying to get under the weight limit, especially because I usually count on my personal item for my trusty system and it was twice the NA allowed size. The sizer at check in just barely accomodated my soft- sided duffel, inserted vertically. So if your bag has some "squish" that's going to be helpful. I wore my rain jacket and heavier shoes, and stuffed the pockets with my 3-1-1 bag, portable charger, etc. Just barely made it under the limit and felt triumphant! Then at the gate fellow passengers had large wheeled bags and just all sorts of stuff. Maybe a different fare class?

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We flew Norwegian round trip LAX-CDG (Paris) last fall. I took my RS rolling bag and Veloce shoulder bag as carryons. The rolling bag was within Norwegian's limits, but the Veloce exceeded the personal item regs. However, I didn't carry so much in that bag that it wouldn't have been "squeezable" in a sizer. I was more concerned about NA's weight limits, which are pretty low and are a total of carryon and personal item.

At LAX, none of our carryons were measured, though the rolling bags were weighed (not the smaller bags). On the return, nothing was weighed or measured, and the agent slapped stickers on our personal items. That was it.

A lot of this has to do with the gate personnel, I presume, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Since this was our first flight on Norwegian (and yes, that Dreamliner is awesome!) I was a bit more concerned than normal, because in my experience, US carriers are much less strict about baggage limits. I didn't really need to be as concerned on this flight, but better to make sure you're within the limits on all the carriers you're using on a particular trip.

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I'm still a little torn what to do here. I know I need to keep the bags under the weight limit since I saw them weighing everything at JFK in January.

My carry-on luggage is not hardside so it does have some give. I just measured and it's about 22.5" high. I really would highly doubt that they've give me a problem with that.

I could do 1 extra checked bag instead of 2 carry-ons and that would cost me about about $150 for our 4 flights. If Norwegian does not allow the carry-on on any of the 3 flights we have with them, it would be $100/bag to check at the airport and I'd have 2 carry-on bags. That's a $600 risk for the 3 Norwegian flights, plus some risk with my Easyjet flight, though their allowance size is slightly more.

I guess it just makes sense to just bring the 2nd checked bag and just bring a small travel duffel as the carry-on bag.

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I've never flown Norwegian, but reading the baggage rules and reading what I think you are saying that you will have two suitcases and another bag? If you are already checking one, why not make that bag larger as 20kg is way more weight than you should need, and then just carryon one bag that definitely fits the guidelines? It sounds like you are thinking 2 suitcase type items and another bag? If I understand this, why not reconfigure so you only have two bags (one being a larger one) so you won't have this dilemma? And forgive me if I have totally missed the point...

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We are 3 people traveling. I already paid for 1 checked bag on all flights as there's no way to avoid that. I'm thinking we could get by with 1 checked suitcase at under their 44lb limit, plus 2 carry-on bags. The alternative is that I think we could do 2 checked suitcases at under 44lb each and no carry-on bags. I don't think we could do 1 checked and 1 carry-on. I don't even have a carry-on bag that is under 21.7". With measuring wheels to the top, I doubt there are many carry-ons sold in the US at under that size.

I have to think the odds of not getting on with a softside carry-on that's something like 22.5x15x9.5 has got to be very small, but at $100/bag/flight, there's a lot of risk there.

I wasn't planning on driving myself to the airport so bringing a suitcase and reconfiguring things on the fly if we had to isn't really a good option either. Plus, the line at JFK in January was easily over an hour long. I wouldn't want to wait on that twice.

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We flew Norwegian Providence - Dublin last summer, carry-ons only. They did weigh our carry-ons, but didn't check the size. They didn't weigh our personal items (for me, a cross-body purse). We did have a little too much weight so we put chargers and a few other things in our jacket pockets to make weight.

We ended up buying super lightweight suitcases off Amazon that matched NA's size requirements for our trip. I believe they were IT brand.