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Need help finding CC holder for belt

My DH purchased a wallet, just big enough for a few CC and cash, that looped around his belt and tucked into his trousers. (2015). All I can find are bigger ones that can hold a Passport or foldable ones. He can’t locate it and I can’t seem to find one that is that size. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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CC=credit cards?

The "flip pocket" is readily available at many travel accessories shops and here:

I have not seen a wallet that includes the required belt loop but that could be easily sewn on to any suitably small fabric or leather wallet. Many folks just use a safety pin and length of ribbon. Tom Bihn sells a remarkably small wallet:

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Thank you everyone for searching for me. The size of his was more the size of the ski wallet. CC does mean Credit Card. Nothing folder. It was really nice, small. I’m going to make him continue looking in old suitcases.

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Hi Lulu,
I may be late for this thread, but I will add my latest favorite holder for a few credits cards and currency. Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Clip Stash Travel Belt Wallet, Black, One Size. I have one in black and one in beige. It has a secure long clip that attaches to the waistband inside of my clothing. It measures 3.5 x 4.5, weight 0.68 oz., & comfortable material. I have had mine a couple years and it does not show any "wear or tear." Much easier to use than the hidden pocket belt loop type. When I need to carry my Passport I wear a neck wallet tucked into my clothing. I bought mine at our local drugstore in the travel department. I love it!

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Maybe my findings will help someone. DH found his CC holder from 2015 (we needed 3 more this time). It was made by REI and was RFID. 4” x 3”, lightweight nylon. There was elastic at the end and it had a 3.0 inch carabiner. DH would put that around his beltloop, then swing the wallet around inside his shirts or pants. It was small, so not uncomfortable to wear. Guess what REI doesn’t make them anymore.

But they do sell these. I bought 3, and I’m going to buy my own carabiners. I also purchased some thin CC RFID holders. These will work perfectly.

The 2.9 inch is the exact size and shape that is on DH’s REI wallet.