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Seeking Neck Pillow Recommendations

i have never flown with one but now am rethinking especially as Cyber Monday is coming. I'd like to be able to attach it to my tote bag for convenience. Which do you like that supports your neck and allows you to sleep without waking up with neck pain?

Memory foam neck pillow? An easily inflatable neck pillow to be inflated at the gate or in flight? Please advise and, if possible, please share a link so I can see it. Thanks so much!

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I've seen many, many neck pillows in a lot of stores - TJMaxx, Walmart (American Tourister), Kohls, and even Ocean State Job Lots.

I just got a Boston Red Sox memory foam one, lol, at The Christmas Tree Shop for $5.99.

Sometimes I use the neck pillow for the curve of my back in the airplane seat as opposed to using it for neck only.

They have the micro bead ones that are squishy and very lightweight. A lot now come with the "snap on" attachment. The memory foam is, of course, sturdier but a bit heavier. The coverings are usually a velvet/plush material. Prices for the micro bead and memory foam pillows range from $6 to $10.

I don't have any experience with an inflatable neck pillow.

eta: I found this on TJMaxx website to get an idea

eta x2: I just thought -- Marshall's, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond sell them too. I don't know what stores are around your state area. I know Macy's sells them too but they are higher priced.

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There was a thread on this forum within the last year where many people suggested there is "no such thing" as a really good neck pillow and others offered recommendations. You might search for it.

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I've tried a number of them, and haven't found one that's perfect, but the RS one isn't bad:

Two things that I've found is that I don't want to drag around a non-inflatable for 3 weeks if I will only use it on the overnight flight to Europe, and the bottom of the "U" needs to be small or you can't put your head back.
Good luck!

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For international travel, I would consider only the inflatable type. As Liz mentions, it would be a pain to deal with any other kind.

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I haven't tried it yet, but I have heard good things about Trtl,

I have an inflatable travel pillow and have yet to experience a good night's sleep with it.

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We are fans of the RS inflatable pillow. Have used it a few years and it can be adjusted to your comfort. Use it not only for comfort & support during the flight but works especially well if you can fall asleep! I also use an inflatable lumbar pillow for a long flight. Therm-a-rest Lumbar Pillow. It only weighs 5 ounces. Stores flat.

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Well, you KNOW I’m a TJ Maxx fan, lol!! I found the Microfiber Hedbed blow up pillow a couple of years ago for $4.99 and really like it.

Here’s a link to a Brookstone page just so you can see what it looks like although it’s not available there any more.

So next time you’re in your local TJ...take a look if you think it will work for you.

TBH you may have to go through several to find one that works with your neck and that you’re willing to cart around.

I like the looks of the Trtl but I think it might be too hot for me.

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I too use an inflatable pillow bought at
When traveling internationally, I'm on the edge of having my 21" rolling bag and small day backpack completely full. I need nothing else to deal with.

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I bought the Trtl last year and used it for some domestic flights, a trip to Italy and a trip to Cambodia. I travel light, so it needed to be worth carrying it. The design is almost like a soft, thin fleece scarf, but it has a formed plastic piece that cradles your head.

After using it on my trips, I really liked it. I’m a stomach sleeper, so sleeping with my head tilted back on the seat is uncomfortable and unnatural for me to sleep. I can get by with short spurts leaning on my husband’s shoulder, but my trip to Italy was solo travel. Also, I was attending a music concert the first night I arrived at Italy, so I needed some quality sleep on the plane.

I liked that I could position my head to either lean slightly forward or to the side. The wrap was a little warm, but it reminded me of having a blanket snuggled up to my neck, so it wasn’t a negative for me. I actually slept! ...not snoozed, on both international flights, so I’m giving it two thumbs up.

I just stored my Trtl in the open pocket of my lightweight LL Bean daypack during the rest of my trip.

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The horseshoe shaped travel pillows have never worked for us.
The Komfort Kollar is the one we use and recommend:
It's essentially an inflateable cervical collar that locks the head in place, eliminating the head-bobbing that can so interrupt a restful sleep. With it we can sleep well sitting up back in Economy. Nice that it shrinks down to nothing when deflated and weighs just a few ounces.

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I have purchased the Cabeau Evolution for my upcoming trip to SE Asia. It has received good reviews. Bed Bath Beyond sells for $29.99 then I used 20% off coupon. Also sells at Target for $29.99. These stores sell the version that does not have the storage bag but I have plenty of drawstring bags to store mine and the price at BBB is best.

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Another recommendation for the inflatable Komfort Kollar that Robert references. My husband and I both like it. I can actually sleep on planes now without feeling like my neck is going to snap in half. It deflates down to a very small size, so it’s not a pain to carry around for the rest of the trip.

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Thank you everybody. Are inflatable neck pillows easy to inflate yourself? Their compactness is attractive.

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2092 posts has a LuxeTravel inflatable neck pillow that I swear by. It's extremely easy to inflate and deflate and takes barely any space. They're $22 each or 2/$20 each.

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Inflatable pillows are very easy to inflate. (we have RS model) That said, if anyone has compromised lung capacity it could be an issue? We inflate our pillows before take off. Easy peasy!