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New suitcase

I know everyone recommends packing as light as possible, and I am going to try. However, since we are going to Austria/Germany in Sept and plan on climbing the Zugspitze we are going to have to take our climbing gear as well.
We are taking backpacks but I also want to get a 24" suitcase, which will hold my trekking poles, heavier clothing such as hat/ gloves, etc (renting helmets, crampons, etc when there).

All that for my actual question........a quality brand suitcase.....recommendations? I do not want hard shell, and I prefer 2 wheels but if I find a spinner I like, that's not a deal breaker.

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If it’s quality you want, and price is not an issue, hard to beat Briggs & Riley. Several lines and styles. 100% lifetime guarantee. You can see them here find a local retailer. Sale prices are rare. Our second choice would be TravelPro, less expensive. But stick to the better lines, we’ve had quality issues with the Maxlite models.

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I’ve had the Eddie Bauer Expedition - the size that is a carry on., and it’s been a great suitcase for several trips to Europe. The design helps to not tip over which is a nice feature since you mentioned heavy coats, etc. Also, it comes in colors besides black, so it’s easier to identify since you would be checking your bag.

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I've been using a Bean Rolling Adventuer Duffle for my checked gear.
Empty at 8# and 15"x30"x13" = 58 lin inches < 62"

The 30" duffle is long enough for trekking poles. I could also pack technical backpacks into the duffle. (My large backpack had to be gate checked connection in Europe on my first trip to Norway because it was too long. It passed US gate agents but European gate agents follow rules.)

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I actually just ordered the Eagle Creek 29inch convertible.....bigger than I wanted BUT being a "backpack" I can tighten it down with the straps so it is not as big or bulky, it has the 2 wheels that I wanted, and big, sturdy wheels to boot. Plus, it has a life time ANYTHING warrantly.......
I've been researching luggage for 2 weeks, stopped into Dillards so I could check this bag out, then went home and ordered it off negative comments about ordering from Amazon please. When it comes to saving money, it was $150 cheaper than Dillards (that's for 2, btw)!!! Love me some Amazon! LOL

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As recommended above, Eagle Creek is a great choice! They really stand behind their products. When my duffle tore after 3 weeks on the back of a yak in Tibet, they replaced it happily. (I had called them to see who they recommended for repair)
Have a great climbing adventure!

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I've also been happy with my Eagle Creek bags. Nothing as interesting as yak expeditions, but they've racked up a lot of miles and stood up to some abuse quite well. In the last 11 years they've been checked, carried on, and just. don't. die. In Peru in 2007 I think someone tried to slam an aircraft hatch door down on my 24" EC Tarmac bag. The force was hard enough to ruin a TSA padlock and it wrecked the zipper pull (this was on the front lower outer pocket of the bag). I took off the ruined zipper pull and lock, and discovered that the zipper itself was undamaged, and the exterior materials of the bag were intact. I didn't see the point of shipping the bag back to EC over a zipper pull so I emailed them. In return they sent me a package of zipper pulls. I replaced the pull and it's all been fine ever since.

In the last decade I've acquired 22" and 20" EC rollaboards, and miscellaneous other EC tote bags, etc. My main problem is that they're still in such good shape after all these years! I've been looking at some hot new luggage online, but really? I do not need a thing. I wipe down my EC bags if they've had a hard trip in a baggage hold, put 'em back in the closet, and they are all just ready to roll again. Frustrating for my Inner Shopping Goddess, but good for my finances, lol.