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New store in Santa Monica

well not really, but the old Magellan's travel store on Wilshire has reopened and it's renamed Bags & Baggage. One of the clerks joked that they should have a contest to pick the next name for the store.

Still has a good selection of travel gadgets, luggage and clothes. The Container Store chain also has quite a bit of travel stuff, Bed Bath & Beyond some but less so. If you don't want to wait for your shipment from Travelsmith or Amazon.

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Hey, Phred, We don't all live in Santa Monica or in places that have the other stores you mentioned. There's nothing at all the matter with ordering from Travelsmith or Amazon.

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Phred, thanks for the info. Something to add to my plans next time I'm in LA. Now if Travel Smith would only re-open its outlet store in Berkeley...

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Thanks for the post. I wasn't aware they changed their name, as their website is still being marketed under the Magellan's brand. Perhaps that will change as well?

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I am so glad to hear this!!! We're in that area off and on throughout the year and will have to stop in. I love Amazon too. I have Amazon Prime so I get free 2-day delivery that often shows up the next day.

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The TS outlet store in Berkeley…
I bought something from that one years ago!

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The store in Santa Monica is part of the chain BagnBaggage aka Colorado Baggage. They are all over the country.

They are also the company that bought Magellans a few years ago.

They then sold Magellans back to the original owners and the company is now run out of Massachussetts. The old Magellans store is run by the former president of Magellans who was not one of the original founders.

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Interesting interpretation of the post, but OK

There's nothing at all the matter with ordering from Travelsmith or Amazon