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Need (or want): crossbody iphone case and small clamshell backpack

Ok, travel shopping warriors. I am looking for these 2 things with VERY specific requirements.

I love my very small crossbody purse; but when I travel, it does not have room to hold both my phone and my small extra battery (size of my phone) easily. Plus I have to pull my phone out of the small pocket to use it. Doable but all inconvenient. And I don’t want a different/bigger purse. Mine is perfect for most situations (I got one and looked at it, tried it on, and sent it back.)

So I want a BLUE iPhone crossbody case that has loops so I can click a strap on. Most come with a strap, but I have a useable one if needed. I don’t need extra compartments - just the case. I don’t want extra weight. And I am unwilling to pay $100-$150….. Pretty much exactly this, but it’s expensive and I have an iPhone 12 and it’s out of stock (it’s so exactly what I want, I would probably be tempted to pay if it were available….🤦🏻‍♀️).

This would give me 2 crossbody items but no more weight than what I do now - and would probably be safer for and easier to access my phone than my pocket.

Then I am on the lookout for an inexpensive clamshell type small backpack. In blue, of course. Not navy but other shades would be ok. Again, I am not willing to invest $100-$200. And I need a small one.
I would buy this one if the blue were in stock in the 27 liter size, but this 50l is just too big for me (and some airlines).

So…. blue, cheap, and small.

Any help? I am truly not a shopper so there may be all kinds of things out there I haven’t found.

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I had just seen that Bandolier phone case in a magazine, too bad the one you want is out of stock! There are some similar ones on Amazon, though the reviews are hit and miss.

What about a backpack like this?
coofay Travel Backpack For Women Men Airline Approved Carry On Backpack Flight Approved Waterproof Sports Luggage Backpack Casual Daypack Small Hiking Backpack Grey Blue

Good luck with your search!

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Meg, thanks! Yes, I found a couple on Amazon but also not in stock for 12 Pro. Maybe I just need a new phone - I have an upgrade ready. 🤣 Buy a new phone so you can get the case you want. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I do have a Rangeland backpack that opens like that and it is so close that it starts me on this search. I recently took it on a camping trip for 4 days (and to Sofia for 4 days) but the kind that opens more like a suitcase looks even more convenient. The Rangeland will go on my next trip again and will do if I don’t find what I want.

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I have had Bandolier cases for a decade. Can't say enough good things about the cases or the company. Once when I had a problem, the company mailed a new case within 24 hours of my contacting them.
I was very excited to get a new phone last year, because I had wanted this side snap style for a long time. It holds my phone battery, credit card, drivers license, and a $20 bill .
The company has a really good sale about twice a year.
But if you get a new phone, you get to chose the color you want, and the cases last a long time. I like the red. I have found that the lighter colors do get dirty, so I stay with the stronger colors.
Good luck!

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Well, I must admit you have me stumped on the second. Most clamshell backpacks I saw are larger.

I did find one that was a 40L in light blue.

Another that was a 36L but not in blue.

Here is one that begins as a 30L but can extend to 40L.

And if price was not an object, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Cotopaxi 28L Allpa clamshell backpack. I have the 35L and it is a dream bag (Jean has it, too - in fact, she bought hers and based on what she said, I got mine and I love it). But it's pricey - however, it's also very lightweight and so versatile.

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Thanks, guys, I may be on an impossible mission….

Pat, it’s good to get a recommendation for the bandolier case. I am just not finding anything for the 12 Pro, expensive or cheap…. This may tell me it’s time time for the 14.

Mardee, yeah, I am not spending for the Cotopaxi. I am basically Scrooge. 🤣 I know Jean does her whole trip with this so it makes sense there - but not me. I will continue to use my lovely TravelPro. :) Your third thought might be a possibility - it does open the way I want but the measurements are larger than I was hoping for.


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Hope you find one that works! And actually I'm going back to my TravelPro for my next trip, but will keep the Cotopaxi for road trips in the US. :)

ETA: I upgraded back in February from the iPhone 12 to the 14, and LOVE it! I am so glad I did - it's definitely worth it. The camera is better, battery life much better - just better overall. :)

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Kind of a cheapskate myself, so I always look on eBay for things I want and for things I already own and like but are no longer available. I assumed you didn't want a "vintage" one --- they looked pretty bad. Anyway, there were more on eBay than what I link to here. Good luck!

Blue 27L from ebay:

Light blue, not sure what the size is:

Blue 27L:


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Are you looking for a carry-on backpack to use in addition to a checked bag? I bought this one last year (someone on forum recommended it) and it is easy to pack and very inexpensive. It is only 21L.

It wouldn’t be big enough to be your sole bag for anything other than a weekend trip.

p.s. Whoops. Missed your second post where you said you already had rangeland bag

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Have you looked at Macy's? I bought my son's fiance a Hera crossbody iphone case for her birthday for about $60. I looked quite a bit not willing to spend for a Bandolier, especially since I wasn't sure she would like it. This was best I found. The leather is quite soft. I was pleased and she said it was great for traveling.

I bought it for her iphone 11,

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nancy, brilliant - I totally forgot about looking on eBay! I will be checking all your links out!

Laura, that is funny - that is exactly the backpack I have now and I really do like it. It is just the right size for me. I am just wishing for one that opens from the side. I have found that the long end of the Rangeland flops even if it is up against a wall. I never thought I would be so picky. 🙈 size wise, it served me well for 4 nights in Albania when my suitcase was delayed, for 3 nights when I took a side trip to Sofia and didn’t want to haul my big suitcase, and 3 nights/4 days on a camping trip in Wyoming when I HAD to bring something small.

Beth, I know - I looked at the Bandolier price and gulped. It’s not like it will even fit a different phone model in a few years since sizing changes regularly. But I admit I was tempted.

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Laura, that has the right dimensions and orientation …..

Paqngo, that isn’t quite was I am looking for right now, but I like it!

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I use this:
ZVE iPhone 13 Pro Max Wallet Case Crossbody, Phone Case with Card Holder Wrist Strap, Zipper Leather RFID Blocking Purse Cover Gift for Women for iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6.7", 2021- Beige
Is there room in your purse for your battery? Than the one above would work for you. I keep a charger in mine, but it’s credit card sized.

If you find one with a bigger case, please share….I’ve been looking for one about 2 years and believe it’s a unicorn!

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So, khanson, have you felt secure with this? The part at the top looked a little like plastic (I couldn’t quite tell) and if so, I would be afraid of it breaking.

Pandabear, I bought this recently and it was bigger (thicker) than what I wanted. I feel like it isn’t exactly what you are looking for, though. .

This is what I have.
It WILL fit both phone and battery but not easily. (And not both in the same side pocket. One will fit in the inside zippered compartment a bit tightly. And you can’t quickly grab the phone for a picture.

I looked at what you linked and that is a good one - just not the right phone size (which is what I keep running into.

However I DID find one on eBay via nancys8’s search link and have ordered it to try. I also found this one - more than I like to pay but right phone size, color, and size - but less than the bandolier models.
One will be returned….

The backpack search continues, looking at all links that have been shared!

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I have the same phone you do and would like a bandolier type case for it. I’m with you about the price. Maybe I should upgrade my phone before my trip in December. I hate to spend money on something I can’t use for a long time. Happy Birthday to me?

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Lol - my conundrum, Andrea. I will need to upgrade in a year or so probably but don’t truly want to right now. So I don’t want to spend a lot on this case now. Also I unreasonably care about the color.

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Have you looked at the Fjalraven Kaken backpacks? They come in different sizes with different features. New they are stupidly expensive. But you can find them at, poshmark, ebay and if you are a member of REI, on the REI used gear site. I like them because the shoulder pads are padded and they convert to a tote bag very easily. Just note that for the most part the side pockets, which you think would hold a water bottle, only hold the 500ml plastic ones. Https://