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Need to buy the suitcase by tomorrow.

I have been on springbreak all week, and didn't want to order the 20 inch RS roller yet. So, this means the actual storage is probably 19", correct? Wow...seems so me into it. I have to say I wore maybe 25 percent of what I took this trip. I think I will have to use the packing cubes and roll, too.

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I am travelling with a 20 inch suitcase and packing cubes. It's amazing what you can pack won't feel deprived at all.

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We travel with something that size all the time, several times for six weeks. You just have to do your stinky laundry once in a while. We don't use packing cubes, just baggies of various sizes for a few things like laundry kit, and a compression bag or two for a raincoat and fabric purchases on the return trip.

You will get some good information on:

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Experiment with the packing cubes and rolling vs folding. I was surprised last time I traveled that the shirts actually did better folded flat in the packing cube. The cube in question was an Eagle Creek Silnylon compression cube (not really compression but just an extra zipper to squish it down) and it laid flatter with the flat fold over the roll.

The sales pitch would be there is 20% off right now in Rick's store!

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Buy the bag.

One inch is not going to make that big of a difference since it's more psychological than anything else. Most people pack inefficiently and waste space anyway. Learn to pack better and you'll find the RS roller will be more than enough. Anything bigger will probably just be heavier and may not pass carry-on standards.

The use of packing aids such as cubes and pouches, or even ziploc bags, will allow you to pack more efficiently.

I know bags and I know what's on the market. You will not find a bag of similar quality and low weight at that price. And at $128 it's a steal.

There are other bags that can compete with the RS one--Eagle Creek and Osprey--but they start at $200 and up.

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Lulu - I have the classic RS backpack and just spent nine days in the Smoky Mountains. I was able to get everything I wanted in it, all rolled and in packing cubes:
Three pair pants
Six shirts (three short, three long sleeved)
Two sweaters
knit cap/gloves
extra pair of shoes
toiletries bag
bag of underwear/socks
6 port usb charger
bag of ecig batts and juice plus backup

I am however eyeing the guest bed where I have a multitude of things like adapters, first aid kit, sewing kit, raincoat, ankle boots, etc. that did not go with me.

I am determined that when I pack my daybag or purse that it will have the things in it that I would plan to carry daily anyway - raincoat, phone, tablet, first aid kit, etc.

My husband will also be going on the trip in October so he can carry some of the articles that are for both of us.

I'll have to say that it worked for me. I was happy as a clam washing underwear and socks in the sink and was able to wear my pants twice each (and could have done three days) before I did two loads of laundry for myself and dh.

As someone who used to pack an outfit a day for all trips, I find the paring down not only doable but a great relief! Trust me, you're going to be fine! Now go get that backpack!


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We travel with a lot of luggage which you can do if you fly first class or business class and are willing to pay extra. In your case, if you only used 25% of what you carried along, go ahead and buy the RS 20 inch roller. It should be enough.

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Thanks to FrankII & LuLu, we just bought 2 of the 20in RS Rollers. Not sure we truly needed them, but it is a great sale. We are going to Italy for 3 wks in October -- on the 10day Venice, Florence, Rome RS tour & then another 10days on our own. We are planning on taking CarryOn only & NO wheels, so we took advise from FrankII & TavaPeak & purchased lots of items from Tom Bihn for our luggage/accessories . . . we plan on each using an Aeronaut45 as our main bag, but since I'm still not 100% sold on the NO-wheels concept, if at the last minute, I decide I want wheels, this bag will be perfect. Plus, we will use it on domestic travel for sure. The sale is great. We bought one in the BlueSpruce & one in GraphiteGray.

Don't be worried about the size . . . you'll be so glad you went small and light weight. We do laundry in the sink every 3-4days . . . Amazon sells a great sink laundry soap called FOREVER NEW FABRIC CARE WASH, you can buy it in individual packets or in a 4oz container & since it is a powder, it doesn't have to go in your 3-1-1. Have a fantastic trip!!

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->->Off topic comment - You may be able to find Forever New in the lingerie department of your local Macys.

->-> Back on topic...thanks to ChinaLake, I am weakening on purchasing this bag. I don't need it but I think I want it. The sale price is good.

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Lulu, You've waited all this time for a sale and now you're unsure? There is not a perfect suitcase or a perfect packing system. I like totally hardsided so I went a different direction. My sister has the Rick Steves roller and loves it. We both went on a short trip with our bags last week and both were fine. I noticed (with a little stab of jealousy) how easy the wheels on her suitcase moved over brick or cobblestone sidewalks. We also got caught out in some rain and were pleased with the fabric on the suitcases and its water resistant capabilities.

I do use packing cubes from Ebags. I get a few different sizes and colors and it helps me organize. I also have the Rick Steves Euro Flight Bag that I use as my personal item. It is great. I actually slip whatever I will use as a purse or bag inside it for the flight. I use a 20" together with the Euro Flight Bag and they are a great combo. There is plenty of room available for what you need

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I took the plunge yesterday and ordered the rolling carry on. I won't get to see it until July tho - I'm in Canada and had it sent to a friend in NH who we are going to be visiting in July. Hubby and I had two Atlantic luggage carry on but the rubber wheel covering went on one in Venice (so it was kinda lopsided and loud - but the thing got a darn lot of use over cobblestones and stairs!) then got an Air Canada branded carry on, but even tho it fits the 21" length for the carry on in NA, I couldn't put it wheels in last year in the overhead and had to turn it sideways. And since usually when we go to Europe we end up taking another flight (generally with BA who is a little more generous with their carry on allowances), I wanted to pare down to a 20" just in case we had to use a less generous airline. I was humming and hawing...then finally the sale! And with our Canadian dollar really sucking right now, the 20% helps a lot.

I've read of some zipper breaking complaints, but I think that was with the older version of the bag - hopefully that isn't an issue now...

And we've taken 3 week trips to Europe with carry on only. And after seeing people struggling with giant/multiple bags on trains and metros, I am always thankful we travel light.

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Oh, no! I'm weakening…I foresee ANOTHER suitcase coming into my house. This means I'll have to prepack all over again [or get to prepack all over again :) ] Just when I thought I had it all figured out.

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524 posts last minute hesitation was from a friend that said that this size is SO SMALL, that it really gave me second thoughts. I needed to read some reassurances. Just ordered it in the blue, plus 2 quick dry wash clothes, a silk waist wallet and Italian phrase book...all for $ 186. I feel pretty good about the purchase. Must returning home from springbreak with my 30 inch, I'm sure at first it will be a shock.

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I agree--buy the bag. :-). I got a Blue Spruce RS roller last year. It seemed absurdly small when it arrived, and it requires a different packing strategy than my old RS 21". However, it worked great. (I'm not petite, and pack 1 pr shoes and 1 pr sandals.).

For me, the trick was to pack it so the corners were filled well with items (packing cubes, RS towel, etc.) That gives good structure and allows the bag to expand to it's proper size. I packed my raincoat in the outer pocket. This bag is much lighter than my 21" (or so it seems) and it did very well for 2weeks in Rome and Paris for early spring, including metro, trains and a 20 minute walk to our apartment rental. I think the bag is a great value--wish I'd gotten the purple one, but I share bags with our teen sons. Also took my Tom Bihn Synapse 19 for personal item. The two were a great solution.

PS chinalake--sounds like you are set! Now you can relax and enjoy planning those extra 10 days.

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I just downsized to the 20" RS rolling carryon for a 3-month trip. I had the 22" before. Great on cobblestones (major consideration).

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That's why I decided to just do the 2 wheeled luggage...cobblestones. They are almost dinosaurs now....everywhere it is the 4 wheeled ones.