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New “smart” carry-on bag by T-Mobile

I just read something online about a new carry-on suitcase that is equipped with a power bank, wireless charging, AirTags, and some other stuff. It’s in pre-order status right now, and was made as a collaboration between T-Mobile and Samsara.

Of course I don’t need a new carry-on. Bu the bag looks very cool… 😊

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Now for the specs:

$325 plus tax

Dimensions: 22.5 x 15 x 9.8 (including wheels and handle)

Weight: 9.68 lbs.

I think I'll pass. YMMV.

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Oh, I know, Frank - I saw that, too, and the weight itself is a deal-breaker. But I still think it's a very cool looking bag. :)

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Frank II, whoa, the weight! That’s a heavy bag because of their priorities….which I realized watching the ad are almost opposite my priorities when traveling. Love the color, though!

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It's very cool.

Now, if your bag goes missing while you're charging your phone - it's going to be tough tracking that Air Tag - it's likely the magenta that'll save you !

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I am not bag weight adverse but 10 pounds is crazy.
At least they named it correctly "Un‑carrier"
If anyone out there makes a hard sided spinner that is appropriately sized, configured and weighted for the average airline and the average traveler they are doing it by mistake because none of them seem to know their market.
Most are too heavy, too many pockets that aren't taken into account in the width, too tall by 3/8" or too wide by 1/4" and with modern materials can't imagine why it would need to weigh more than 5 pounds .... this isn't rocket science people ... maybe it is, where is Musk when you need him.