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MVST Select luggage

Has anybody used or, heard of MVST?

Looks like they're trying to mimic the Rimowa look but not the price.
They also have what they call carbon fiber suitcases HOWEVER, the price is $25/per, no dimensions are given and no interior images provided.

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The $25 is a RESERVATION fee.

Carry-On - $685
Medium - $785
Trunk - $885

I didn't bother to look at their other luggage lines to see what dimensions the comparable bag has. ( Assuming there is a similarity across the product lines)

Never heard of them, but I don't live in that neighborhood.

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Thanks for clarifying.
Carbon fiber luggage....I'll pass.

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I like how you put it Joe - "I don't live in that neighborhood"

Me either !

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@Joe, where did you find those prices? MVST's website doesn't show prices, nor dimensions, nor weight for their carbon fiber luggage. If they didn't think the price was a deterrent, they would show it, right?

However, they do list the price for their other "carry-on" bags as $245 for polycarbonate (8.6#) and $395 for aluminum (9.6#). Yikes! That's over half the carry-on weight allowance for Lufthansa, meaning that with their luggage, you'd get only 9# (PC) or 8# (Al) of your own stuff, but still be carrying a 17½# piece.

I'm a minimalist packer, but I still take about 9½# of my own stuff which, including my soft sided convertible backpack, weighs just over 12#. So, basically, with an MVST bag, you are carrying (lifting into the overhead bin on a plane or the overhead rack on a train, up stairs, over rough ground, etc.) about 6 extra pounds of wheels and the structure necessary to have wheels

BTW, I would expect sizers would have a little forgiveness (i.e., be larger than the published regulation dimensions), but at 14.6" to 14.8" width, I suspect that the MVST luggage would not pass a sizer test for carry-on for most airlines.