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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I am looking for a Mother's Day gift idea for my mom, 69 years old, avid traveler. She has a Seine river cruise coming up in May, and then 10 days in Greece in July. She's active, generally frugal and a light packer (I feel like this board is Her People but she's not a message board type of person). I'd like to give her something travel related. Past travel related gifts have included headphones, passport cover, and scarves. After spending a week with her in Paris in March one thing I think she needs is a good day bag but purses are pretty personal. Price range $100 - $150ish. All ideas welcome!

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You're right- purses are quite a personal choice, but she might appreciate a bag just for travelling. I'd look for a good quality fabric (not leather- it's too heavy) cross body bag in her favorite color. Something with interior zippered pockets and a good top or front closure.

Personal note: 99% if my purses are dark neutrals. But my daughter bought me a beautiful red one- because I'm usually wearing black or navy when travelling. I love the extra pop of colour, and I think of her every time I use it.

Something (much) less expensive, but very useful when travelling in warm weather- a folding fan. I have several, made of fabric with plastic or wooden ribs. One is always kept in my travel day bag.

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If I were your mother with a trip to France and Greece coming up, I would be eternally grateful for $150 worth of euros, accompanied by a bouquet of flowers.

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Oof. A lot of travel things are very personal choices. Purses, packing cubes, toiletry kits are all very dependent on the tastes of the traveler.

If she uses a smart phone she may appreciate a power brick or data roaming.

A light packable raincoat or a puff jacket - but let her choose.

Or a seat upgrade on her upcoming flights.

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As Cindy says, objects for light packing are personal. I also had thought of a good waterproof raincoat. Alternatives would be less longterm ideas.
..a credit on her river cruise accoint - for special drinks, an additional tour, or if a spa then a foot massage or mani/pedi. of flowers to her cabin
....and something never frowned

Ameribags are cool. Lots of organization, sizes, different fabrics. You can find them at
Valet travel tray ; this is such a simple item. It's basically a fabric "ash tray" that you toss those loose bed stand items into. Brands include: red Oxx and Tom Bihn among others.

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My kids have given me guidebooks as gifts - always welcome! Another option would be an Amazon gift card tucked into a small travel journal, so she could pick out a travel item. If you decide on the journal, add a couple of notes in a few pages saying something like "I am so excited to hear about your adventures today!" or "Beginning your day with a hug! Hope today is special!"

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Baggalini bags are awesome and if you don’t spend the full amount you wish to, convert the rest into euros and place them in the bag.

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How about a portable charger? My young adult children had them in Greece last year and I was envious. My older son bought me one for Christmas and I am quite excited to take it to Europe.

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I heartily agree with the suggestions for a seat upgrade on her flight and for the Ameribag.

Even though you have given her scarves in the past, you might want to look at a nice cashmere wrap. I have a couple of these -- -- and one always travels with me, even in reasonably warm weather. It's warm and light weight, and she can use it as a blanket on the plane or as a wrap on a chilly night on the ship.

Perhaps you could check with the cruise company and see if they can offer some suggestions. Most of the excursions are probably included with the price of the cruise, but there may be some other upgrades that are available.

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I ditto the suggestion for a Tom Bihn travel tray. I have both sizes in bright colors. A super way to corral small items on a bedside table or desk, like room keys, chargers, etc. Corrals toiletries in a bathroom. So handy and practical. The smaller size works well for glasses (and fits in a cup holder for car travel also).

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I second the Baggalini bags- they are good quality, and travel well. But if you really want to splurge, check out Tumi. They are not cheap, but the quality can't be beat. They have lots of choices for luggage, purses (the fabric ones are really sturdy, light and wipe clean), wallets, and lots of travel items like toiletries bags, chargers, etc. If she enjoys wine, then have a special bottle delivered to her table on the cruise, along with flowers and a special dessert (see if they will make her favorite, or do a birthday cake).

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If she doesn't have one already, a cooling scarf -- mine is from REI, cost about $15, weighs almost nothing dry and keeps my neck cool for several hours after it is soaked in water.

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Circling back to say thank you again for the great ideas. Ended up getting her Airpods for her iPhone after she admired mine. Also bookmarked a number of these ideas for future Christmas/birthday gifts (and added a few to my own wish list).