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New luggage needed

We are booked for a tour this summer. We are looking at new luggage. About 22 inch with wheels. Lightest we can find that is going to hold up for years.
This question has probably been answered several times and I am sorry I don’t know how to do a search.

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I’m very happy with my Maxlite 5 international spinner by Travelpro. It’s a little over 5 pounds and hasn’t failed me yet. There’s also a slightly larger version that weighs more though. I bought mine on Good luck in your search.

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Depends on your budget. I recently saw Tumi polycarbonate bags you could lift with your pinkie, guaranteed for life at $850. Short of that we will stick with our TravelPro Crew series or Briggs and Riley (heavier but built like a tank).

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If you scroll back through this very forum, you'll find rather frequent threads about suitcases. I'm convinced that you almost always have to expect a trade-off between sturdiness and weight. I prefer a lightweight bag even at the cost of more frequent replacement.

I had what was in retrospect rather good luck with an extremely lightweight IT-brand bag. It was 23" or so and I think it weighed less than 4 lb. It was a spinner--not my preference, but it was already hard to find 2-wheeled bags when I bought the IT in 2016.

As expected, a wheel eventually failed, but it happened on the 90th day of use in Europe. The second wheel failed (and killed the bag) on Day 120. I virtually never use taxis and sometimes pull a bag over a mile on the way from the train station to a hotel and vice versa. And my bags start out over 30 lb. (vitamins, etc.). I had changed hotels 27 times with that bag before the first wheel failed, so I guess I can't really complain.

IT bags are still on the market in the US. They are still lightweight. I've occasionally seen one at TJMaxx or Marshalls. The current models have four double wheels, which one hopes are somewhat sturdier.

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Good question! We are fans of TravelPro, 2 wheeled 22". We have had our bags for many years and they have survived! It's light weight, durable and affordable. I wouldn't change. Check Amazon for luggage sales.

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We have TravelPro ultra light 21" swivel wheel carry on bags. (We still have another set of heavier 22" TravelPro's too.)
We suggest the 21" because the budget European airlines will often hassle you about 22" luggage. They too will not fit in their "racks." Even with 21" bags, the 1+ inch wheels have resulted in budget airline gate agents that are having bad days hassle us about our carry on's. We've learned to stand our ground.

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Pick a strange color, like neon blue. Easier to find .

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ebags has rolling carry-ons ( international size) from $55 to $600.

If you are looking for a specific suggestion, a price range would be helpful

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Gosh, there's so many choices once you start searching. I have 3 of the smaller ones, each offering differing features and all a bit different in size. (Links in blue)

Hardcase Samsonite: It's my second smallest and second lightest. When it opens, the two sides are just that ...not a lighter top side and heavier bottom side. So you can't open it and lean the top half against the wall. It's needs to open takes up more space. Also, no side handle.

TravelPro International
It's the lightest and smallest of my suitcases. Lots of good pockets. But when too full, it's tippy.

TravelPro Expandable Spinner
The largest /heaviest of the three (but still a 21"), it's got the most room and pockets. And not tippy (general speaking).

All three handle well. And depending on the needs of the trip, I'll pick the one that best suits.

I've always compared the prices, colors, etc at the outlet malls, the manufacturer website, amazon, ebags, Macy's and kohls, looking for best deal.

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I also like the Maxlite 5 Travelpro 21 inch.

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I was at the Boise Towne Square Mall (what's left of it) yesterday and noticed that Dillard's, Macy's, the luggage/travel store, Nordstrom's Rack, and Penney's all had large selections fo deeply discounted luggage items. Some were brands I've never heard of but they looked okay to me and user reviews can be quickly researched online. Dillard's also had several units that had been returned unused (maybe unwanted xmas gifts) and marked down well below 50%. Suggest you give your local shops. and stores a visit just to see if there are some good bargains.

Rolling luggage comes in literally hundreds of brands and models, soft- and hard-side versions, with all kinds of interior fittings and organization systems that range from $50-300 for the standard 22"/40 liter carry-on size. Difficult choices. If you increase capacity 50+ liters the number of choices leaps to probably thousands.

Just my opinions, of course, but if I were looking for rolling stock (and I'm not, I'm a backpack carry-on guy), I'd want large diameter soft wheels, a sturdy locking handle, a color easily distinguished from the millions of similar bags, a simple but secure closure, and uncomplicated internal organization because packing cubes.

Try to have fun shopping.

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I've used the 20/21" Rick Steves wheeled carryon since 2017 (and his larger one before that). My bag is just over 5 lbs, but it is advertised as a bit heavier, if I recall correctly. Although I pack in a carryon size, I usually check this bag and just carry my personal item onto the flight. In other words, I assume this bag really has been beat up by the luggage people behind the scenes and yet it still works and looks like new. It has been pulled easily through all kinds of weather, including snow for miles+. I also find the outside pocket configuration perfect for me, when not checking the bag. I travel mostly independently, and often solo, use trains and buses to change bases, and the bag, packed to about 19-22 lbs, is perfect for me. YMMV

I will admit I drool over some of the Eagle Creek bags, particularly the EC convertible wheeled Expanse bag...and I really enjoy listening to Jessica's packing videos. LOL. That being said...the RS bag is so good, even I, a bag addict, can't justify getting a new suitcase.

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We have been using YravelPtobags back to when you had to them directly from the manufacturer. It is now difficult to find a true 22”, the old domestic carry on. I stopped at an AWAY store in Chicago and was very impressed with their products. I keep bags for years and travel internationally a few times a year plus many domestic trips so it would be worth the increased prices.

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Sue, for future reference, on the home page go to the menu on the top left of the page and that is where you will find the ability to search any topic. Tons of great info here!
I am a fan of the Travelpro 2 wheel roll aboard. You can find one for under $100 if you catch a sale.

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I'll add that if you've got a TJ Maxx near you to check and see what they have. I picked up the 22" Travel Pro 2 wheeler last summer - and I had been looking for months for one to show up! I have only used it once but liked it a lot. I previously used a Rick Steves 21" 2-wheeler but it had gotten a bit scuffed from checking it.

If you go in person, take a tape measure and if you have luggage scales, take them with you as well, lol!

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What brand is this? Or is it a type of bag?

Looks like 'TravelPro', was the intent, but missed a couple letters by one space on the keyboard.

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Sierra Trading Post is part of the TJ Maxx family of stores, and their web site has a lot of luggage right now (under 'Home and Pet' in the drop down menu)- this time of year is when the discontinued models and colors get sent to the clearance stores and sites.

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I have had good luck with Osprey bags. I don't have a 22" wheeled bag, but I have an Osprey Porter 46L backpack for carry-on only trips and an Osprey Ozone 26" (?) wheeled bag for checked luggage trips. Both bags are light weight and have held up beautifully for 5-6 years that I have had them. Of course, they are both soft-sided bags, which may or not appeal to you. I imagine that their 22" wheeled bag would perform as well as the two bags that I have mentioned.

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I have to say, the Tumi bags are wonderful. We have several different ones, though we don't have any with wheels. they are very sturdy yet extremely lightweight. And they look good, too. They are expensive, but sometimes you do get what you pay for.

We also have a very early version of Steve's 'convertible' bag. We got them for our first independent Europe trip more than 25 years ago. And they are still great! No signs of wear and tear, no problems. That's after more than 40 trips to Europe and a few in the states. Again, though, no wheels.

First - check the baggage rules of the airline(s) you are flying. Use the most restrictive rules. You need some criteria. 21"x14x9 may be a better choice. Carry-on or checked? Stay with 40-45 liters.
Wheels need to be included in the measurements. Stay with a tried and true brand. Examples: eagle creek, samsonite, ebags, Eddie Bauer, Patagonia, delsey.

How to do a search. Example: Google Once on Eddie Bauer site - type in "luggage" in search box. "Expedition rolling duffel" See what comes up. - search ebags brand luggage. - type in "black hole wheeled duffel."
Once you figure out how to online search - you can easily compare other brands.
Don't be afraid to get luggage at discount stores like Marshall's either. Even "cheap" luggage can work. (Just bring a tape ruler. Set the bag on the ground in a vertical manner - wheels on floor, handle on top. Measure from the floor to the top of the bag.)

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JKL, Thanks for reminding me how to do search here.

I know we probably should but we never do carry on...we always check our bags.. so far we have only taken direct flights..
I will start checking at TJMaxx and Marshalls. Our last bags came from TJMaxx I think 22 inch . I hope to find lighter ones this time.. I thought they were light until about day 7/8 of any tour..


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Sue, the current sale at Macys has the 2 wheel 22” travel pro for $95. Others on sale as well. Weight is about 5 1/2 lbs. Happy travels!

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As important as the size, is the weight. You aren't intending to carry on the 22" so it isn't quite as important for for all those people looking for new international carry on bags, be careful about the maximum allowed carry on weight. In some cases it is less than 16lbs. So when a bag weighs 7lbs, that is going to really restrict how much you can pack into that bag. Air France, Virgin Atlantic and KLM are big on weighing those carry ons.

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Since you noted you check bags I would be concerned about buying an inexpensive light piece of luggage. To make luggage light they either use less costly and lighter material for the frame and lighter (less rip resistant) material which gives you a light inexpensive bag or materials like polycarbonate or carbon fiber which gives you a light and expensive bag. I don’t think you can have it both ways. For example, we have two lines of Travel Pro. We only check bags on occasion, usually on the way home from Europe. My wife had a MaxLite, lighter less expensive, I had a Crew 9, slightly heavier more expensive. Her repairs began even before the bag was checked with broken rivets, ending in a broken wheel when it was checked. My bag, no issues. Hers is retired mine we use for domestic travel. For international travel we’ve now gone with Briggs&Riley. More costly, somewhat heavier (although the only time I lift it is on and off trains, into car trunks, otherwise it’s on 4 wheels). These are very sturdy. But not cheap. But we will never have to replace them as if anything does happen they have a lifetime warranty.

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Target is launching their own line in the next few days that look like dupes for the popular Away brand at lower prices. Might be worth a look--note all the wheeled cases are hardside spinners.

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I'm a HUGE fan of Delsey. They have sales on their website as well as through eBags online. The things I most like about their luggage are that the bags roll easily (huge plus for me) + they're lightweight (which is another big thing if you are me.)

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I really love OSPREY wheeled bags. They have bigger wheels than other brands which make them super easy on cobbles and rough pavements. I have used a Sojourn pack for two 5 week trips to Europe with no problems

This comes in a 22 inch model. Whilst it is a soft bag it has stiff padded sides that give it shape and wrap across like a straight jacket giving great protection. I have the larger size and so mine goes as checked luggage. Still looks like new after 14 flights and 14 sets of baggage handlers.

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If you are going to Europe (or plan to in the future) you might want to reconsider your love for "rollers". They are great inside of airports, but they are dead weight, will slow you down, eventually break, and make you very unhappy once you hit cobblestone.

Several years ago we bought the predecessor of Rick Steves Carry-On-Bag.

The bag doesn't seem to have changed much since. It is big enough so we were able to do a two week hiking trip through Norway, including hiking boots and rain gear. But it is small enough to really be carry on. We were never asked to check it, even on an Olympic flight from Athens to San Torini, and that overhead space is really cramped. On one short leg (forgot where) I actually managed to fit it under the seat in front of me (once above 10k I pulled it up and stretched my legs over it, so no problem).

The padded hip belt makes all the difference.

Regards, Jan

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We just got back from another trip to Europe using our rolling Rick Steve's bag. I love that thing! Ours is from 2007 and stilling very strong. It does great on the cobblestones and has not shown any sign of wear and tear. We always do carryon only, but for about a year my husband used this bag weekly for work and had to check it due to work items that were not allowed through carryon. Anyway, we have a newer version of this bag as well, but I haven't used it hardly at all as I just usually grab this one. Mine is the red color, which I do not care for at all, but for the times that it has been checked, it makes it easier to spot.

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All of the wheeled designs out there are sub-standard. They are designed to fail and have weak mounting points to the frame and very strange wheel arrangements that can't be easily repaired. I'm still, after 14 years and many miles of pulling this luggage, using my cheap Lewis and Hyde set after replacing the casters with commercial grade, off the shelf stuff. Airlines have never questioned the alterations I've made. Wife has gone through three entire sets, all of them failed in the wheels and the zippers. Mine do have some duct tape, yet that makes them easier to identify if they get lost or we have to pull them from a baggage storage. We don't follow Rick's light pack philosophy, we've bifurcated that into what we need, and what we want. The carry-ons are what we need, and the big bags are what we want. If the big bags get lost, its no big deal.

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