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My packing recap from my recent trip to Amsterdam (and a pre-trip to Raleigh, NC)

I usually write up a packing recap in a Word document after a trip, just to remind me of what worked and what didn't. Since I enjoy reading packing recaps, I thought I'd post mine. For context, this was a solo trip. I flew from Tucson to Raleigh/Durham for four nights prior to visit my daughter, son-in-law and two month old granddaughter, and after that, flew to Philadelphia to connect to Amsterdam. I stayed in Amsterdam for six nights.

Packing recap Raleigh/Amsterdam, April 2024

Tues. 4/2 - Sat. 4/6 Raleigh
Sat. 4/6 Flying to Amsterdam
Sun. 4/7-Sat. 4/13 Amsterdam
Sat. 4/12 Fly home

Did laundry in Raleigh. Did sink laundry at hotel.

Did carry-on only on the outbound flights (Samsonite 4 wheeled hard sided light weight spinner purchased Ross and a 25 liter Duchamp Duffle purchased from TJ Maxx as the personal item). Because I purchased some food that would be considered liquid, I checked the Samsonite for the flight back home, and used the Duchamp Duffle as my carry on and an Eddie Bauer 20 Liter Stowaway Packable Backpack as my personal item.

Packed clothing:
Eddie Bauer (EB) black Sun Valley down parka, compressed in a medium packing cube & packed in Samsonite
32 Degree packable blue parka, compressed in a small packing cube & packed in Samsonite

Grey Banana Republic Merino wool long sleeve thin sweater
Black Merino Wool long sleeve thin sweater
Primark black long sleeve t shirt
Kohl’s pink long sleeve thin t shirt
Kohl’s Tek Gear think short sleeve t shirt

Graphite grey jeans
Blue old skinny jeans
2 pairs of black leggings with pockets from 32 Degrees
1 pair of thin black “travel pants” from Eddie Bauer

7 pairs of underwear
2 bras
2 pairs Merino Wool blend socks from Costco
Black fuzzy scarf
Black fuzzy cap
Black rain hat

1 pair of pj’s

Slippers for hotel
Jambu boots
Wore on flights to RDU & to AMS: Dark blue Costco Matty M tencil button up shirt and old Old Navy black jeans and black Skechers lace up shoes with compression socks, black EB Rainfoil Utility Jacket rain jacket and EB pocket scarf (a.k.a. Daisy Wrap). Jeans stretched out so much on the long day from RDU to PHL, 12 hours at PHL, flight 7 hours to AMS, then the 2-3 hours to get settled that I didn't wear on the rest of the trip.

On the three flights home from AMS, wore same except instead wore old graphite grey zipper jeans from Kohl's and brought the blue 32 Degree packable jacket instead of the EB rain jacket.
Did laundry in Raleigh. Wore Kohl's old Tek Gear short sleeve top, Primark long sleeve black t shirt, Kohl's thin long sleeve pink top.

For pjs whole trip, wore thin 32 Degree leggings, old grey ¾ sleeve stretchy t shirt. Worked well.

Instead of a money belt, I bought and used a “Stashbandz”, which worked very well, was comfortable and I didn’t have to worry about the Stashbandz falling off like I did with the money belt (such as at Disneyland Paris, when the buckle of the money belt unbuckled by accident).

In Amsterdam, wore black long sleeve Merino Wool t shirt/sweater twice and grey Merino Wool long sleeve t shirt/sweater three times. Worked great, especially grey one. Black one is pilling.Also wore the thin pink Kohl’s long sleeved t shirt.

Brought compression socks and wore them on the flights, washed and wore again twice in Amsterdam. Brought 2 pairs of Merino wool socks and wore the rest of the time and washed 1 or 2 times.

Washed the dark blue Costco Matty M tencil button up shirt at the hotel, dries beautifully in hours.

Black long EB parka worked great, as did the combo of the blue 32 Degree packable parka and EB rain jacket. Thankfully only rained, lightly, one day for some of the day. Didn't wear gloves or hats (fuzzy black and black rain hat) but glad I brought. The black fuzzy scarf that I bought on the cruise to Norway worked well. The weather was, for the most part, was pretty good.

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Packing Recap, continued:

Used the black Travelon Anti-theft Urban Tour Crossbody Bag for packing the travel CPAP, spare glasses, extension cord and then used it as a purse in Amsterdam. Used the smaller black Travelon purse with a front slip pocket and brass hardware the rest of the time, such as on the plane. Brought the fold up lightweight bag that I bought in Berlin in Sept. 2023 for shopping or to put my jacket in when I didn’t bring the string backpack with me.

The free TMobile string backpack worked well and was comfy when out touring. The EB packable backpack was what I used as a personal item on the way back from Amsterdam and checked the black Samsonite roller bag, and used rhe TJ Maxx black personal item duffel as my carry on bag.

The pillows were not comfortable at the hotel, so the little travel bed pillow that I brought worked great. Also had the rhin grey travel blanket which worked well and the ultra thin red Brookstone blanket (impulse buy during the twelve hour layover at PHL airport).

The clear-on-one-side Travelon Seat Pack Tech Accessory Organizer worked well for carrying electronics and my Kindle.

Brought 2 pairs of 32 Degree pocket leggings and wore both. Didn't wear the EB black thin travel pants but put them in my carry on along with the Tek Gear top and underwear for “just in case” on the way back home in case I missed a flight for whatever reason.

Used the quart sized ziplocks and the EB spork alot. Had a fridge at the hotel and bought food at the market for a light dinner or had leftovers. Creme Brulee bought at the little grocery store by the hotel was in glass containers which I used as a bowl for my yogurt in the mornings.

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You know I love packing threads! It sounds like you did really well on your clothing choices.

The jeans stretching out must have driven you nuts. Sink washing does not bring items back to their pre-stretched state, does it? I've had that happen years ago and now I have to have a belt with any pants. Even though all my things are worn at home, I still worry that something will happen and I'll be out a pair of pants!

Thanks for sharing your packing strategy. If you hadn't packed the hats you'd have needed them!

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I love packing posts. Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe you packed all that as carry-on outbound. Good job squishing it all in!

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I've had a money belt fall off in my hotel room. I didn't realize until I was on the 1st stop of a Mad Max tour. The tour guide contacted my Rick Steves' tour guide who checked my room and found it. I was SO glad to be able to not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Since then, I always use a safety pin to pin the 'tail' end of the the strap to the part wrapped around my waist to have a 'double lock.' Relieves my anxiety if nothing else.

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Glad to hear you like the Stashbandz. I purchased one recently, largely to wear with no pocket leggings so I could have my phone on to count steps. I find it quite comfortable compared to the money belt, so will take it on our next trip.

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I curious but how does a money belt fall off and not be noticed? We have used money belts for decades and have never had one come loose. We wear them over the underwear but behind the shirt. Even if it comes loose, it is not going anywhere since the shirt is tucked in and would be noticed. What am I missing?

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Pam: Yes, the stretched out jeans were very annoying. Thankfully it wasn’t too big of a deal while on the flight to Amsterdam. And yes, probably would have needed the hats if I hadn’t packed them. They took up very little space so I was glad that I brought them.

Luv2Travel & Horsewoofie: Yes, reading packing posts is fun!

Laurie Beth: So glad that your money belt fell off in your hotel room rather than somewhere else! The safety pin idea is a good idea.

CanAmCherie: I hadn’t thought about wearing the Stashbandz with no pocket leggings so thanks, I’ll have to do that as well.

Frank: In my case, the money belt unbuckled but didn’t actually fall off. I don’t wear shirts tucked in so in my case, I was just concerned that the money belt might wiggle down my pant’s leg. Thankfully I noticed that something felt weird about the money belt and was able to buckle it back up before anything bad happened.